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Positive Reviews of Adventurer by Eddie Bauer

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TooBIG Show all reviews
United States
This was also my go to in High School. Girl bought it for me and I wore it all senior year and much after till you could get it no longer. I always got compliments on this. I wish I could find something now that is similar or a close clone of some sort.

28th May, 2017
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
very enjoyable typical early 90's lavendar based frag. great stamina and sillage. not the sexiest but a definate keeper. also a bit greenish imo..
30th January, 2013
Used to be my favorite fragrance in high school, now when I revisit it I realize how one-dimensional it is... this scent does not evolve on your skin. Still, whatever it is that makes this smell so good to me, I really enjoy the sugary-sweet, fresh, aquatic notes, especially since the stuff is so cheap!
16th January, 2006
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