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Neutral Reviews of Lavender Water by Geo F Trumper

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This is lavender with a minty refreshing accord which can come across as a bit harsh in the opening but settles down.

You could imagine this been what they used in Victorian times as a skin scent. A good pick me up for the morning when you just want to start the day with extra zest. Refreshing.
15th January, 2012
Another of Trumpers true to the name. Opens with a blast of lavender, though still very light and nothing like Oxford & Cambridge. The Lavender lingers for a bit and is replaced by a slight oakmoss accord. Again, true to Trumpers formula. I find this one ok though nothing great compared to a number of other lavender waters out there.
24th September, 2011
I'm not usually a lavender fan, but this stuff isn't bad. It starts out with the usual sharp, bracing, metallic lavender topnotes, which then go through a typically acrid phase. (I know a lot of people find the topnotes of lavender to be relaxing, but to me they're kind of disconcerting!) Eventually, though, this turns into a more subdued grassy herbal scent, the type that I always like when I come across it...somewhat like spearmint, the type of mint that I tolerate best. I suspect that my lavender problems are exacerbated when I spray or dab on cloth rather than skin. The first time I tried this stuff was on skin and hair, and it was a little smoother. Now, on cloth, it's not that much better than any other lavenders until some time has passed, because it's slower to evolve past the top notes on cloth. The one lavender scent that I now want to revisit is Oxford and Cambridge, which isn't quite the same story because has a number of other herbs mixed in. I might give it a thumbs up if it weren't so weak.
24th September, 2011
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Although this fragrance claims to have lavender, patchouli, clary sage, sandalwood, oak moss and peppermint, I find that either I cannot detect it all or they are overborn by the lavender followed by the peppermint. I think it smells remarkably similar to LV Inglese, which, after all, is a return on Villoresi’s part, to the days of the classic English Cologne. I would imagine that Trumper’s Lavender would drydown beautifully, but right out of the bottle it can appear a bit stringent.
05th November, 2003