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Neutral Reviews of Monsieur Balmain (new) by Pierre Balmain

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United Kingdom
I have a cylindrical bottle of this scent. On first application it reminds me of R. White's lemonade. Zesty and sharp and very lemony, with a modicum of sweetness. As it dries down it becomes drier, dusty and woody. Nose tingle is heightened by pepper. A sandalwood impression is there, but it isn't very strong.

Projection and persistence are both low. It is more or less a skin scent after an hour or so.

I group this with other lemon/woodys like Blenheim Bouquet, Wellington Cologne and Agua de Colonia Concentrada by Alvarez Gomez (this latter being the best value for money, but sweeter than M. Balmain).

Overall, quite nice but nothing to write a paean of praise about.
12th August, 2015
This could have been a great lemon scent. The main reason I will not buy this is the protracted cheap sandalwood note that resembles BO.

The interesting thing is that after that cheap BOness goes away, the lemon returns in a nice way - close to the skin but still wafting every few minutes and making itself noticeable. This is unusual for a citrus accord.

If MB did not have the sandalwood note and just settled for the lemons, it would have been my quintessential lemon scent for such a great price.
16th May, 2015
Very much like L'Occitane Verveine in the beginning, after 10 min or so the lemon grass smell turns slowly to an even more adstringent lemony smell, tending to something like cypress mixed with lemon bark, sort of herbal accord that remindded of Les nuits d'Hadrien's top notes.
A refreshing fragrance with an awesome beginning and regular drydown.
19th December, 2014
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Not feeling this one. A sort of translucent herbal lemon, very watery but smells cold and dated to me, in a way similar to Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet in it's austere and astringent way. Refreshing and good longevity for a citrus but ultimately leaves me cold.
11th December, 2014
This falls between the light sparkly lemon of most Eau de Colognes, and the musty lemon of something that takes itself too seriously (Boucheron). I really like the top but it just gets too stuffy in the base, and the herbs they've added to it are too pungent.
16th May, 2010
JMang Show all reviews
United States
Incredible, incredible lemon. And thats really all you're going to get; its a very linear scent. Everything about its marketing, from the yellow gold box to the yellow glass bottle, reflects lemon and thats what you'll get from Monsieur Balmain. Its very economical; I received it for around $25 shipped and personally, its a good compliment for layering other sweeter scents.

Admittedly, its very hard to make a citrus that isn't overly sweet, synthetic, and tart. MB is perfect for summer afternoons but longevity is a question; lasts less than two hours on my dry skin.

A good buy if you love love love lemon, but its another good scent that I wouldn't wear on a regular basis.
11th March, 2010
leomons over lemons- not more not less- only a huge lemon juice.extremely intense lemon feeling -very fresh.if you like citrus scents there are more refined ones like eau sauvage etc- a better choice!the vintage version of monsieur balmain was definitely better!
10th April, 2009 (last edited: 16th April, 2011)
A burst of fresh squeezed lemon that lasts about half an hour. This is suddenly gone, to be replaced by a light oakmoss.

Definitely not for those seeking a long lasting lemon scent, but one of the truest lemons (for the brief while it lasts) on the market.
10th March, 2009
Exalted Lemon Pledge. A hundred freshly squeezed lemons. A yellow gingham tablecloth on a lemonade stand. That's what comes to mind at first whiff. The dry down muffles and mutes the overbearing bright opening somewhat, but I still feel the shocking yellow presence. There is a hint of wood in the midst of the citron, and I suppose the scent morphs over time. Perhaps I need to give this one more time.
14th November, 2008 (last edited: 14th January, 2009)
RobX Show all reviews
United Kingdom
One of the best lemony fragrances

Can't detect other notes though - and it doesn't last too long

It's OK
23rd May, 2007
I've always wanted to "freeze" the lemon/citrus topnotes of many of my favourite fragrances. I felt Dior's Eau Sauvage, Hermès Orange Verte, Eau de Rochas pour homme and particularly the original Lacoste would benefit from prolonged citrus presence. Then I tried Monsieur Balmain... In this one the squeezed lemon note actually stays with you for hours - and guess what? It actually ruins the whole thing. My personal conclusion is that the best classic citruses are the ones with a fresh zesty opening but with an equally pleasant drydown. This progression often lands in some kind of herbal or woody base, unfortunately the Balmain stays mainly lemon and eventually a faint & not too clean musk. So it's linear and pretty boring, however - if the thought of a long-present lemon note excites you the way it did me before, then by all means give this oldie a shot. I would try Penhaligon's excellent Blenheim Boquet to though, also with longlasting citrus but paired here with a refined and elgant smokey pine making it's structure infinitely more interesting.
28th April, 2006