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Positive Reviews of Patchouli Patch by L'Artisan Parfumeur

Total Reviews: 32
One of the softer, more feminine patchoulis you're likely to find. The floral aspect is quite unusual, and gives it that light, airy aspect rather than the typical earthiness so often found in patchouli. There really is nothing to dislike here, as it's skillfully blended and executed. Those, like me, who enjoy a stronger more forceful interpretation can look elsewhere. But for those who appreciate something lighter, this is quite good.
13th November, 2017
Honest, linear, mild and discreet patchouli, with a substantial earthy-dusty sweet side (cocoa beans like), a mellow sandalwood base and a subtle but refreshing herbal/floral breeze, really pleasant and unique. A month came to my mind: September. It has that same quiet, smoky and malinconic suspended understatement that characterises that month - summer is over, autumn is not there yet, we kind of wait for something to happen, days shorten, the weather is warm and pale... oh, well. It eventually evolves moving on a more balsamic/herbaceous territory, always quite soft, round, restrained and docile – L'Artisan signature lightness, in short. It is undoubtably well composed, as you feel all the notes clearly and they smell great: it is a light and lively patchouli with a peculiar base carefreeness and brightness which make it stand apart. Carefree but also evocative and meditative. Despite I personally prefer other patchouli scents which amplify and shape better its raw earthiness – notably, for example, Patchouli Nobile by Nobile 1942 – I must admit this take by L'Artisan is really pleasant, a bit shy and delicate but elegant, balanced, smart and worth a try (even a blind buy in case of bargains!). Quite close to skin but also quite persistent.

03rd May, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The patchouli is gorgeous, typical, smooth but with a touch of rich earthiness. A star anise remains respectfully in the background on my skin, and that is about all. High-quality and convincing in it's focused approach, making up for its lack of variability and development. Adequate silage and projection with three hours of longevity. Nice on cooler spring days.
09th January, 2014
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Autumnal Patchouli

Patchouli Patch opens marvellously, with a ripe, mellow and smiling Osmanthus note that sublimes the natural fruity, boozy shades of patchouli.

Then, the flowery- fruity opening deepens with leathery, almost metallic and spicy facets -the official list says star anise, Luca Turin says fenugreek... to my nose it's a kind of Indian spice mix, none particularly detectable- among which an earthy, dry but not too camphoraceus, alas!, patchouli sits royally. The fragrance feels airy and luminous, with a kind of Early Autumn vibe.

Everything would be perfect if, at this stage, a huge, "furry" musk didn't emerge and slowly overwhelm every other note. It must be my hyper sensitivity- and poor endurance- with most musks, but the rather long drydown isn't welcome to my nostrils, though it never reaches the offensive level.

It's a pity, as the top and mid notes are truly beautiful and skilfully balanced.

29th September, 2013
this is an elegant, subtle study in the component facets of patchouli, and it's successful as such. an almost indolic patchouli, rather than earthy, starts things off. it's so well-blended with white musk, woods and immortelle that the patchouli is never dominant. the drydown stars anise and this radiates nicely for hours with this most anti-hippie of patchoulis. interesting and totally wearable at all times.
28th April, 2013
Powdery, silky patchouli with impeccable manners, despite a hint of booze on its breath. No obnoxious ‘look at me’ tantrums; instead a sweet subtlety underpinned with a slight touch of sweat and wood. Refined, relaxed, wears like an aura. May possibly disappoint patchouli die-hards.
14th December, 2012
As I waved the scent soaked test paper under my nose, I was suddenly 14 again, buying patchouli oil in a head shop on yonge street in Toronto. The semblance was brief but poignant, as this fragrance developed and bloomed well beyond the linear scent of that oil. Well balanced and present, without being an overbearing bore.
02nd September, 2011
Fellow favorable reviewers have done this lovely scent justice. Like most of you I do not love patchouli on its own -- but this is a beautiful, softly elegant blend of earthy patchouli, soaring immortelle, and rosy florals. Drydown is supersoft and very pretty. On a trip to Southern California last fall, Patchouli Patch made this Ohio girl feel Bohemian-hip, a little wild, bright and lively as the waves rolling up on Venice Beach. Wear it while the sun shines.
31st March, 2011
This is not the fierce and camphoraceous patchouli of head-shop days gone by, but rather the smell of a little garden where patchouli plants once grew... and then the patch was rototilled.

All through the dry down I am reminded of the smell of an old antique store, with bare wood floors, a lot of old books, and maybe some turpentine rags by the back door.

Yes, I like it a lot... but I'm actually surprised that more people don't hate it. Patchouli Patch is a very unusual fragrance.

07th December, 2010
orrisboy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Now I don’t like patchouli. So why the hell did this just wrap me up tight and obsess me so? The quality of the patchouli shines like a burning light, almost white in its clarity and beauty. As soon as the curve arced off my skin I knew I was in trouble. I ran my tongue across my own wrist; I just had to know what it tasted like. If it smelt that good, then surely it had to taste like the walls of heaven. The patchouli note literally collides with rose and shatters all around you, splinters of purple and red slowly rolling through charged particles of heated air. I wore it out to a small dark underground cocktail bar, everybody noticed. I gave off heat like a crackling sinful ember. Papal, dirty and highly charged, what more could you want from a fragrance?
09th September, 2010
As to avoid crude marketing poetics, this scent is about dry, herbal. The basenotes show some gentle sweetness, but top to middle woody, herbacious accords dominate the overall impression. Bitterness is in sight, but still out of reach, but not too far. As has been mentioned before the drydown as a paradox shows to be the most lubricated, easy going, slightly fresh part.

This fragrance complements Etat Libre D'Orange's Nombril Immense and Eloge Du Traitre. It leans towards sensuality as the former, but could be taken as earnest - with a wink of the eye too - as the latter. But reverse. Austerity relaxes into plush sensuality That makes the more sense when grown-up dating comes into mind ... schedule wise.

PP avoids the heavy patchouli pattern, it avoids to develop into a to sweet oriental direction, it is dense, dry and feels complete. For me personally it fits the gap between the both abovementioned ELDOs perfectly. I wouldn't have bought it without the two beside. To appreciate it's qualities it could take several full wearings. That calls for a bigger sample, to buy unsniffed isn't recommended. To special, really!
04th August, 2010
Pretty, pretty, pretty and unique...unmistakable patchouli but with a touch of difference. Definitely not your basic, overwhelming, hippie patchouli oil that you can purchase from the oil fragrance monger at a local street fair. This is patchouli with warmth, elegance and class.

This is a definite if you are a patchouli lover (I am not...not a patchouli lover when the fragrance stands alone). I did not get a lot of musk with this fragrance as others have stated. However, the patchouli notes are obviously very apparent throughout. I found this scent to be a very linear fragrance (to my nose, at least), not too complex. Patchouli Patch is a very round, full-bodied, warm, humble, embracing scent. I think the middle notes of vanilla and spice make this scent beautiful without turning it into a gourmand-y mess! Longevity is good...sillage is nice, almost perfect!

Definitely worth the price and the experience if you are looking for a traditional patchouli fragrance with a twist!
25th April, 2010 (last edited: 25th October, 2011)
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Has a 'don't be a breadhead man' hippie opening and I was fearing the worst, but stick with it and a spicy curry note kicks in (fenugreek, I think) topped up with a rather lovely soft wood note to follow the patchouli home. Lasts all day.

PS. I have found the most fantastic spicy scent I have ever experienced. It's called -'Spice for Him' and is by the French house Micallef -- mindblowingly good albeit expensive. The house isn't registered on Basenotes, but if you can get a bottle, don't hesitate.
04th March, 2010 (last edited: 19th October, 2011)
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shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
This is one of the best patchouli fragrances on the market. To say that this is a patchouli hater's scent is complete nonsense. This is a patchouli lover's scent. Granted, this isn't a loud, screaming patchouli like in Mazzolari Lui, but the patchouli note is very prominent from beginning to end. There is some immortelle in here which, believe it or not, does not steal the show, and acts more as a pedestal propping up the patchouli note, which is the star of the show in Patchouli Patch. The patchouli, though prominent, is rounded and buffed out by an iris-like ingredient, which gives the scent a bit of a dusty, almost purple-colored hue.

If you love patchouli but want a refined, sophisticated patchouli fragrance, rather than a dirty, earthy patchouli, then Patchouli Patch is worth every penny.
17th February, 2010
Patchouli Patch is a delight to wear and one of the classiest Patch dominant scents i have come across. suprisignly werable and most importantly, enjoyable experience all the way.
Opens with a soft and lovely accord of freshly ploughed mud with hints of floral elements adding to a bit of skank and sweetness. This scent stays linear and gets more soft and powdery as we approach mid accords. mid to basenotes has the divine combination of vanilla, incense and patchouli. this is essentially a muddy & powdery patch based scent sweetened to perfection by floral and Vanilla. a must have for any patch lover.
28th September, 2009
L'Artisan Patchouli Patch

Ever since I first smelled patchouli oil on a person in my early teens I have liked the scent of it. There is something about patchouli that comes off as a comfort scent on me and also, in some way, reminds me of my youth at the same time. I own and like many of the patchouli-based scents that are available and it doesn't take much more than a well-blended mix of patchouli to get my seal of approval. The 2002 L'Artisan release Patchouli Patch does have something else going for it besides the titular note it also has my favorite current perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour as its co-designer, along with Evelyne Boulanger. That takes Patchouli Patch up a notch, for me. The top of Patchouli Patch is an interesting mix of patchouli and the sweet floral note of osmanthus. The combination accentuates the sweeter aspects of patchouli but it also allows the herbal contrast inherent in patchouli to stand out more clearly, as well. The move into the heart is accompanied by sheer white musk which adds a quality of making the patchouli feel broken-in as if you've been wearing it for hours instead of an hour. The white musk gives the feel of a sun-warmed skin accord and that seems perfect. The base is an interesting choice to pair the patchouli with a stark anise. The cool anise is at right angles to the now warm patchouli and gives the base of Patchouli Patch an icy warm feel that is great to experience. The choice of a few notes to go with patchouli which progress the scent from sweet to warm to cool is really quite inspired. Patchouli Patch has avarage longevity and sillage on me. Yes its easy to get me to like a patchouli perfume but in the case of Patchouli Patch its a pleasure to wear and no hardship to enjoy.
26th September, 2009

Bertrand Duchaufour applies the masters touch to this patchouli standout fragrance by adding soft but cool complimentary notes all around the patchouli to tame the beast. The result is a light gentle patchouli blend that exposes the feminine, earthy side of this normally aggressive fragrance for a peaceful patchouli blend that works nicely to satisfy the "inner hippie" for either gender.

The scent begins with a lightly sweet peachy floral osmanthus which opens the patchouli central note. Using osmanthus to tone down the patchouli with its subtle sweetness is a very original blending idea that I've not seen with patchouli before - Brilliant idea! The back side of this patchouli story is woven with cool tones of translucent white musk and a complimentary anise oil layer. The cool mint of patchouli is complimented and enhanced by this equally cool base of white musk and anise for a nice woody but starkly cold closing chord. Overall Patchouli Patch is a very simple story of a very few notes that work so well together. The peach floral osmanthus opens the patchouli scent, while the white musk and anise softly cools and closes it down. A perfectly put together patchouli story!

I keep giving thumbs up to patchouli blends and it appears I might rubber stamp approval for every patch fragrance around, but not true! I am routinely turned off by the over used patchouli standard formula that tames patchouli oil with vanilla and/or amber sweetness then calls it done. I am also really turned off by pure patchouli oil strength and blends that emphasize the masculine nature of patchouli when it is plenty too strong to begin with. My inner child craves a great patchouli scent and I can not ignore any original and really good patchouli creation - such as this L' Artisan beauty. Extra stars for a unique use of complimentary notes and the creation of a perfect simplicity- Patchouli Patch -far out!
09th August, 2009 (last edited: 21st August, 2009)
If only I could wait through the very disturbing (what is that?) opening! It's all about the drydown for me. Vanilla and fruit keep this very beautiful patchouli wearable. And, yes, there is a "hippie" element that keeps this patchouli scent honest. If you are going to wear a perfume called "Patchouli Patch", it should smell like the herb which I grow every summer. And this one does... PS I find myself thinking about this perfume all the time. The patchouli is incredible when it finally surfaces. I may need to buy a bottle...PPS The opening note that disturbs me is osmanthus.
16th March, 2009 (last edited: 24th October, 2009)
bbBD Show all reviews
United States
Definitely a blast of patchouli, but far drier and more wearable then, say, Montale's Patchouli Patch, which is very strong. While patchouli takes center-stage, it is softened with enough vanilla and perhaps a touch of fruit underneath to make this version very different than the hippie-oil associated with patchouli. Plus, if you're not sniffing on skin, but wearing it, the patchouli note blends quite well with other notes and isn't overwhelming at all. As with any patchouli based fragrance, you must like this note to even bother trying patchouili, but within this genre it is great.
11th October, 2008
How could I not love this fragrance? First of all, I'm a patchouli lover. (I probably will lose all credibility on my reviews for succumbing to the charms of this note every time I encounter it.)Secondly, it has just enough sweetness to take the edge off of that dark, earthy note and soften it. It's still strongly woody with a hint of peach, but more interesting and likeable than plain patchouli. Maybe I need to make a ranking system: Baseline hard, woody - Etro Patchouli. Midrange - L'Artisan Patchouli Patch. Sweet but earthy - Montale Patchouli Leaves. Sweet and fruity - Jalaine Patchouli. Sweet and a miracle of mellow creaminess - Chanel Coromandel. Jump right in and choose one; I love them all.
09th August, 2008
Yum! I just smell earth. Wonderful, would wear it all the time if it were at all affordable. Fabulously like wet earth, but could be stronger.
07th April, 2008
I've been struck dumb by the subtle beauty of this L'Artisan. This is easily the best of the bunch. I'm so happy because I was beginning to think I would never find a L'Artisan I recklessly loved, but I absolutely LOVE Patchouli Patch.

I'd heard this was the Patchouli hater's Patchouli and whoever said that is correct. Love this scent, a 5-star fragrance through and through.
21st January, 2007
I really like this scent, but I can see why some of the others do not. There is definitely patchouli in here, but it is mixed in with numerous elements softer and sweeter. If you like your patchouli in a 60's Woodstock blend, this may not be the one for you.

It takes a little time to warm up on the skin, but after that, it sticks close and really creates a unique and personal experience (after all, it is a patchouli "patch"... not a patchouli bomb.)
13th December, 2006
What a great patchouli fragrance! In the opening, Patchouli Patch provides a smooth patchouli mellowed by the white musk. I like fennel notes in fragrances, but I don’t really smell it here—I just get musk and patchouli in a very nice accord. When the middle accord kicks in, so does excellence. The middle is an incredibly beautiful patchouli accord that deserves a standing ovation. Apparently the iris and osmanthus are perfect candidates to combine with patchouli to create a totally accomplished patchouli accord. And then when the sandalwood shows itself in the base, the result is just pure heaven until at the very end of it when it turns on me and attacks—it gets a little bitter. Patchouli Patch doesn’t seem to suffer from some of the complaints leveled at many of the L’Artisan fragrances: It isn’t weak and short–lived, it is full bodied and has good sillage and very good longevity. I really love this fragrance—it provides as rounded and balanced and tamed of patchouli as can be found. Patchouli Patch is a magnificent fragrance.
15th October, 2006
Thank you Robyogi for your accurate review! I am in agreement completely. On my own skin, patchouli is usually too powerful...and with L'Artisans rendition; the notes are very wearable albeit fleeting. I will continue to sample L'Artisans quality offerings.
13th October, 2006
First, two caveats. One is sort of philosophical, and directed at any newbies who happen to peruse these pages. All of these reviews, especially mine, are like snapshots in time, thoughts and feelings about a fragrance at a given point in time. They are not absolutes or eternal. The second is that I am not a patchouli fan. I really dislike the stuff. Stanky and rank (albeit earthy and maybe peppery) is how I would normally describe it. I didn't always feel this way about it, but these days I do. I've totally lost the taste for it.

These two caveats are relevant because I have changed my mind about Patchouli Patch regularly, depending on my mood. This may be because I don't like patchouli, it may also be because I have longevity issues with L'Artisan. For whatever reason, this reviews, and indeed, all reviews, should be taken with a grain of salt.

Anyway, Patchouli Patch is earthy, and ever-so-slightly sweet. The patchouli is there - I smell it easily - but it's not as strong as it usually is to my nose. This is a patchouli I can wear. It shares a character with VdR (and I might add T42): earthy, thick, close to the skin, dense but not strong, rich but not terribly complex, and linear. It's easily my favorite patchouli, but that won't mean much if you like the stuff.
26th August, 2006
Beautiful, beautiful. The only way to describe this patchouli is "rounded". Not at all harsh but extremely smooth and soft. Sillage is excellent and it lasts very well on my skin. Since I'm in New Orleans, it is too hot and humid for this fragrance now, but is perfect for cooler and drier weather.
17th August, 2006 (last edited: 16th May, 2015)
What a wonderful frag! It starts off with a blast that reminds me of Eau Sauvage, but then quickly settles to a smooth, gentle Patchouli. Wonderfully done!
28th March, 2006
Patchouli Patch is amazing. I ignored it for such a long time. I figured it was just another patchouli fragrance. When I finally got a bottle of it (Blind), I was blown away. It’s an almost gourmand patchouli fragrance. It’s a blend of light musk and patchouli, but it also has this amazing cream note. Patchouli Patch is an ethereal fragrance that will forever blow my mind. In my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have imagined they could make a fragrance with patchouli in it smell like this.
19th September, 2005
CoL Show all reviews
United Kingdom
LOVE this scent! It has a wonderful creaminess to it which takes off that hard patchouli edge as ikkitos says below. Share some similarities to VdR but with the patchouli cranked up. Wonderful stuff!
04th September, 2005