Negative Reviews of Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

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United States
a great lemon with what i would describe as a very cheap sandalwood dry down, disappointing
08th August, 2011
In the early days of my collection, I excitedly bought this one as I was captivated by its astonishingly bright & genuine lemon top note and its funky yellow bottle. However, this was before I was familiar with the concept of a base note, and by the time I got home, the test patch on my wrist had unexpectedly developed into what I perceived was a stomach-churning blend of musk and amber, with very little of the lemon left. The following day, I took the unused bottle straight back to the shop and exchanged it for my first bottle of the newly launched (and quite wonderful) Jil Sander Feeling Man :)) - and never looked back again.
28th February, 2010
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United Kingdom
well,after reviews on here,and wanting to try a citrus fragrance,I gave this a shot....people mentioned lemon...and yes theres lemon...but not a real lemon...almost like sweets(candy)...thats labeled citron/citrone..artificial,and it does come through.When I first sprayed it...I was shocked...and almost repulsed.My wife and son summed it up with their reaction...which was not positive.I must admit that that after a while on your starts to smell ok...but I will only use it as a body spray/deodrant type if I am going to work. ..If you are looking to impress will fail with this.I cannot understand the positive reviews.It was cheaper than what I usually go for...and I guess I was expecting too much.You all know the difference between a more expensive scent,than a cheap one...don't you?
23rd November, 2008
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