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Neutral Reviews of parfums*PARFUMS Series 3 Incense: Jaisalmer by Comme des Garçons

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Jaisalmer has an Indian masala chai accord over the incense skeleton of the Incense series. This accord has notes of cardamom, cinnamon and pepper, besides other spices. This structure is present throughout its life on skin, with little to no transformation. Only in the dry down the spices soften and the fragrance becomes a little ambery.

Personally I'm ambivalent about this composition. I'm not a fan of barebone incense; but while it's more substantial than something ethereal like Kyoto, I cannot claim to be a fan of this particular interpretation of incense. In its favour is the fact that this is indeed quite a unique take on incense. Nothing great, but definitely worth checking out - particularly if one is a fan of incense.

Average projection and tenacity of 4-5 hours on skin from 4 sprays.

02nd June, 2017
Minty incense? That's what I get. Smokey and cool. Fresh and woody. Not bad.
21st June, 2009
A freshly sharpened pink pencil.
23rd December, 2008
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To quote the Dead Kennedys: "Chemical Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Chemical Warfare, Warfare, Warfare." Blasphemy? Let me explain myself: I think CdG is an avantgarde fashion house that makes a point of stressing the 'artificiality' of their fragrances. In upper echelon perfumery synthetics are generally employed to make a fragrance appear more natural. I should think CdG would have a gas using natural ingedients to produce a synthetic smelling perfume (but I guess economy dictates they use synthetics to that end after all). Now, I am a great lover of incense, and regarding perfumes Incensi by Villoresi and Valentino's Vendetta pour homme are among my two favorites, both give an incredibly authentic, i.e. very natural smelling rendition of incense. With Jaisalmer,IMHO, the synthetics scream in your face. It's an Indian spice market allright, but, like a 'ship in bottle,' it's a 'spicemarket in test tube,' assembled with pride and a sense of irony. Which is fine by me, except I really don't much like ISO-E-Super, somehow it just massively irritates me. But please don't let this opinion by a minority of one spoil your enjoyment of this fine fragrance. In fact, my bottle is up for swap :-).
21st February, 2007