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Neutral Reviews of Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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This begins as an acrid, green, patchouli blast with a turpentine chaser.

Turin detects Immortelle in its heart, but this is not mentioned in the minimal note tree on this page, nor does its unmistakable fenugreek sweetness come to my nose. Neither for that matter does the anise mentioned above. Perhaps the formula has been altered.

The dry down to the mix of white cedar and the weakening patchouli is pleasant, but rather unremarkable. It's rather weak on my skin and to my nose, not something associated with patchouli.

I'd advise sticking to patchouli oil, a much less expensive and more concentratedly valid alternative to this fragrance.
02nd March, 2016
Genre: Woods

Very crisp citrus top notes introduce an appealingly simple patchouli accord of unusual brightness and clarity. The light touch and refinement in execution set this patchouli accord apart from most others I know. If you find amber and patchouli scents like Mazzolari Patchouli or Montale’s Patchouli Leaves too dense and sweet, you’re likely to appreciate Patchouli Patch. Also noteworthy is the manner in which patchouli, normally tenacious and treated as a base note, here serves as a top note. Patchouli Patch’s title note bows out almost completely after less than an hour’s wear.

What remains in its wake is a crisp, spicy woody oriental composition of the sort at which Bertrand Duchaufour excels, but this time rendered very pale and quiet. Too quiet, I think, for its own good. The later stages of Patchouli Patch are so shy they feel apologetic, as if the patchouli were a breach of etiquette, and the remainder a penitential gesture. I appreciate the novelty of a luminous, clean, and polite approach to patchouli, but Patchouli Patch goes too far for my taste. When I’m in the mood for an urbane, civilized patchouli fragrance, I turn to Nicolai’s Patchouli Homme (Patchouli Intense) which is no less refined, but much more penetrating and complex than Patchouli Patch.
23rd June, 2014
This is a nice, bright and spicy patchouli. It has the same "transparent" quality that most of the L'Artisans seem to have. I prefer my patchouli more on the dark, dirty side and prefer the smoky drama of Le Labo's Patchouli 24. But again, this is nice and should be in the collection of anyone who collects patchouli-based fragrances.
07th April, 2013
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All the good things about Patchouli Patch have already been said, and I agree with most: this is a somewhat unusual patchouli, much fresher (almost minty at drydown) and more aerial than this warm, dirtish and earthy oil is supposed to be.

It is for sure an elegant fragrance, gentle and soft by design, but I found myself at times wanting a little more from it, more life, something more daring. Still, a very classy and totally enjoyable scent.
11th March, 2013
Slapped in the face with cherry cough syrup for the first 20 seconds. Wow, that was unpleasant. This fades, but the sweet fruitiness remains throughout, the medicinal note does not.

Where are you patchouli? I have heard of rounding the sharp edges off of a scent, but this one has been filed down to nub. I am picking up some florals. Seems fairly feminine to my nose.

If I am going to wear a fragrance with patchouli in the name, I had better smell patchouli. This is not a bad smell, it's just not for me.
04th August, 2011
I do not like patchouli, but I am open to trying everything. This is said to be the crem de la crem of patchouli based fragrances. It's certainly much cleaner than the others. It doesn't remind me of hippies. It isn't as earthy. It's very smooth, and actually lives up to its reputation. This really is THE patchouli to own. Granted you love patchouli, enough to wanna wear it as a single note fragrance pretty much. All I get out of this is patchouli, from start to finish. And if ya know me, ya know I don't much care for patchouli.

From the unbiased point of view though, this is good stuff. And it lasts forever, 12+ hours on my skin.
14th April, 2011
I haven’t smelled the old and now discontinued Patchouli from this house. From what I have heard, I presume it was much better. I mean, it is very easy to believe because this doesn’t do anything special for me.

To my nose Patchouli Patch is not a bad scent. It is well made gentle, fresh and earthy fragrance. It really does show a subtle side of this plant. Deep and nuanced blend mainly of patchouli, iris and light subdued musk which despite the hushed character is very dominating.

This is easy to wear “I-don’t- want-to-offend-anyone” fragrance. (Naturally if you overload then it gets quite temperamental)

My biggest problem with PP is that, during this typing I couldn’t stop myself from thinking how much more I enjoy Patchouly by Etro and, if I’m in the mood for patch then I prefer even over that Etro stuff more blended Patchouli scent like; intoxicating Black Aoud, gorgeous Zino and definitely Voleur de Roses.
03rd March, 2009
The patchouli I smelled the first time I wore this must have been psychosomatically induced by expectation (via the name). Albeit fleeting, I really thought I smelled patchouli for about a minute, but it was quickly replaced by what I smell in many of the "Black" concoctions offered and mass-market department stores.

The patchouli I remember from an earlier life just wasn't there upon a second application several days later. Nice enough of a frag for what it is, but the patchouli is quite simply lost among an over-worked formula perhaps trying too hard to be too many different things.
15th January, 2007