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I won't knock M7 outright. It's a daring, bold scent that is an acquire taste, both for wearer and those who smell it.

M7 grabs you from the very start and demands your (and others) attention with the tangy opening notes coupled with the agarwood. That's where one would determine, IMO, whether or not it's the fragrance for him.

In my case, I found it too strong and unrelenting. Woody oriental scents are a favorite of mine; I like what M7 is trying to achieve, but I think there are other fragrances that do it in tamer, more accessible ways.

Nevertheless...if you're looking for a pungent, powdery fragrance that won't pull any punches, M7 is for you. Quite hard to find nowadays for a decent price, alas.

15th January, 2017
M7 came to me three days ago, and I acknowledge that it is a very good-quality and unique fragrance, but it's not the kind of perfume I'd wear on a regular basis.

This juice has got a unisex vibe, which makes it suitable for women, as well; in my case, I find it a little feminine and odd for my taste (to each his own!). It's not the sweetest scent you can find, but it does give off sweetness and noticeability, and it can be a little too heavy if oversprayed. It's often been said that M7 is not for everybody, and I'm not one this fragrance is destined to be used by. Longevity is good (6-8 hours), and sillage is average. The raspberry-incense-oud cocktail can still be detected after 5 hours, and there's an animalic hint to it.

In summary, this eccentric piece of perfumery is quite distinct, bold, special, and difficult to overlook; even so, it's not a scent I'd buy a full bottle of (I like Fahrenheit absolute a lot more...actually, I love it!). Then again, as I once said, I might change my mind over time and grow to like it; some things take time to get used to and to be appreciated.

For fragrance aficionados only!
25th April, 2015 (last edited: 28th April, 2015)
Genre: Woody Oriental

I'm sure I was expecting too much from M7, given all the hoopla. I certainly expected a more forward and aggressive oudh. M7 goes on very dry, with a moderate touch of oudh, but develops a faint sweetness at its heart after the first half hour. It becomes a thick, dark, and woody scent, but the potentially jagged oudh note is cushioned, (even muffled,) by a strong soapy undercurrent. This leaves M7 smelling very tame compared to the Montale oudh fragrances, but certainly broadens its appeal as well.

After a couple of hours' wear the oudh settles deep into the background while spices and vanilla take the helm. The soapy note that was apparent at the onset surfaces again during the woody drydown, which is far more tame than the oudh seasoned opening.

Quality and an eventful development, but it doesn't necessarily excite me all that much.
19th June, 2014
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Finally, a chance to try the famed M7.
I came at it from a slightly different approach though, having tried M7 Fresh first. I thoroughly enjoyed the quirky syrupy top of M7 Fresh, combined with the citrus.

So on first whiff, there it is - that note that I enjoyed from M7 Fresh. But - no citrus. Of course, this isn't that spin on the scent. But I found myself wishing it was the Fresh version I was smelling and not the original after about an hour. The scent wore heavy and sweet. Medium lasting on me - 4-6 hours. Actually wore surprisingly close to the skin. I was expecting a sledgehammer of sillage, but M7 did not deliver that. I think that's actually a good thing for this scent.

Half liked, half disliked. So- neutral.
23rd May, 2014
My first reaction was, "Wow, that is a heavy musk smell. And... cherries?" I also got a sample of this scent in a body wash, and for some reason that seems to me a more appropriate use for this fragrance (even though it's a bit overpowering for a body wash).

I think I might have dug this more when I was in my early 20s. As it is, the only use my bottle gets is as an occasional bathroom air freshener.

Update: While I'm still not overly fond of how this smells upon first application, I may be coming to enjoy the dry-down a lot more -- that note of cherry is what lingers, and when I decided to wear this again recently, I found myself liking the scent after a few hours.
31st May, 2012 (last edited: 11th September, 2012)
Overall an ambery gourmand on my skin. The opening is a little woody, a little bergamot, but I get the sweet accords from the get go, and within a short time, for me, the scent is dominated by the drydown of a vanilla-ish amber. Lovely scent, but I can't give it a thumbs up, because the sillage is poor for me. I can barely smell it on myself, and no one seems to be able to smell it on me, unless they touch their nose to my skin. I love YSL, and this is a solid neutral, and would be barely thumbs up if it had better sillage, but even with that, there are so many gourmands or even aromatics that I like better. This is probably the reformulation, btw, so I can't speak to the vintage.( I don't bother with vintage, or hard to get stuff, I prefer to just play with what is easily available in this hobby, as there is so much of high quality! The vintage is still obtainable though, from several sources).
09th April, 2012
I get the same effect from YSL's M7 as I do from Guerlain's Jicky/Shalimar - the heavy, smoky oriental one note. Lke these two masterpieces, it is a fine creation, albeit a copy of an already existing scent. Hence the neutral review - amazing originals for me get the thumb up, copies (however fine they may be) get the horizontal.

It's a question of comparing prices on these three and selecting the one you can best afford, or in the case of Shalimar, the bottle design you prefer.
05th April, 2012
A quirky, sensual fragrance with a unisex slant summoning images of a medicine cabinet...wait, I can't help but draw parallels to Fahrenheit, which also was a lot of fun for two weeks, after that the quirkiness became, quirky. The two fragrances aren't similar at all, though. In Fahrenheit it's gasoline notes that spoil the party, in M7 it's cough syrup.
03rd April, 2012 (last edited: 29th August, 2012)
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United States
This is a bit too powdery smelling for me, particularly at the opening. I wish it were a bit "heavier" in terms of the Base notes. From reading the reviews it sounds like it has been lightened up to be more fresh smelling - which is what is selling well right now.

I wish it had more depth. Not a buy for me but it's well made and will be pleasant to many as a cool weather scent.
25th March, 2012
So this is a sillage and longevity bomb. This stuff stays on you forever. I sprayed it on the back of my hand to give it a try and 10 hours later i sit here writing this still smelling it. I also tried to wash it off twice by scrubbing the back of my hand. Still smell it. One word to describe this......Agarwood. All of the other notes kind of bounce around but the wood is what you have to like. If you have never smelt it before you must try. some people love it, others hate it. basically its what hapens to very certain and specific types of wood after it gets an infection in the tree. Its been used throughout history as a fragrance, incense, etc. I have tried to like it, but this is the last time i will try it. This is for an older gentlemen, 40 and up. If you are 20 and wearing this you are bold, or you are trying to attract a grandma. It is rugged, masculine, cigar bar, and very unique. very unique. someone mentioned a gasoline note....i can see that. it is wood, wood, wood....end of story. if you like'll love it, if you hate it, it will make you puke. Try before you buy. it is very high quality. for i give this a thumbs up for what it is great quality....i just dont like it. so its neutral.
20th November, 2011
This is a gentle kind of aoud so far from some appalling Montale (Aoud Lime, Steam Aoud, Black Aoud and above all the new infernal Dark Aoud) or from the misty Nasomatto or Durbano. The first slightly citrusy and aromatic trait reminds me a sort of smoky and bitter Etro's Heliotriope. In this phase is immediately detectable a wonderful rooty agarwood that is smoky, bit medicinal, incensey and mild of fruits and amber. The last starts to project its effects from the base smoothing the dustiness of the rooty aoud. In a second final phase the fragrance, while preserving its bit smokey-incensed-rooty trait, becomes a smooth and soft ambery-woodsy juice mild of orange and tasty because of the usage of balsams. I detect some nutmeg, cinnamon and bilberries in the final cloud but may be is just an impression. This one is a winner on the market and is very appealing among the ladies. M7 deserves a fair consideration and i do even if i'm more easily attracted by the dreadful or really vintage and fusty (Incense Oud, Pure Oud Kilian, Shams Memo) kinds of aoud fragrances.
05th July, 2011 (last edited: 12th January, 2012)
I'm not excited about M7 as it is to oudh as mainstream wrestling is to Roman Greco Wrestling. Edulcorated. The opening is quite pale and soapy. In the drydown it gets a little better with vanilla and tonka beans but this is a tame fragrance anyway. Actually this smells pretty ok if you like soft oud, instead If you prefer it to be stronger, wilder or simply better, there are plenty of better options out there. Go for Amouage Epic Man, Ormonde Jayne's Ormonde Man, Montale's Black Aoud / Aoud Musk /Aoud Cuir D'Arabie /Original Aoud, Olivier Durbano's Black Tourmaline, Comme Des Garcons Wonderwood etc etc etc. Nice packaging!
23rd March, 2011 (last edited: 04th November, 2011)
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United States
quite unique but not for me. i was thinking of something stronger that would stand out. don't get me wrong it is different than anything on the u.s. market but lacks depth and fortitude. i just sold my bottle today!!!
05th January, 2011
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United States
I really enjoy taking the cap off and smelling the sprayer, but wearing it is a "different story." After the initial blast wears off, it just lies there. The scent is too lethargic, though I think if I moved around a lot during the day this might solve the problem. Instead, it possesses a drydown that lacks dynamism. In fact, I would say this is the best fragrance I have encountered that has almost no dynamism to it. "Heavy" fragrances can be dynamic, such as Oscar Pour Lui (vintage), so that's not the issue here. Longevity and projection ("sillage") are excellent. I'll give it a neutral because I still don't know whether I need this in my rotation, even after at least ten wearings over a long course of time.
03rd June, 2010
It has always confused me with Gucci PH , but I love Gucci , M7 is good but it requires an ambience to please others , other wise it can be cloying , i like the dry down but not love it , ...........
23rd May, 2010 (last edited: 30th July, 2014)
Sometimes good, sometimes bad. Powdery barbershop to my 'knows'. It can be overwhelming, and certainly comes across like something offered at Walgreens in 1932 ( if Walgreens existed then). Works best for me in the summer. I don't think it's worth the premium prcie it seems to command, but def worth a try.
15th February, 2010
Not unpleasant, but to my nose, very musky and powdery. This is too close to so many roll on deodorants I've tried for it to be anything special. It evokes images of a man who is afraid of his personal odor and is constantly applying perfumed products to cover it up.
12th February, 2010
Actually, M7 isn't as strong as I expected. It opens as a waxy, cherry-flavored wood...maybe a little reminiscent of the Arabic flavored tobacco they use in hookahs (I've smelled the cherry and strawberry versions). The undercurrent below the topnotes is a good polished wood scent, but I think it gets stifled by the fruit, almost like some kid smashed gummy cherry candies all over your flawlessly-polished hardwood coffee table and you can't scrape it all off. Since I don't know what oud smells like on its own, I must attribute to it the accord that strikes me as a sweeter version of the smell of the gardening section of a Kmart/Walmart/etc. There's always that one sweet earthy medicinal smell that lurks around the topsoil/plant food/pesticide aisle, and I don't know which it comes from, but after months of trying M7 on and off, I finally made the garden aisle connection when I sniff from up close. It's that smell, sweetened just slightly too much, that gets us into the "I'm trying too hard" anise/rootbeer/horehound regime. I always bitch about scents feeling too feminine for me (not that I'm Tarzan or anything), but M7 isn't as bad as I expected in that regard...rather unisex in a good way. But the sweetness of exotic confections and potting soil is just too much for me to carry around with me all day, though it gets more bearable with time; less cherry and garden chemicals, more spices and incense. Maybe in very low doses the base could pass for the residue of potpourri.
03rd January, 2010
a gorgeous, sweet and powerful smell with lots of intrigue and mystery. hardly fresh though, more night-clubby. i can't wear it myself, it veers too close to confectionery. i'm sure it would taste yummy though....
22nd July, 2009
It smells like a rich man. I bought it when it first came out in like 03, I was in my early 20's. I didnt like it as much as my other colognes I was wearing at the time till one day I sprayed more than a lil bit on. The weather got warmer and it mixed with my body chemistry then boomm!!! I fell in the with the woodiness in this scent. I smelled sophisicated, sexy, and rich! In my recent adventure to Nordstrom I smelled Yom Fords Oud Wood. It is twice the money and not as half as good as this! If it aint broke, dont try to fix it! I love you FORD!
06th May, 2009
This was a brave one from YSL which didn't quite pay off, probably because dark, smoky aromatic fougeres are so hard to wear, and love. Trying to wear this for a whole day is somewhat of an endurance test. In essence, an acquired taste which I can't be bothered to acquire.
17th April, 2009
Well. I dont know what to say. On the card, it smelled awesome. Reminded me of a traveling Cuban-decent businessman. I dont know why, but that was the first thing I thought of. But on my skin, it just didnt work for some reason as well. It seems all I got was the musk and mandrake root. It was not a bad scent. I cant really think of anything that it smells like, which is always good. To me, it seems unfinished, like somethings missing. I feel that the circle is unclosed on this one.
24th January, 2009
i've got a sample (in a plastic package) and when i open it i just felt very nice scent. it must have been that great drydown...
after putting it on my skin it was much more worse... ;/. on my i just smell like avarage drug from drugstore
16th January, 2009
YSL is one of my favourite designers house and I can say that with confidence after owning most of their offers for man.
Said that, my admiration for the house, M7 is somehow not for me. Perhaps I am over dosing on orientals for the past year and this one is another powerful oriental.
Oud, amber, some musk, some grass (vetiver ?¿?) , some flower... a little of everything in a blender with some medicinal syrup. Mix it for an hour and you will get M7.
Opening is very strong and goes all over the place, it is this and that, in one word : WEIR.
Sillage is strong
Longevity is strong
Reaction by other people is strong.
This one is provocative, to me, hard to understand. Do not over apply. I strayed 4 times yesterday around 17:00 and this morning 06:45 is still very present and annoying, I am jumping in the shower as soon as I finish typing. After I need a big those to Aqua di Parma or Green Irish Tweed for the M7 hangover.
I will give a neutral rating as this is different, potent and challenging.
21st December, 2008
Masculine, almost sophisticated, but too sweet on my skin.

I was very much looking forward to trying M7, and the first few minutes were interesting, but not as enjoyable as I had hoped. The Agarwood burst off of my skin with a slightly medicinal smell, which I was expecting, but not much else happened. The sparkling citrus disappeared very quickly, and the rosemary couldn’t sustain itself on top of the Agarwood. All I was left with within a few minutes was a warm woody fragrance. I can’t smell the vetiver at all on my skin—neither in a soapy nor earthy guise.

As M7 begins to dry down the musk and amber come into play, and they combine very nicely with the Agarwood. Unfortunately, as the dry down continues I get a pervasive sweet note that upsets the sophistication and masculine character of the fragrance. This sweet note reminds me of sarsparilla, and I assume it must be the amber and mandrake root doing strange things on my skin. This sweet note just won’t go away, and gnaws away at the wood and musk until I get frustrated and want to wash the fragrance off.

M7 is a love hate fragrance for me: I love the idea of it, but I hate what the pervasive sweet note does to it.
06th November, 2008
When M7 first came out, I was so gobsmacked and fascinated, that I HAD to have a bottle. So I nicked an After Shave tester. (I was very short on cash at that moment.) So one could say it was 'love at first sight'.

However, after a while I started missing depth and character in this fragrance. Also, it is so recognizable that people started to tell me 'I smelled like so-and-so'. And that is not what I am looking for in a fragrance.

All at a sudden this effect reminded me of Poison: lovely at first, but very boring shortly after.

I still have some left, but I am never tempted to use it. And if I do (I just did, for review cause) I wonder how I could love it so much at first.

I am glad I discovered Givenchy Gentleman, which is also 'difficult & quirky', but so much more complex and detailed.
24th October, 2008 (last edited: 27th December, 2008)
A great fragrance. Spicy and full of lots of flavours that gel perfectly.
For a newcomer to perfume, this may come across as strong but for me, the middle notes are much lighter than lots of musky and heavy men's scents.
A stand-out amongst mass-market fragrances.
Problem on me is that the middle and base notes come across as stale and almost mouldy. I'd wear this if the top notes stayed around a little longer.
25th June, 2008 (last edited: 16th July, 2008)
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United States
What can I possibly add that 120 other people haven't covered? Not much.

Received M7 today in a trade. Everything written here is true. Ferocious, foul opening that I embarrassed to let my fiance smell. My dog ran outside when I sprayed it on my arm to test. The warm, woody drydown that mingles woods with a bit of honey sweetness is lovely and now that it's been on my skin for 4-5 hours I'm enjoying it tremendously.

I can appreciate the quality but this isn't my cup of tea. I even like some of the 80s macho powerhouses like Polo and Chaps, and in some ways I like this. I just can't possibly ever image when I would wear M7, unless I wanted to apply 3 hours before seeing another human.

This will stay in my collection. But in the back.
19th June, 2008
On my skin, M7 starts boldly oud-y and medicinal in a good way. Uniquely woody and definitely a scent that stands out in comparison to any other mainstream men’s fragrances. It is as close to Arabian oud perfume oils as a department store fragrance ever gotten, and that was before niche fragrances have gained the momentum they have reached today. It lasts at this state for a good 2-4 hours at which point it becomes overly sweet as the synthetic musk base takes over. On my skin this is when it turns into raspberry candy. Inbetween the medicinal agarwood and the sugared raspberry there is a short phase where a mineral note of vetiver emerges, dry and almost salty. Although marketed for men (the infamous full-frontal male nude is unlikely to be forgotten, and perhaps was intended for masking the previous expose of YSL himself in an ad dated 1971). Based on my experience I can only assert the presence of agarwood, vetiver, amber and/or labdanum, musk ands raspberry.
07th June, 2008
Wow! It is a STRONG scent - harsh even at first. And the sillage - people will know you put it on three houses down! (Well thats an exaggeration, but it is very very strong).

It is intriguing, and it really takes some chances, and pulls them off for the most part, but it is not a general purpose scent - good for night, NEVER for the office. It lasts a long time.

A reviewer said "go easy on the trigger, a little goes a long way" - and is 100% correct. Do a single puff in front of you and go into the cloud. That should be sufficient.
15th January, 2008