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Neutral Reviews of Oyédo by Diptyque

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United Kingdom
An orangey opening mixed with a touch of lemon, a bit sweetened and not very bright, more like a lemon curd, is at the beginning of the top notes.

Son this darkens a bit, with a herbal tone, mainly thyme, appearing in the middle phase. Then a crisp aroma of a metallic fizziness is added in, which is quite an unusual note that gives this composition a rather unique touch.

This is followed by a woodsy development that makes an attempt at a sandalwood impression - the latter is not particularly successful.

I get moderate sillage sillage, very good projection and nine hours on longevity on my skin.

A spring scent with quite an original touch, wearable also on cooler summer days, which is marred by heart and base notes that are overly synthetic and at times too forced. Overall not bad due to an original approach, but short of being truly convincing. 2.75/5.
19th August, 2017
I hate saying this left a very synthetic impression on me...Im sorta disappointed because I expected Diptyque, to make more of an effort with this one. I would've never anticipated them making something that smacks of a far more generic scent, that may or may not be a cloaked, designer scent..or something that I couldve bought in a drugstore.
28th November, 2015
In the land of audiophiles, there's sort of an intangible holy grail of accuracy and realism called "imaging". It's an attribute that is demanded of speakers and if your speakers are good at imaging, it's said that you can, via sound alone, practically "see" the musicians playing right in front of you.

If there's an olfactory equivalent to audio imaging, this fragrance may win the contest. The opening blasts forth and there's a lime, a spice rack bottle of thyme, and a tangerine right in front of you. The realism of the notes is astonishing, and they're arranged in a way, at the opening, that no one note dominates. If quality is judged by realism, then this is a high quality composition. The opening burst forth and the trio of notes all evoke familiar images, and their simultaneity disorients you a bit because your mind is trying to recall three associations at once.

Some time later, the thyme ends up dominating at the citrus fades. Ultimately, I'm just not that crazy about thyme, so this fascinating little piece of perfumeur's virtuosity isn't going to gain a place in my collection. But it really is quite an experience in artistry and you ought to give it a try just to see how good modern perfumery can get.
26th January, 2014
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Tony T Show all reviews
United States
very different take on fresh/green/herbal? very limey and weird. for surely unisex and i guess casual. could be a comfort scent. definately not for cool/cold weather. a heady earthy scent maybe meant to be worn strictly for the user's satisfaction. not sexy at all.
15th February, 2013
One thing is sure. It’s not another boring hesperidic scent. Uplifting, opening, with a cocktail of citrus (lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit) but not the kind of citrus, scents usually start with. It’s sweet, tart and fruity but overall quite synthetic. Reminds me of lemon-orange candy drops, or lifesavers as others already said.Then comes the thyme note which is very clear, but not really herbal and green thanks to the citrus. The base is more on the exotic side, no woods , just thyme, orange and maybe some lemongrass but still soft and pleasant . Unisex but more feminine, definitely a daywear scent with good longevity. Fresh and joyful, however it fails to please all citrus scent lovers.
28th September, 2009
Very weird. Starts out as tart lime mixed with herbs, then becomes powdery without ever becoming sweet. Comparisons to Tang and unsweetened Kool-Aid powder make sense. Very fresh. Androgynous more than unisex -- I really can't picture the person this perfume would suit. Dries down to something that smells like warm grape soda. It has its charms -- warm grape soda isn't an unpleasant thing to smell -- but I can't think of a reason to wear it.
19th September, 2009 (last edited: 22nd September, 2009)
When I was little I used to secretly eat raspberry jello dry out of the package, and sometimes the powder would get into my nose where it registered as especially tart and strange: I loved it, it was wonderful. This scent brought back that experience vividly and made me laugh with pleasure. It is also similar to inhaling dry raspberry koolaid while stirring the contents of the packet into the water; does koolaid even still exist? After awhile I smell lemon lime instead of raspberry, and enjoy it all over again. This may smell good on somebody, I don't know, but I keep it just to remind myself of several momentary pleasures of childhood.
13th April, 2009
thyme and mandarine
simple fresh but a little bit too linear
09th April, 2008
Marlen’s right…Lifesaver time. Like a tangerine and a lime lifesaver in the mouth at the same time. But it lasts a lot longer than the Lifesavers last. At least with Lifesavers, if you don’t like them, you just spit them out… of course, the fragrance is not as bad as all that and I don’t feel the need to wash it off, but it certainly is not what I want to smell like—a couple of sharp, syrupy sweet Lifesavers. The thyme does a good job of BEGINNING TO tone down the citrus exuberance, but, to my taste, there needs to be a lot more toning down. And the wood in the base does not project very much, but it is a very nice wood accord. Oyédo is a fun scent — very good quality ingredients, excellent construction, and great longevity. I could see this fragrance being deservedly appreciated by many people …just not by me.
03rd February, 2007 (last edited: 12th April, 2008)
SniffQ Show all reviews
United States
Yuzu, herbs, blast of citrus. Sharp sparkle, lift-me-up-give-me-hope, then a disappointing drydown.
Wet fruit washed with strong soap, left to dry in the sun. Stays at mid-note with a vengence. And stays and stays. The body wash is lovely. I use it to wash my delicates and its a great fresh feel.
15th September, 2006