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I get bitter citrus atop a complex herbal/grassy/woody base. All done in a very high quality manner. The big citrus blast disperses within 20 minutes yet remains sufficiently to nicely balance the short endgame. At this time the projection and strength quickly drops a tremendous amount, to a weak level. It becomes a skin scent very quickly, I think showing its era/age. It must be considered as the very old concoction that it started as and, to some large degree, remains today. Do not expect power or endurance after dry down here.

OK, its very weak once settled, yet very inoffensive and very appealing. Terre D'Hermes' modern orange and cedar appears to have been inspired by classic Italian scents like this one. Allowing for its ancient nature, a bargain priced historic product very worthy of a try. However, not very practical if scent projection is expected.

26th February, 2017
Acqua Classica Borsari is the epitome of the historical "eau de cologne", a crisp-hesperidic (huge bergamot and neroli) supremely lemony opening, a grassy (enhancing gradually its strenght) presence in a while jumping up (supported by well calibrated sharp floral twists, in particular geranium and jasmine) and a final piece of woody-musky refined (somewhat astringent) dry down. Leather? Not on my skin. Just a natural cologney smelling giving "la" and inspiration to a huge following amount of yet modern naif neo-classics.
09th June, 2016
For years this was my go to summer citrus scent. It felt eminently sophisticated and masculine and has been around at this writing for 135 years, which attests to its success over the past century plus.

There is a burst of Sicilian Lemon at the opening and it is truly bracing and joyous. My nose tended not to pick up any dry down for many years and it is only now that I can perceive it. It is a dry, slightly bitter, oud-like dry down, which I now find most unpleasant.

My nasal development over years of scent exposure makes this no longer a scent I love or even like, but this is due to the changes in me, not the scent, one of the most deservedly successful and popular summer and citrus scents of all time.

Every man should try this and make up his own mind.
17th March, 2015
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It's a very fresh and simple cologne with strong juicy citrus opening, more orange than lime to me, and spiced with ginger. It's strange that not many people mention the strong presence of ginger, which gives the cologne some chill feeling mixed with its spicy aspect. Later it becomes herbal, mixed with a fainted floral notes(might be Geranium) and then a smoky woody/mossy base (it becaome more smoky on my hair than on skin).

This is not a complicated one, but its simplity somehow makes people feel friendly. I saw some peole compare it with some cologne from Acqua di Parma which I also tested before, the biggest difference between the two is, Acqua di Parma makes me feel tense, it refused to "melt" on my skin, as if i was rejected, while Borsari is totally easy-going.
20th July, 2014
One of my favorites "Colonias", the opening is the most natural citric scent I have ever experienced, it feels like you are actually smelling lemons and oranges, more lemon than orange IMO. after a few minutes I get a "grassy" note reminiscent of "Heno de Pravia" but with a hint of spicyness making it less dry than HdP. The drydown is excellent, I get mostly woods but do not get the leather note some people mentions here.
Sillage and logevity are better than average, but nothing extraordinary.
A first class fragrance, made with high quality raw materials, blended to its perfection and sold aat a very affordable price.
16th April, 2012
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United States
Opens with a dried, predominantly lemon, citrus scent that dries down to a distinct character of stagnant water - perhaps mop water with lemon PineSol cleanser? This mellows to a more obvious herbal/citrus fragrance that is pungent without being concentrated or sweet. At the base is a synthetic leather/tobacco note that is fleeting. Whole thing dissipates within 4-6 hours leaving one to debate with themselves if this is a fragrance worth having in a collection. Odd.
25th February, 2012
This is a very typical Italian EdC at probably EdT strength on me. Citrus opening with a hint of herbs to it. Progresses fairly linearly with some geranium appearing in the heart and musk and oakmoss in the base, though citrus is present throughout. Though marked an EdC, I definitely get pretty good longevity out of this and much more so than AdP. I love these both and lean one way or the other depending on my mood, but given the price point of Borsari this is almost a no brainer buy. Excellent value and juice all around.
24th October, 2011
Classica is a clean, fresh citrus with lemon/orange followed by sandalwood. It's rather inexpensive, which is a plus, but the EdC is extremely short lasting.
As I've come to wear AC over time, I think it is more of a mature scent, perhaps better suited for the older fragrance wearer, but that may just be my opinion. Probably worth a try at least.
08th October, 2011 (last edited: 02nd May, 2012)
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United States
I find Acqua Classica to be a fairly long lasting, somewhat earthy, musty lemon scent. Pretty simple, with little progression. I don't think Acqua di Parma has anything to worry about. It's inexpensive though, so it may be worth a try. For me it's too musty smelling to enjoy.
06th February, 2011 (last edited: 01st April, 2011)
I was really hoping for a more affordable Acqua di Parma, and was close to being fulfilled, but there's a "fresh" note that's really bugging me, because it smells slightly synthetic and rough. Otherwise, on the citrus front, it's good, but the fresh note turned me off.
30th January, 2011
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United States
This fragrance is proof positive that the Acqua di Parma company is ripping you off! Although I do like AdP's colonias, Borsari's is far better, and is sold at a small fraction of the price of a bottle of AdP. I bought my beautiful 3.3 oz. bottle for only $20.

There must be hundreds of Italian-styled colognes in the market today, but I have to say that Borsari's is the best. It has the standard Italian-style lemon and orange opening, but within seconds it separates itself from the competition. There are very subtle spice and wood notes in the background that not only provide sparkling complexity, but provide an almost smoky darkness to the whole scent. The smokiness isn't prominent, but it's subtle, in the background, and adds depth you rarely smell in colognes. AdP's Colonia Intensa tried to accomplish this same effect, but lacked the refinement and subtletly of Borsari's cologne.

I don't get eau de parfum strength from Borsari (my bottle says it's a "Colonia"), but this is longer lasting than your average eau de cologne.

Wearing this is simply a delight. It is discreet yet uplifting. I feel great every time I wear this.

Anyone who says the Italians don't know how to make perfume obviously hasn't smelled Acqua Classica Borsari. A+!!

31st July, 2010
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United States
Classica smells too modern for my tastes. The opening is a fresh blast of herbs, spices, and the some leather. The leather does dry down nicely and exposes it true chypre character.
22nd December, 2009
I have both Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta and this, Borsari Acqua Classica. When Acqua Classica is first sprayed on, there is a medicinal smell but it is not overpowering. Sort of like Guerlain's older range in the early 1930s. Colonia Assoluta is a brighter, citrusy smell. It is deeper and sweeter. Acqua Classica is drier. It is a fragrance for hot, humid weather, like here in Singapore. Acqua Classica is only a fraction of the price of Colonia Assoluta. It can be used daily after a bath or for causal wear. Sillage and longevity are average to me for both Acqua Classica and Colonia Assoluta. I like it as it is fresh and not sweet and suitable for women, unlike Hermes Eau d'Orange which although marketed as unisex is really masculine. Will reserve Colonia Assoluta for formal occasions as it's just too pricey for me.
20th June, 2009
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Borsari Acqua Classica de Parma is very much like a classic citrus splash in eau de parfum strength. It opening is composed of the typical citrus (lemon and orange) and herb (sage and thyme). The herbs are a bit earthier and less refreshing than the rosemary, basil, or mint versions that are a little more prevalent. The middle turns quite spicy with pepper predominating the accord; it has a weak geranium note in the background, and though it tends to get a bit spice – cabinet – spicy, it is rather pleasant although it isn’t anywhere near as interesting as the top or the base notes. The base has one of the few leathers I can enjoy, and it is beautifully accorded with the oakmoss and vetiver. In spite of Acqua Classica being a EDP, it is a pleasantly soft and light fragrance perfect for warm weather. I enjoy this version immensely, and it has the added value of possessing much more longevity than normal for cologne splashes because it is an EDP. It is an impressive, distinguished, and elegant fragrance and it has the added and always appreciated benefit of being affordable. (Edit of 28 August 2008 review.)

23rd August, 2008 (last edited: 22nd October, 2009)
Here is my estimate of the components of Acqua Classica Borsari:
TOP – citrus (lemon, orange)
MID – herbs (sage, thyme), geranium, spices (pepper, cardomom)
BASE – sandalwood, leather, oakmoss, vetiver
This is a superb, classy light Italian chypre. The opening is lemony-brisk, natural not synthetic, and has great lasting power. Green herbs emerge which are fresh and lend a sophisticated Mediterranean character. Pepper and other spices give this a mild ‘kick’. Then light wood appears and the faintest hint of leather. Even those who avoid leather can enjoy this classic; everything is balanced, controlled and yet makes a very attractive statement. This is a great warm weather scent, it stays light. There is an extremely satisfying dry-down of moss and grassy vetiver. This gives an instant infusion of Italian suave! Bellissimo!
05th June, 2007
Fresh. Light. Green notes with a subtle, warm base. Borsari lists Citrus, Sage, Geranium, Sandalwood, Leather and Oak Moss essences. Beautiful discrete scent.
06th March, 2007