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Negative Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Avignon by Comme des Garçons

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Just like Lavs Unum......Its just too brutal. It's pure incense. I have come to the conclusion that I prefer my incense with some fruit/freshness.

Not for me!!
08th January, 2018
JonB Show all reviews
United States
Very "in your face" incense. Musty, dry, one-dimensional. Longevity is excellent. Projection is very minimal. Evocative yes; beautiful I don't know. Not for me I guess.
08th September, 2009
OMG eww. I have no idea if a man could pull this off, but I suspect more so than a woman. Incense, musty cedar and even a little pine to my nose. This is not beautiful to me, not even close. It does capture an aging musty church. Do you really want to smell like this? Me...not so much. The incense is so muted that it smells like it could be only the residue of burnings past left on a very old and musty curtain. I put this on, gagged, ran for my strongest bottle of something else-doused myself to cover this up...failed miserably and took a shower and changed clothes. Yep, I can cross this off my list. Sorry if this offends the lovers of Avignon..nothing personal. Beauty is in the nose of the beholder and this just means there will be more for you.
11th April, 2009
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Wow! I can't believe all of the folks who like this. Smelled like my basement after the hot water tank burst. The only one of this incense series that has any merit to me as a woman is Jaisalmer...the slightly sweet pimento opening was interesting and kinda nice!
22nd February, 2009
ronote Show all reviews
United States
I have to agree with phibess - "I would like Avignon much more if it didn't smell exactly like instant cola drink I remember."

I want to like it because I burn church incense at home for the smell, but Avignon smells like cola 'Pop Rocks' on me. I bought the gift set of 5 so am hoping that the others smell better.
06th December, 2007 (last edited: 20th April, 2008)
Spony Show all reviews
United States
Eau de funeral!This one evokes rather awful memories for me. I can't imagine anyone but a Goth in this fragrance.
21st September, 2006
Is a church in a bottle
26th June, 2005
Dark, damp, dank and a tad putrid along the lines of Etro's deplorable MdM. No go.
06th October, 2004