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This is a great light fragrance perfect for Summertime. There is a soap note similar to Creed Himalaya. It differs from Creed in that there is more citrus. It reminds me of a Penhaligon's - perhaps Blenheim Bouquet.
12th June, 2017
Super pleasant, airy-citrusy white floral scent which makes great subtle use of rosemary; It's like 'almost-lime.' Little here in the way of movement or progression, but its a suave, natural splash-on for the warmer days of the year. Highly recommended for those looking for a slightly better 4711.
09th February, 2016
This may be my favorite eau de cologne. Stronger than 4711, less salty than Jean Marie Farina (which also ranks high), and less floral than another favorite, Richard James Cologne. It could also stand in as a Gendarme-type soapy scent. It opens similarly to 4711 with a very brisk lemon (seems like both peels and flowers), lavender and rosemary. It has just a bit of the creamy spiciness of the lemon in Allure Edition Blanche, and gets more sour over time until the citrus blossoms finally return far into the base. Most importantly, though, it stays stronger for longer than most others in this family, and takes longer to progress. The only drawback is that it has a bit of a Mugler Cologne-like slimy soap residue aura far into the drydown, but it's not much.
17th January, 2011
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United States
Notes: Bergamot, Lemon verbena, Grapefruit, Tunisian neroli, Rosemary, Myrtle, Sandalwood

Cologne Sologne (CS) is another traditional but successful stop on my EDC/Cologne style tour. The Parfums de Nicolai site promotes CS as the most expensive fragrance in the PdN line. No doubt that is probably mostly due to the Tunisian neroli in the formula and not the bottle (looking at you here, Guerlain ...).

CS opens with a bright citrus melange of lemon verbena and bergamot, before a plush, light yet ever present cloud of tangy, floral neroli comes forth. Some very light herbs in the form of sweet-herbal rosemary and a very tiny drop of camphorous/wintergreenish myrtle lend a teeny bit of contrast to the citrus-neroli accord. A couple of hours later a soft, slightly sweet sandalwood base materializes and cushions this pleasant splash-on experience.

CS smells good, does nothing out of the ordinary, showcases a good neroli note, and is reasonably priced. I feel that its citrus top heavy notes lack the fireworks of something like Neroli Sauvage, and there are other fragrances to look at if you want a more forceful neroli/orange blossom accord. In structure I find it similar to Nina Ricci's Signoricci (new formulation) due to the lemon top although that fragrance is louder and woodier (due to copious amounts of petitgrain and woods). Nevertheless Cologne Sologne is a solid and safe offering if you want a cologne fragrance from the one Guerlain family member still active in the business..

Rating: 8.0/10.0
12th July, 2010
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United States
I've got to say that PdN Cologne Sologne is probably the best pure neroli cologne available today and at an excellent price, too! This cologne is neroli-centric and does not pander much to the more tangy aspects we have come to expect from other great traditional colognes like Farina Gegenuber, Lorenzo Villoresi, and Extra Vieille. Cologne Sologne, named after a marshy plain in central France (though drained in the 19th C by Napoleon III), emphasizes the purity of high quality Tunisian neroli along the other citrus aspects playing a mere supporting role. There's not much development or complexity, but who would want it with such beautiful neroli?
22nd November, 2009 (last edited: 18th July, 2011)
A very good citrus splash cologne that could compete with some of the best of the citrus cologne category: Cologne Sologne by Parfuns de Nicolai is refreshingly interesting because of its softer take on the cologne concept. It begins with a strong neroli, bergamot, and lemon verbena accord – quite pristine, but without the usual sharp preciseness of such accords. I get an aromatic rosemary note along with the citrus, but, on moving to the middle, the fragrance becomes pretty much a floral fragrance: orange blossom… orange blossom with a strong citrus background. As floral as the fragrance is, I find it acceptably masculine. The entire ambiance is clean and fresh in a sort of polished way. Cologne Sologne is an excellent splash. I, myself, am not going to buy it because I prefer a brighter, sharper, more traditional citrus than this one offers. This is too sophisticated a version of cologne and I, at present, prefer the more rustic, traditional types, but it is only personal preference, not a judgement against the very real high quality of this fragrance. Like most cologne splashes, it has poor longevity.
22nd August, 2008
Cologne Sologne was the first PDN scent I ever purchased years ago when Sephora carried her line in the South Coast Plaza store here in So. Cal. I was transfixed by this perfectly orchestrated EDC and fell in love with it from the first sniff! It starts off smelling, like so many others have stated, like 4711. Then when you think "it's very lovely, but we've been there and done that, Patty," this amazing rose blooms through and softens into Nicolai's signature tonka base. It's really quite magnificent. Of course, although it is an exceptional perfume, it still is an EDC; therefore, frequent reapplication is necessary since longevity is fairly short as should be expected in a product of this nature. It is a sublime experience.
18th August, 2008
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United States
PdN's colognes are really beautiful. Their Cologne Nature was my first purchase and found it to be a very beautiful scent. So, I had to try the Sologne.

During the first couple of hours, it smelled just like 4711 on my skin. I spent a good bit of that time wondering why I wasted $XXX on Sologne when I had 400ml of 4711 in the cupboard. Well, that was a waste of two hours!

Suddenly, this beautiful, full, dusky rose blooms. It's really an amazing note. But this seems to be an unusual thing. Most users report a middle of beautiful neroli. But, on me, the rose is just undeniable and it's a "full" scent - nothing thin, or flimsy about it.

Sologne has decent sillage and a little bit of projection.

Not an every day scent but a nice addition to any summer wardrobe. I don't consider it a "must have" and I feel fairly close to a neutral vote on it. But I will give it a thumb's up because the artistry of Sologne is very clearly evident.
27th June, 2008
I'll be honest. When I smelled Sologne's top note, I immediately had it pegged as an expensive version as 4711. It has very much the same smell, ie. the same bracing citrusy top note and smelt like a cologne targeted to an upper class European man that wears Gucci loafers. But then, the exquisite floral middle notes wafted in and Sologne changed into a charming somewhat feminine perfume. The sillage though, is not great, but I was not too surprised given that it is a cologne. For comparison purposes, if you like Institut Tres Bien’s “Cologne a la Italienne”, I think you would be very pleased with Cologne Sologne.

Here are the notes, per Beautyhabit: Grapefruit, Lemon Verbena, Sicilian Bergamot, Neroli and Sandalwood.
19th June, 2008
This is what I feel Neroli Sauvage should have smelled like. I love this. Perfect for office wear.
26th June, 2007
A very soft, quite dry Eau de Cologne style frag. This has a stronger, earlier herbal aspect than many of the eaux with a prominent rosemary. The neroli is quite present too but the citrus aspects are somewhat tamed.

The whole effect is of a classic eau with the top cut back and the other aspects strengthened and enhanced. It is a different (upside down?) take on the eau concept. The softness is interesting, it really does have a soft feel; slightly powdery with a pinch of tonka and rosemary with the sharpness attenuated.

I like it, but miss the fresh sharpness at the top and I prefer these notes to play a supporting rather than a feature role.
11th April, 2007
You're both right -- THIS is what 4711 SHOULD have smelled right! Sparkling. Effervescent. PERFECT summer scent. Likely not too long lasting on others, either, true that. But ANYTHING'S more long lasting than the much hyped (and utterly worthless) 4711. Imagine that which is nice in 4711 (and there is some, yes) and magnify it and make it better quality. There you'll have Sologne.
20th December, 2006