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Negative Reviews of Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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Big patchouli opening that settles down into a musty cedar. Not the worst "old-man" smell I've tested but that's definitely the feel I get from Patchouli Patch.

Projection is average.
22nd April, 2017
Tony T Show all reviews
United States

very rich and well done from my fav niche house but not for men. i would not wear this in public or angel for women. both are a bit similiar though this is straight up patchouli and nothing much more. i can not wear this  and i am very upset with my blind buy. at least i should be able to get majority of my cash back as i paid about 85 bucks for an almost full 3.4 oz bottle..

Pros: long lasting
Cons: too feminine

21st May, 2013
Well, i have never handled a piece of patchuli nor have been between hippies overusing it. so this is the impression of an alien about the scent. It is a grassy bushy monocrome scent which is appealingly green in first minutes but then grow out to be dull. It is just boring.
09th September, 2008
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Definitely patchouli but way too overboard on the herbal part. This one ends up being too hippie-ish. But oddly the patchouli goes away and leaves you with a dreadful concoction of herbs and a strange sweet note. Now, I like patchouli when done right. It smells much like my old college dorm where people were so loud and obnoxious that I never could get any sleep or study properly. Not a pleasant memory and I don't like the smell.
29th June, 2008
I loved pluran's review. I too am a patchouli junkie, and yes I do love it as dirty and hippieish as possible, but I cannot get along with this one. There is too much vanilla in it to be pure, and I feel nauseous when I wear this. I hate to give a thumbs down to any patchouli frag, but here goes!!
18th May, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

A citrusy start with a musky powdery base. This fragrance is stuck in no mans land - theres barely any perceptible patchouli in here to appeal to patchouli fans, while the overall composition is not exciting or unique enough to appeal to your average fragrance enthusiast. Also, the longevity is horrible and sillage nearly non existent. I can draw parallels with Creeds Original Vetiver, which is a scent designed for people wary of earthy vetiver - however, in OVs' case, there *is* a perceptible vetiver note, but it is masterfully blended with the other, OV doubles as an excellent summer fragrance with fanstastic longevity.

Sorry, patchouli or no patchouli (no patchouli in this case), at those prices ($100+ per bottle), this one wont fly.

Big thumbs down !
11th August, 2006
I don't like Patchouli Patch at all. To me, it's a very hard, cold and austere musky patchouli with no warmth at all. Not at all pleasing to smell -- on my skin or from the bottle.
02nd November, 2004
I love the discontinued Patchouli and Voleur de Roses madly, but Patchouli Patch was a HUGE disappointment. I mean: where's the patchouli???!!! To my nose PP was more stale Cream Crackers than anything even remotely like patchouli. Maybe PP is a patchouli scent aimed at people who don't like patchouli? ;)
04th January, 2004