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Citral and linalool, basically your dishwasher's liquid. Bit of a fail for me.

12th April, 2014
School lunch

We've got a $90 pack of fruit snacks on our hands folks. People keep mentioning the thyme that shows up at the end of the party - this sounds worthwhile. I wish I could get past the flashbacks of middle school lunch dessert to make it there. Nope nope nope.

Pros: good memories
Cons: I can get the same memories for $3.00 in the snack aisle @ Kroger"

04th October, 2013
Citrusy, minty, woody. Unisex? I'm not sure. Not original at all but a good quality scent that puts me in the gloomy mood as if I sprayed depression all over myself.
13th September, 2012
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This is weird! Citruses in a bizarre, odd, almost unpleasant accord. Nothing really disturbing but way too strange. It's like they've lost control while executing the original recipe and everybody got drunk at the Diptyque factory.

- "Oh My god, was it a 2 or a 20 on the measuring cap?"
- "which cap?"
- "Forget It"
26th March, 2011 (last edited: 18th April, 2011)
This is in two phases. The first has lovely, natural-smelling citrus notes: green citrus (like lime), orange, grapefruit. So far, so good. But then it gets a kind of odd, metallic note. Perhaps this is their rendition of thyme: cool – metallic – herbal. There is a vague sort of creamy-sweet note here too. That cool note gets bigger, and turns this into an aquatic herbal scent. I don’t like it!
04th October, 2010
It promised me of grapefruit, but after a few minutes on my skin all I got was a strange stinging accord with a spunk that was not the least pleasant on me.
27th February, 2009
Tart candied lime. Really bright and open in the begining but has terrible lasting power. I love fresh, citrus scents but this one failed to impress me. It doesn't feel fresh or happy like most citrus scents do. Shame.
22nd December, 2008
Detergent people are always thinking of something new to consume, however pointless it may be. Say, cotton candy scented fabric softener. "Yeah, great idea, let’s make a sticky-sweet-synthetic-citrus-fresh fabric softener. But guess what, we'll test-market it as a niche fragrance." This was designed by one sick puppy of a nose. On the drydown it gets to smell like very hops-heavy beer spilled over a barroom floor the preceding night. Actually, that is nearly an improvement. One of the all-time lows of niche perfumery.
02nd July, 2008
I am a huge citrus fan and I like everything from Light Blue, to Eau d’Hadrien, to Bigarade Concentree (plus I have many Diptyque candles) so I was all prepared to love Oyédo . Unfortunately, Oyédo was flat and disappointing with a distinctive overlay of sweetish powdery notes which obscured any meaningful citrus smell. To my nose, Oyédo is a close fragrance kin to my local grocery store’s house brand of lemon scented fabric softener, which is not a compliment.

There is no zing or fun at all with Oyédo . As I smelled it, I just kept thinking “generic boring sweet lemon”. Yawn. For comparison purposes, I spritzed Etro’s Lemon Sorbet on my other wrist which was decidedly lemony, spicy and stylish, in contrast.
07th May, 2008
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United States
Well, it started out like candy, and that didn't bother me too much. Then, it went away completely, and that didn't bother me too much. Then it came back with a vengeance, the herbal accord smelling like intense BO, and it wouldn't go away. And, that really bothered me. So, I tried it again, and I suffered through the same terrifying experience. This is my first Diptyque scent, so I guess there is nowhere to go but up.

After trying it many more times, I can say with vigor that I detest this scent. All I can smell is a sickening blend of methyl anthranilate and cashmeram, in other words, molded grape jelly. Surely, someone at Diptyque must have said NO to this beast.
11th December, 2006 (last edited: 17th March, 2010)
Yuck...smells like a lefesaver. Absolutely did not work for me and even on a test strip, this is nothing that I want to smell like.
01st February, 2006