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Negative Reviews of New-York by Nicolaï

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I read so many comments about how this was similar to Bois du Portugal so I ordered a nice sized decant. This is about as far away from BdP as you can get.

What it does actually smell like is a grandma wearing a bunch of baby powder. This is why I have trust issues.
10th March, 2017
I worked at a nursing home. This smells like old lady. Old lady covered in powder and wearing some Avon fragrance.
17th May, 2016
Some scents are timeless. Others should be shoved back into the time machine, and PdN NY is one of them.

The vision I get from smelling NY (after the initial headache) is that of an elderly undertaker spritzing it on the corpse of an even more elderly woman, and then using a few sprays on himself to use up the almost-empty bottle. Our undertaker began his craft during the Great Depression, after all, and would never waste anything.

01st May, 2013
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Orange-Amber- very intense,sweet and dominating.As it has been said it´s very guerlain and it remains you of all these old, dated perfumes like muchoir de monsieur , heritage etc-warm, too warm and sensual, full of vanilla and too powdery.And what I disliked most is the the remaining huge and intense cloud of perfume that stays and comes again and remains me too of these old ladies perfumes or for an old boring , grey haired man!- heavy oriental und too much flavour !INothing special, unique, timeless or outstanding- simply an EdT-not luxurious, not special.Very disappointing!And I swear you-this is definitely not New York-you all know wht´s New York about!
14th January, 2009
ideal for businessmen who go to Paris to cheat on their wives. after they had a stupid evening at the Crazy Horse they move on to Moulin Rouge and so on and so forth.

first of all, the fragrance is not very original (I get a lot of comments like, 'oh, you are wearing Egoiste again', or 'is that Eau Sauvage'), smells like so many fragrances out there, it's boring and dull.

secondly, it has nothing to do w/ NY.

finally, I have to concur with a couple of reviewers who mentioned three stages and a good dry down. it really does change through time and the dry down is nice, but nice is simply not enough.
24th August, 2008
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Russian Federation
A bit of a misnomer. If this is New York, then the Eagles are raw delta blues. This one doesn't evoke any New York images in me, except maybe 5th Avenue or downtown slackers in cashmere turtlenecks. A fleeting citrus note quickly taken over by cloying powder. Cacharel, in my opinion, is a much better choice if you want something warm, sweet and seductive.
08th September, 2006