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Negative Reviews of Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

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I had a cylindrical bottle that I was only too glad to part with. Extremely harsh and abrasive lemon opening, followed by a dominant lemon accord that's not far removed from lemon pledge. Very synthetic, and also quite cheap-smelling. Just when I was wondering if my bottle had gone off, the lemony onslaught subsided around the two hour mark to reveal a restrained mossy character. I take this as an indication that the bottle was fine, the composition - questionable. Anyone looking for a lemon fragrance would be strongly advised to look elsewhere.

25th February, 2017
I tried the new version in the square bottle. It has none of the complexity (the old version had little complexity, but the new version has even less) and charm of the older version. It doesn't have that oakmoss counterpoint in it. It is a very faint lemon, very linear, and has almost zero projection and sillage.
31st July, 2015
The version in the yellow cylinder is a lemongrass ginger and pepper accord which vanishes in an hour or so to leave a faint amber and musk drydown.

Germaine Cellier was notoriously outspoken and I'm sure her response to this travesty of her work would be more entertaining than wearing it.

05th July, 2015
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eov8b Show all reviews
United States
a great lemon with what i would describe as a very cheap sandalwood dry down, disappointing
08th August, 2011
In the early days of my collection, I excitedly bought this one as I was captivated by its astonishingly bright & genuine lemon top note and its funky yellow bottle. However, this was before I was familiar with the concept of a base note, and by the time I got home, the test patch on my wrist had unexpectedly developed into what I perceived was a stomach-churning blend of musk and amber, with very little of the lemon left. The following day, I took the unused bottle straight back to the shop and exchanged it for my first bottle of the newly launched (and quite wonderful) Jil Sander Feeling Man :)) - and never looked back again.
28th February, 2010
dacerace Show all reviews
United Kingdom
well,after reviews on here,and wanting to try a citrus fragrance,I gave this a shot....people mentioned lemon...and yes theres lemon...but not a real lemon...almost like sweets(candy)...thats labeled citron/citrone..artificial,and it does come through.When I first sprayed it...I was shocked...and almost repulsed.My wife and son summed it up with their reaction...which was not positive.I must admit that that after a while on your starts to smell ok...but I will only use it as a body spray/deodrant type if I am going to work. ..If you are looking to impress will fail with this.I cannot understand the positive reviews.It was cheaper than what I usually go for...and I guess I was expecting too much.You all know the difference between a more expensive scent,than a cheap one...don't you?
23rd November, 2008