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An earthy sweet herbal citrus.

First the blast of candied citrus (lime and mandarin), then a powerful blast of earth (as if you had fallen face down in the garden), which is the thyme blown up to mega proportions. Within five minutes, all has balanced out and I am left with a quite unique scent. Turin and Sanchez also point out the uniqueness of this creation.

In the dry down there is a minty coolness that envelops the sweet citrus and earthy herbal notes. There is something so outdoors about this scent that is restorative on a winter's day, reminding one that summer will come.

Very clever composition, both fun and staid simultaneously, and so far my favorite of the Diptyques.
06th March, 2016
If you thought citruses were fresh and cooling, try Oyedo. This is the first heated-up citrus I’ve ever come across, and here I am wearing it on a day with driving snow drifting past my window and feeling quite snug. And no, there’s not a trace of mulled wine about it either, no gaga spicing to raise the temperature.
Oyedo is a supremely smooth creation marrying a chunky woods base (with a serious dose of sandalwood aromachemicals) to mixed citruses through the intervention of a perfectly integrated thyme note, and camphoraceous and turpy tones. It’s novel, bold, different, not a crowd pleaser – a bit like bonbons from high end chocolatiers with flavours like wasabi or bacon that revolt some and drive others wild. There’s a shimmer and haze about it, a creaminess, and yet the notes are punchy, even rough (in the case of the wood).
The citruses do recede over time, leaving that woody base somewhat exposed, but for most of its life Oyedo is unusual fun.
27th February, 2016
Beautiful lemon and lime with woody background. 8/10
11th December, 2015
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United Kingdom
Citrus with a twist

Lovely sharp clean opening of mixed citrus, but quickly fading to creamy slightly sweet tangerine/grape soda/over-ripe melon (but more vegetal/petrol than sugary). The thyme note comes through as the citrus burns off, leaving a quiet and unexpected green/herbal finish, and after a while I'm sure there's just a hint of something very slightly skanky in there. Unusual, but that's what I like in a fragrance.

Pros: Sparkling opening burst of citrus. Quirky drydown.
Cons: Not everyone likes thyme with their tangerines. "

23rd August, 2013
juicy coolness

Oyedo opens with an exhilarating, juicy note- it's said to be yuzu, but for me it's simply a perfect citrus, one I would never get tired smelling. The dripping citrus soon gains flesh thanks to a fruity note- tamarind, the official pyramid lists, but I must admit I have no clue of how tamarind smells- that reminds me somewhat of sweet, slightly sticky, musky grapes. The heart of the fragrance is weirdly enlightened by an aromatic, camphoraceous note of thyme, that adds a touch of iridescent, metallic greenness. The drydown is soft, fruity sweet musk- this is my less favourite part of the fragrance, I'd wish the head and mid notes would last forever... Oyedo is a fragrance I love wearing in hot weather, when it proves uplifting and refreshing. The sillage and lasting power are both quite good.

25th June, 2013
This starts with a blast of yuzu, then settles into something fruity which slides into a green herbal and ends up as the rind of the yuzu. It is really complex and interesting. Definitely not run of the mill, it has some of the same qualities (an almost bitter note, not sweet) that I like in L'ombre dans l'eau. Very intriguing.
29th December, 2011
Diptyque OYEDO is a fresh citrus scent featuring petit grain or agrumes, it seems to me. This composition bears resemblance to some of the offerings of the house of Fresh. An inviting, natural-smelling citrus cologne with a touch of vetiver and perfect for warm weather. I must be anosmic to whatever is inspiring all of the shout-outs of "odd!" "strange!" and "weird!" To my nose, there is nothing revolutionary or earthshattering here at all, just a typical niche citrus creation made with high-quality components.

Many niche offerings strike me as similar to ice cream, offering variations on familiar, comfortable themes but using high-quality ingredients. No one is inventing anything radically new in the ice cream world at this point in time. The idea or, if you will, Platonic Form of ice cream is well-established, and we often find ourselves drawn to the classics. Although gourmet “innovators” may try to convince us that we want to eat basil or chickpea gelato, and those savory flavors may work well served as a small part of a larger presentation, the truth is that sometimes we just want a big bowl of good old-fashioned vanilla or chocolate ice cream well made. It's not a demerit to anyone's mind—and least of all their tastebuds or tummy—that the best ice creams around are all copies of flavors that have been around for a very long time.

The same story holds, mutatis mutandis, for citrus colognes such as OYEDO, IMNSHO. This one works just fine--for what it is.
24th July, 2011
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United States
This one is odd, but in a good way.
There are certainly berries here, but mixed with a lime note that makes it an odd take on citrus. To be honest, it makes me flash back to a favorite childhood candy - Razzles. Raspberry and orangy, with the lime acting as the tart part.
An herbal note creeps in to continue the "off" mix. It is austere and cold, something that I find runs through many Diptyque fragrances. Not cuddly and sweet, but instead, unsettling but yet, it smells good.
A greenish herbal wood completes this odd mix.
It is fun, unusual, possibly wearable.
I like it!!!!
08th June, 2011
A citrus-giddy Jelly Baby with a herbal heart. Oyédo is nonsense worth paying attention to.
30th March, 2011
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United Kingdom
Starts off with zingy lime and mandarin notes and you think 'ideal for summer'. Not quite. A strange unidentifiable sweet note appears which deadens and flattens the top notes out. I grew to love this accord though. Bold, compelling with a flash of genius.
12th May, 2010
Very interesting. It smells very much of berries...think blackberries and raspberries. Maybe slight hints of citrus and smoke. However, it fades very quickly from this into nothing. Nonetheless, definitely worth sampling - haven't smelled anything like it.
22nd November, 2009
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United Kingdom
I really enjoy Diptyque for it's usually unpredictable and unique compositions. But there is one other main reason why I find myself particularly enchanted and impressed with Diptyque. I've found that they have a remarkable knack for taking notes I'm usually not that fond of and somehow manage to present them in such a way that I surprisingly find enjoyable. ... They've managed this now a number of times. At first, with cloves, with their "L'Eau Diptyque". And most recently, with hesperidic notes, right here with Oyédo.
Actually, here, it's not that I particularly dislike citric notes. But more that I had become somewhat bored with the same old citric top notes, always seemingly presented in too similar a manner.
Well, with Oyédo, they present the Lemon, Green Mandarin, and Orange with an unusually different feel and quality. Not the "light", "transparent" and "astringent", as one might expect from citric notes. But instead much sweeter and almost "chewy" or "creamy". (Kinda like ice cream flavours). Being rather much more substantial, and oddly more "opaque". Rendering them unusually smooth and velvety in quality. Rather than the usual "lighter", almost "gauzy", fresh and unsubstantial.

At first the scent does start off quite effervescent with sparkling Lemon and Green Mandarin. It then soon becomes much richer with the introduction of a sugared, candied like Orange. With it's said "creaminess" so unusual for a citric centred scent. It also has a somewhat "Gummy Bears" artificial quality. Though oddly, and unusually, this distinct artifice actually works well in it's favour. Lending the scent much of it's charm and addictive quality. (Urging continuous sniffing !)
Later, as the scent progresses it picks up a slightly more herbal facet (mostly from Thyme), with some sour/fruity notes (Tamarind). Which finally curbs the sweetness and citric notes. Some woodiness from the Cedar base also finally becomes a little more apparent. ...

This has become one of my favourite hesperidic fragrances ! Due mostly to the uniqueness of the composition, and the unusualness of the mouthwatering candied citric notes. Which have surprisingly excellent longevity especially for a citric fragrance. Lasting well over six hours. (And that's just for the citric notes !). It still continues on to the drydown from there.

11th November, 2009
An oddity, this one. Starts out very sticky-sweet orangy - like the prefab orange lemonade that has nothing to do with orange, the fruit - but in its artifice lies its charm, as well. Almost immediately an oddly "dirty" note starts underpinning the sweetness, saving the scent from diabetic coma. A bit longer in the "dirty" note reveals itself as thyme. The thyme is quite overpowering on my skin, which makes this one unique frag: I can't think of any other scent with such a pronounced and true thyme accord. On the other hand, the thyme *does* come across as foody: I keep getting cravings for barbecue marinades.

A definite thumbs up for anyone who finds classis citrus frags unexciting - though it comes with a warning label: may not please every nose.
22nd June, 2009
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This one's a very interesting citrus for me - the opening is zesty, sweet and fresh with a hint of detergent. There is also a very light muguet-fresh jasmine like floral wafting through, bringing a tender, elegant companion note. It sounds synthetic but it is a very light, happy and likeable accord. The herbs and woods emerge and lend it a slight bitter edge in the middle - this is not an ordinary herbal-wood accord, but one that reminds me of the smell of old paper that has turned dank in the humidity. It is a strangely compelling scent, alternatively "clean" like the smell of paper and wood shavings, but I can see how it can turn into a suggestion of "BO" on the wrong person. The two intertwine and play off each other throughout the drydown, with the herbal-wood dominating as the hours pass.

It is odd and familiar, lovely, fresh and "wilted", young and "old", feminine and masculine - a juxtaposition of perceptions. I adore it, and it is a lot of fun to wear.
06th May, 2009
Though initially there is a blast of tart citrus, Oyedo soon sits on my skin in a hazey fog of sweet orange candy. The hard kind that you suck on or break with your teeth. This candy stage lasts for quite some time--it's 7 hours since I applied Oyedo and the sweet orange is still there, though now it's softened and dried with a thin bit of balsa wood, and some green and woody fragrant herbs. The whole composition is very light, but not lightweight if that makes any sense. The fragrance has some oomph, it's compelling, and calls to me to keep sniffing, to see where it will go nextI I'm definitely enjoying the journey.
05th February, 2009
I love this. Definitely one of the most compelling citrus creations ever.

For the first two or three hours this smells very much like a bowl full of ripe slices of limes plus wild strawberries with leaves. Few dabs of fresh of mint there, too. And yet perhaps a small glassful of sweet cranberry soda.

Indeed, Oyedo has a very clear and wonderfully natural smelling strawberry accord in it. I am surprised it hasn’t got more attention.

Dry down develops a bit more tart and green scent. Reminds me the way gooseberry bush smells after warm and heavy summer rain.

Highly recommended. In fact, you MUST at least try this.

Oyedo is quite unique, juicy and very natural smelling. It is full of good health and well being. It can really remind you how good it feels to be alive.

A bit more towards feminine side, that is true, but still easily wearable for men too. Incredibly strong and it lasts at least 12 hours
03rd February, 2009
This was my first Diptyque fragrance and I love it. It reminds me of the smell of orange groves at the height of summer. It gives me a psychological lift at any time of the year. It's nice to layer this fragrance with the shower gel and shampoo. The Oyedo candle is also fantastic!
23rd December, 2008
Bizarre fizzy, earthy, orangey, limey soda pop, sweet yet dry. Utterly mystifying. I feel like this fragrance is trying to trick me...............but i dont mind, it's kinda fun.
28th October, 2008
I love the sandalwood scented Tam Dao, and when my bottle of it ran out, I thought I would purchase another Diptyque, Philosykos.
But I ended up purchasing Oyedo.

I live in a hot climate, in Southern California, and this time of year, it is still over 100F. Oyedo has a refreshing grapefruit and citrus scent with a perceptible bite of something herbal. It is a Mediterranean blend that brings forth images of citrus groves, cloudless blue skies, bright sunlight and hot, dry weather.

I haven't gotten a reaction from other people yet, but I suspect that this is not a sexy smell. It is a clean, bracing, fruity and androgynous creation that still has the unique oddity characteristic of Diptypque. Nothing from this fragrance house is ever expected or predictable.

Oyedo is in that eccentric tradition.
15th September, 2008
Nothing I have tried by Diptyque can be considered a conventional fragrance Every scent pushes the envelope (and in a different direction) and Oyédo is no exception. To me the opening smells like grape soda. Grape soda has an artificial grape smell to it, but somehow it draws me in. I think others have likened it to Japanese muscat candies (which I have never smelled). The next thing that hits me is lime with undertones of thyme. Lime dominates the rest of the development after the grape fades away. It is intense and biting, but somehow it feels comfortable and captivating. Somehow I feel I should be hating this scent, but instead I am liking it a lot. Finally I get some faint smoky undertones.

Will I buy Oyédo? No; I can't see wearing it,except on a rare day when I feel a tad crazy. I don't know for whom it is best suited. Perhaps a sharp, mature teenage girl: I can picture that. Regardless, I think Oyédo is interesting and well-done, even if a bit odd and for that I commend it!
07th July, 2008
This starts off with the zestiest lime note imaginable, joined mere seconds later by something that smells a lot like menthol. Yes, as in Vick's VapoRub. I love it! I wish the top notes would last forever.

In due course, as one might expect, the menthol calms down and the accord begins to smell like muscat candy. This phase is also quite nice as long as the citrus is able to maintain its hold. It's only when the candy note begins to take over in the final stages of the dry down that I begin to lose interest. Smelling like candy might be nice when you're eight years old, but that train, I'm afraid, left the station a long time ago.

I still love this fragrance, though, for its creativity, uniqueness, and infectious sense of fun. I think everybody should try it at least once.
03rd July, 2008
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United States
Sweet sweet citric candy. Such a thick sweetness, go with 2 sprays and you're set for the day. It's funny to see people describe it as lifesaver-like, because that's exactly what comes to mind when Oyedo is first sprayed. Orange lifesaver, indeed. A great scent, but difficult to wear as an everyday-citrus.
11th April, 2008
Bizarre take on grapefruit. I really like its crispness, its odd soapy/fruity qualities and its herbal/citrus-y dry-down, really I do. Still, I just can't imagine wearing it. Not many men could pull this one off -- I give kudos to those who can. (And I wear Shalimar.)

09th January, 2008
Gorgeous sweet fresh citrusy one but like jelly babie one.
Very unisex
i adore it
20th June, 2007
Oyédo is a unique citrus/aromatic fragrance for sure, it's definitely more feminine than masculine. It's interesting enough, that all lovers of this type should at least give it a try. It is definitely more suitable for casual pursuits. At the onset, yes, I can smell the connections others have made to Fruit Loops and gum drops but I feel it opens up more broadly than that. I instantly fell in love with the tangerine, (yuzu)? and lime accord which is pure, non-western sunshine in a bottle. The dryness of the lime and thyme combination keeps the lot from becoming too sweet for me--although there has to be a sweet floral note that's not listed in there. I found myself being reminded of L'Eau de L'Artisan sans its fanfare basil-mint accord and replaced with a more subdued, sweet(ish)-herb green and slight, (cedar)? drydown. This is one of those, "don't overdo it, although it's light" fragrances, although you may find yourself wanting to reapply it quite often. I would probably choose L'Eau de L'Artisan before Oyédo. I'm giving it a thumbs up though, because it is just so unique.
17th September, 2006
excellent! sweet and candy-like but at the same time not cloyingly so, its very fresh and aqueous, also has a bit of a "cool" feeling to it. totally wearable by a man, i've gotten many compliments on it
19th February, 2006
Pleasant enough but not particularly masculine. I found it to be somewhat sweet and reminiscent of hard candy or gum drops. Absolutely more suited for Woman.
18th December, 2002
Oyedo was the original name for Tokyo. It is strong citrus scent with a main note of yuzu. A number of herbs are in the background and the scent is extremely long lasting for a citrus fragrance.
26th November, 2002