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There is something about this scent that I can't quite put my finger on that makes it a little unique to my nose...just a nuance of something i don't think I've ever smelled in any other fragrance...It's not a bad thing though...I find this fragrance to be very pleasant and a pleasure for me to wear...Overall a spicy/flowery/woody blend...smells perfect for office wear...projects nicely...glad I was able to add a bottle of this to my wardrobe for a great price...
28th April, 2018
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United States
Powerful stuff here. Some might find it a bit dated and stuffy. But this is such a beautiful scent to me. It's warm, spicy and masculine. A little goes a LONG way. I usual spray in front of me and walk into the mist. On skin I spray on one wrist and rub it into the other. It really is easy to overdo and seems to be a great cold weather scent.

A shame it is so hard to find now. And it was dirt cheap to get $40 for a 100ml. But I really enjoy this. since it is such a strong frag, a little does go a long way and it makes the current price somewhat reasonable.

I did bump into one other person wearing this and he was absolutly amazed that I knew what he was wearing. It litterally stopped me in my tracks as soon as he passed by me. I turned and caught up to him. He was gracious enough to sell me a full 100ml at a later date for a good price.
03rd September, 2012
I bought a bottle of Tenaz at clearance prices some time ago (less than $10 for 50 ml) at Perfumania, and found it a unique and very pleasant chypre. Lately I've seen it advertised for jaw-dropping prices ($150 to $300 a bottle), and I'm sorry, but it just ain't THAT good (hardly anything is, in my opinion).

According to one website, it has topnotes of bergamot, lavender, jasmine and magnolia, mid-notes of pepper, cedar and sandalwood, with base notes of tobacco and musk. The floral elements are understated, and I also notice a warm, smooth amber (benzoin, perhaps?) in the drydown. It reminds me a little of Giorgio Red for men, but smoother and more subtle, and not quite as long-lasting. Since Red has been reissued at more reasonable prices, I can't imagine why anyone would buy Tenaz at several times the cost.

My neutral rating reflects the inflated pricing. Tenaz is a well-blended fragrance that would easily rate a thumbs-up at reasonable prices, but at $150 a pop and up, it's only average.
11th May, 2011
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Great stuff -- so sad they discontinued it. I hate to pay eBay prices for the EDT, as we used to get it SO cheap at the Outlet Mall in Galveston, TX.

Will keep looking for Tenaz bargains when I can find them.

More compliments from this warm, long lasting EDT than just about anything in recent memory. Am savoring my last bottle right now, and making it last.
14th October, 2006