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Positive Reviews of Lavender Water by Geo F Trumper

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True to its name which is always a plus in my book. Beautiful yet light herbal (the "harsh" kind) lavender. Minty in the middle and just fades away. Great for a gentleman in the office cologne.
12th October, 2008
A bracing blast of lavender and mint! I find this to be very good lavender: dry and aromatic. The scent develops well into a nice sandalwood, light patchouli and mossy base. This has the trademark Geo. F. style. It is quietly bold and assertive; masculine, aromatic and quite enjoyable.
08th April, 2008
Like a refreshing spring breeze as everything comes back to life after winter. I used to think this the finest lavender water available but it is now reformulated for the worse and has acquired a slightly harsh and synthetic aspect. Still good, it smells significantly masculine, light, airy, wholesome, medicinal.

Along with the true and present lavender which dominates, there is a wonderful lift of mint and just a little grounding patchouli and a base of warm oakmoss. It leaves me feeling relaxed and refined, and will work for me as a light casual or an easy formal, or splashed in the bath.

It is easy to overlook due to its nature but I strongly advise paying this some attention.

Original review 19 April 2008, edited 19/06/09
30th July, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
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