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A Brilliant Mesterpiece is the perfect way to describe GUCCI PH.It remindes of typical men Chic and Demure.

It is similar often GUCCI fragrances which you either Love or Hate them.I am lucky because i simply adore this on!It is an Elegant,Masculine,Regal and Classic.

Starts with Bitter,Spicy and Strong.I can sense Pimento in middle notes.The base is Special and Woody on my skin.Suitable for Cold weather and men 30/50 years old.

Too heavy for Daily use But creative Excellent and Attractive harmony in a Special EVENING specially if your Lover wears GUCCI Perfume(2007).Anyway if you want to make an Impression this is the fragrance for you.

Overall with Great Sillage and Excellent Longevity for me GUCCI is a MAGICAL fragrance in a MAGICAL bottle.

Thank You GUCCI.

23rd April, 2015
Probably one of my favourite frags. It is very linear. I don't detect any of the notes listed in the pyramid other than the papyrus wood. Whatever that is. I always assumed it was cedar. Anyhow, for me this is pure cedar. From start to finish it doesn't seem to change at all. It lasts a good 8 hours for me. I cannot fathom for the life of me how Gucci can decide to discontinue this. I managed to score a lot of 20 2-mL vials for around $40 so that was a bonus, but this stuff is getting hard to find, and bottles are expensive.
19th April, 2015
I had previously used a decant of this which appears to have been a weak batch or even diluted. My full bottle is far stronger and I can now appreciate the beauty of this fragrance. The hype is fair, what a tragic loss this was when it was discontinued!
16th April, 2015 (last edited: 10th July, 2015)
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As a fan of extremely dynamic scents that shape-shift and evolve on the skin, Gucci Pour Homme will never in a million years make it to my top 5, as it's a boldly outspokenly linear scent.

Another scent that falls in the same category (development wise, not smell wise) is Naomi Goodsir Bois D'ascese, which i respect and like but don't see myself becoming a hardcore devotee for.

Having said that, I like Gucci pour Homme, maybe a tiny bit more than "like", but again the linear nature stands in the way.

This is a lovely woody scent dominated mainly by papyrus wood from start to finish. It gets slightly smoky in the drydown with hints of "I can see some light" type of sweetness, which what i suspect is mainly amber.

The comparisons to Comme Des Garcons 2 man have solid grounds but i think Gucci Pour Homme is more engaging and has this "There is something to be revealed behind the woods" type of vibe.

I have no doubt in my mind that all the zillion other notes in the pyramid are there and i can just "feel" they're there, but i can't discern them as they are all crammed behind the woody wall, which leads to two things:
1. It keeps me wanting to smell my wrist constantly.
2. It gives the scent an addictive mysterious nature that somehow leads me into a soothing meditative olfactory haven full of undisclosed promises (notes). And i think it's a brilliant trick by Tom Ford.

Overall: Very nice, but again, the lack of dynamics keeps it away from my "love" stash...for now. Things might change though as i can see it growing on me due to its seriously addictive nature.

EDIT: Yup! It grew on me alright!
21st February, 2015
Mysterious cedar-incense. Smells like Christmas. Rare, so if you have a bottle consider yourself lucky.
12th January, 2015
Many of Tom Ford's best frags lean towards the simple / dense / well balanced side that just "smell good.". Gucci Pour Homme I is no exception. One of the best masculine deep woody incesnse available IMO that is so tightly blended many of the notes can be difficult to discern. The scent is sophisticated and modern while continuing to deliver even after
8 hours.

As many have previously stated, how does Gucci keep discontinuing their best frags for men(Pour Homme I, Nobile, Envy)? Hard to figure considering the steep decline in quality with their current lineup. One cannot even blame current trends, especially with PH I and Nobile as these will always perform as timeless classics considering the high auction market demand. In the meantime,I will just have to stock backups as this juice is worth the chase.
14th December, 2014
Did I really never get around to reviewing Gucci Pour Homme I?

I bought a decant of this stuff about a year ago, and it is probably one of the most amazing fragrances that I've tried in all my years as a fragrance enthusiast... simple. but amazing.

Gucci PH I is a straight cedar, but throughout it's time on the skin the cedar is modified by notes in the background.

On first spray the cedar is sweet, before quickly becoming "wet", followed by mildly spicy nutmeg notes emerge ever so slightly and the sweetness and aquatics disappear.

One of the best, it's discontinuation continues to be one of the great mysteries of the universe, especially in light of all the terrible fragrances that Gucci sells today.

If you can find a decant or bottle buy it, the hype is real, and there has never been a more suitable Winter/ Christmas cologne.
24th November, 2014
very manly vibe when first applied then calms down to something inviting in a confident way yet still keeping a strong demanding presence. real peppery with tons of cedar. lasted me 8 plus hours. a little goes a long way with this masterpeice
11th October, 2014
Gucci Pour Homme I opens with a really delicate, subtle, sheer, yet captivating and interesting appearance which definitely whispers "2000s" to me – the era of creative, elegant synthetics like Cuiron and Yohji Homme, with which in fact Gucci Pour Homme shares some slight and general affinity, although tending more towards a trendy elegance, less experimental and less avantgarde. I must start by saying also that I've never been a fan of Gucci (considering the other two "holy grails", Envy for Men and Rush Men, I find them barely decent/nice), so what follows is not really ruled by "hype" enthusiasm. Anyway: Gucci Pour Homme I is basically a sophisticated, spicy woody-incense scent, quite linear and simple, with ginger, cinnamon, a little tonka rounding the base notes, slight floral powdery notes, and obviously the two main characters – woods (cedar) and incense, that is to say a "pencil sharpener" effect achieved with a remarkable dose of Iso E Super. Clean, sharp, "brown" as its colour. Other notes I smell and I see in the composition are patchouli and a more-than-subtle leather note, after a while also a (synthetic) vetiver note, and a darker woody note which comprises a nice coffee nuance. I don't get the rest of the notes listed, but Gucci Pour Homme I is actually a really tight and dense scent, and it's quite hard to dissect it into notes and accords – so in other words I guess all the rest is there, somewhere, blended and conceived so well I can't even notice it. It must be the fact this scent was one of the first to have this approach to masculine scents, this postmodern clean, sharp, sophisticated elegance, understated yet totally unique, but it's undoubtedly, terribly good, with just... something more than dozens of others which subsequently imitated it. I can't explain why, but despite showing some rather common notes, you just feel terribly good and elegant wearing it, and you keep coming back to smell it. It may smell "generic" at first, but instead this modest, clean discretion hides a beautiful, perfectly executed blend of nuances and notes. I love this ability to "hide" the complexity behind discretion and whiteness. Nonetheless, I would not consider this the masterpiece it appears to be, and I personally find the prices quite insane. Just a good, almost great scent to grab in case of good deals.

02nd August, 2014 (last edited: 10th September, 2014)
On the opening I'm getting spicy woody incense that is smoky and peppery.

The woods do become more like pencil shavings in the drydown. The scent also starts to smell like Indian food mixed with woody incense.

The projection is close to the skin and the scent can only really be smelled if smelled up close. Also the longevity was only a couple of hours.

13th June, 2014
My favorite fragrance of all time. Gucci should be ashamed for discontinuing this and instead trying to sell the awful gucci by gucci pour homme by gucci.

This is the deepest, richest, well blended woody scent I've ever smelled. The cedar is amazing in this.
09th April, 2014
Harsh cedar pencil shavings - what has gone wrong with the world can be summed up in this nasty piece of trash. Nobody wants to bother anymore. And nobody wants to be uplifted anymore. Practically a treatise in a scent of all that we have been diminished by. Sad!
16th December, 2013
A classic. Refined, beautifully-blended, mature masterpiece. I said mature, not old man. This is a perfect blend of woods, spice and incense. Great fall weather scent and a must have in anyone's collection. Top 10 for sure.
16th November, 2013
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Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Tough guy with a warm heart

Spiky cedar, bristling with needles, made all the more nasally arresting by the addition of a generous dusting of pepper and some ginger. These conventionally masculine notes are thrown into relief by a soft, warm, semi-sweet, amber base. The other listed notes are just bit-part players to my nose. The initial upfront assertiveness lessens as the scent develops; it takes an hour or so to settle down to a civilised hum. Thereafter it keeps delivering the goods for over 10 hours (from 4 sprays), with decent projection.

It is very hard to find now, at a reasonable price anyway. It is worth trying Potion by DS2 for something in the same ballpark, but softer. L'Edition Imperiale by Courvoisier bears some similarities too, but is more refined. Both of these are good scents but they do lack the macho 'swagger' of Gucci PH. This is not necessarily a bad thing, depending on individual taste.

Pros: Scent, longevity
Cons: Discontinued, with consequent price inflation"

27th September, 2013
Hot wood meditation

Captivates all things you gonna like about the woods on this earth.
Woody,balmy and smoky

If there was a competition for scents in the Water, Sun,Earth, Wind and Fire category you can put this the Earth and Fire section on top!

For me this smells exactly like a TRADITIONAL SAUNA! the one you can put water on the redhot sauna rocks and the steam fills up the air with wood, herbs and menthol, its deep, fresh soothing, i assume this one is the best scent if you need some relaxation, its a masterpiece and im really happy i could grab a box for les then 35 dollar at a sale out table.

Masterpiece period.

Pros: Unique Woody, balmy and smoky
Cons: Out of production"

26th August, 2013


Cons: D/C"

13th August, 2013
One of my favorite winter scents

One of my absolutely favourite scents. A TON of incense but in my opinion it isn't unpleasant at all. This is a perfect scent in my opinion. People complain about the cedar base but it actually works here. I think the only place where i wouldn't wear this is Sunday church because it would go completely unnoticed.

22nd July, 2013
Refined woody

This is a scent that started my perfume hobby. One day I didn't find it anymore from stores so I started to search it from the internet... and you can guess how things went forward from that.
I think there's something intresting happening in cedar note here. It is first thing you'll notice but I'm not sure if it really is cedar or some molecules doing modern interpretion of it. I like the small nod to vanilla during the development too.
This is the only perfume in my wardrobe that I have more than one bottle.

Pros: Refined
Cons: Discontinued

07th July, 2013
del Show all reviews
United States
Woody and Manly, Perfect for a Confident Gentleman

The mix of spices and woods creates an intriguing airiness in Gucci Pour Homme’s opening. Then the dryness of woods dominate -- the pencil shavings vibe is there with sweet undertone. The sweetness is mellow, and it remains until the end, backing up the wood, which is the main player throughout.

On my skin, longevity is very good, but GPH is quite timid projection-wise, giving out ocassional whiffs at unexpected times. Gucci Pour Homme I is definitely masculine, perfect for a mature man brimming with confidence. Why Gucci had to discontinue this quality fragrance is beyond me.

Pros: Distinctive and long-lasting
Cons: Expensive; Discontinued

03rd July, 2013
woody fragrance

i have bought this perfume recently from and its very nice.

02nd July, 2013
Woods and incense done right! A masterpiece IMO. The projection and longevity are above average with this fall and winter fragrance. I purchased a 1.7 oz bottle for $80.00. Expensive?...Kind of. Worth it?....Every penny! 9.5
29th June, 2013 (last edited: 04th February, 2014)
nyguy Show all reviews
United States
Decent at best

I don't get they hype behind it, this is an average incense fragrance at best. Longevity is decent, and being a woody fragrance enthusiast I was a bit let down after purchasing a sample. Much prefer the brother Gucci PHII.

Pros: Woody, a bit unique
Cons: Nothing that special

11th June, 2013
An all-time great

DRY.AS.HELL. A really wonderful scent, so unlike anything else out there. Speaks of class and maturity. If I had to winnow my fragrance wardrobe down to five, this would be amongst the survivors; if i were permitted only one, this one would be a strong contender. Woody and stern and no hint of "aquatic" or "sporty" or "gourmand." it's a standout. Juicy Couture's "Dirty English" is a passable homage but I have the real thing and it makes no sense to me that it's been discontinued.

Pros: Unique
Cons: Hard to find

20th May, 2013
One of the Last Great Gucci Frags

Gucci has really turned out some garbage as of late. If you run across this one, pick it up. Don't hesitate, it's a masterpiece and a must have for lovers of woody incense fragrances. The combination of cedar, incense and pepper play in harmony. Gucci, please bring back Pour Homme I and Tom Ford!

Pros: Amazing for All Wood and/or Incense Lovers
Cons: It's Discontinued

16th May, 2013

This fragrance is a woody/incense masterpiece. Sadly it was discontinued for the trash bag fragrances of Frida Giannini. Long live King Ford, for putting out such a great fragrance.

16th May, 2013
Opening: A lingering spiciness, reminiscent of curry cooking smells almost.
Middle: Pencil shavings.
Dry-down: A sweet nutty note, it actually reminded me of Kelloggs Crunchy-Nut cornflakes.

This all sounds like it would not be pleasant, but I loved it.
12th March, 2013
Quartz Show all reviews
United States
I get a lot of pepper with this for quite a few hours, which I'm not sure if I like or not. But after those few hours, the base is quite nice. I'm an incense fan and can't say I notice much of that though.The first scent I got when I started upgrading my fragrances.
15th February, 2013 (last edited: 05th March, 2014)
I feel like a philistine saying so, but this composition--a good one, doubtless, balanced and deliberate--doesn't quite measure up for me to the tidal wave of hype that brought it to my collection. A superclean cedar with incense overtones, reminiscent of Tam Dao, but no more interesting; I find it a bit chaste and austere overall. I much prefer its slightly less-vaunted but merrier brother, GPH II.
12th January, 2013
In my opinion it's the best designer's woody/incense fragrance that i have and tried. Extremely masculine and sexy. Excellent sillage, lasting power and projection. Smells more mature. Definitely worth it.
07th November, 2012
This is a true definition of woody SPIIICCYYY!
This fragrance open up with very strong and sharp spicy scent mixed with strong woods. but the spicy notes are much stronger. this may shock you at first sniff!
Imagine your are in the middle of a big forest with lots of cedar trees in it and instead of rain, pepper, curry and other spices falling from sky!
In the mid the spicy notes settle down and now it's time for woodsy notes to shine!
You can smell strong woods mixed with some incense and spicy notes in the background and also some sweet scent mixing with them to tune down these wild and naughty spicy and woodsy notes!
In the base you have a warm and semi sweet (not too sweet) scent mixed with light woodsy and spicy notes in the background.
There are lots of notes in this fragrance but most of them are almost undetectable.
Woodsy and spicy notes dominating through the whole fragrance life on you skin.
If you like woody and spicy fragrances, check this out!
Average projection and above average longevity.
17th October, 2012