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Negative Reviews of Cuba by Czech & Speake

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This is one of those fragrances that begs the question of why? Very putrid opening that does have some fecal properties. This fragrance isn't even worth trying to describe because it should never be worn. Hands down one of the worst.
28th June, 2012
Just received a Czech & Speake travel set and was eager to try the 4 fragrances. Unfortunately I am at work and the first one I applied was Cuba. Even more unfortunate was being informed by my two female employees that I smelt of shit. Not any old shit mind, dog shit! I agreed with them, I also get the bad breath vibe as well. How anyone would want to smell of this is beyond me. I didn't wait for the drydown, I couldn't, I may have been sick, or caused others to be. OK, so I don't understand this scent and don't "appreciate" the subtle nuances, but then, I don't want to if it means I smell like something that fell out of an animals bottom. Truly disgusting stuff!!!
17th February, 2012
The opening 30 seconds is bending down to clean up after a dog. That's no problem. It's the mint, geranium, juniper berries, and rum in combination with these dirty animalics that I find nauseating. Florals and squalor work just fine (Jicky flirts with, but never succumbs to, the gourmand with its vanilla); whereas anything foody combined with shit smells like a grotesque before-and-after gag... and gag I do. Cuba's emerging vetiver note helps, but is too little too late. When people refer to fragrances as smelling like bad breath, it's usually nothing more than a cheap swipe. But Cuba unfortunately does have a whiff of halitosis – booze, cigars and dental neglect – that is fascinating and nasty. I wish this scent had an On/Off switch.
17th June, 2011
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Feces, feces, and more feces. There's some cigar, some balm and then comes some more feces.

I cannot believe this fragrance has so many positive reviews. It *could* be a skin thing, so PLEASE do yourself a favour and do not buy this before sampling it many times.

Did I mention? There's very strong feces note in this fragrance.

Thumbs down.
02nd August, 2010
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United States
Thank goodness for fragrance samples!! My senses get a horrible scent from this fragrance. Some here describe it as "fecal" & they might be correct. I don't like it one bit; not the beginning, middle or end. I can't imagine someone my age wearing this. That being said, maybe this frag is marketed towards mature consumers since it's conceived that olfactory perception evolves with age. Thumbs way DOWN!!!
25th April, 2010
Animalic. I smelled like OSU's Benny.
20th April, 2010
I've been very keen to try both Havana and Cuba since reading about them here. Fortunately I had samples of both arrive recently and have been trying them out.

I tried Cuba and found it to be the most repugnant scent I've ever encountered. I liked the first 30 seconds or so, then got a long lasting blast of swine fecal note that just wouldn't die down for over an hour and a half. It's now over 3-1/2 hours since I put it on and that nasty smell has finally given way to a really nice tobacco-leather scent. But I won't be wearing Cuba again due to the awful fecal middle note that occurred for me.
10th January, 2010
This is a remarkable scent in that it immediately brought me an image of a sweaty, dirty old man. He'd be smoking cigars and reading newspapers with the radio on full blast. He'd be that kind of eccentric old man. This even smells like old mans breathe. It captures that metallic dried blood and tobacco smoke scent that ripens on old gums. This is my least favorite smell of all time but I am truly in awe and amazed that it could be replicated. It's revolting yet humorous. How did they get eau de old guy in a bottle? You gotta wonder.

I've got to say. Why buy this? Just get sweaty, light up a phatty and don't brush your teeth for a couple days... and you'll smell like Cuba in no time.
02nd January, 2010
I have never been to Cuba. But if the country smells like a pile of dog crap with mint and cigars sprinkled over top, then this C & S fragrance is a perfect representation.

Plain awful. My nose picks up a rank fecal note. Seriously the worst fragrance I have ever experienced.
15th December, 2009
I would not imagine that this "perfume" may have positive reviews!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry every body ....its the worst of the worst smells i have ever smelled ...... a very disgusting smell .... 100 thumbs down
14th December, 2009 (last edited: 02nd March, 2010)
This really is a puzzle?! 16 reviews before me, 3 neutral and 13 possitve. Nobody else here mentions the fecal smell?

I did some quick research and on other sites they say Cuba contains civet. Well I don't know whether that is the cause of the pong but there is certainly something wrong with the scent!
Others get rum, cigars, wood, etc....but all I get is the smell of ar*e (or a*s for you yanks).
After the fantastic reviews above I hunted this down and found it in Harrods and Selfridges.
Tried it first in Harrods and the female assistant who sprayed the paper strip for me smelt her fingers afterwards, turned her nose up and said she'd need to go wash her hands. I then went to the Bond No9 counter and the assistant there had a whiff and also detected the very pronounced fecal note...I three the paper away.

Thinking the bottle at H was tainted or that it would transform once warmed on my skin I went to Selfridges 1 week later and tried there....but the same problem, except now it wasn't paper that smelt of a*se, it was my hand! Again I checked with another assistant who confirmed all he could smell was faeces too. I determindely left it on me to wait for the booze, cigars to burn through the poo...but it never happened. It just smells of a*se from start to finish. Now there is something vaguely intriguing about the smell but it certainly doesn't smell good and smells nothing like my experience of Cuba.

I wonder if the batch these two bottles came from was bad? Surely nobody would buy this?
Or perhaps my nose is overly sensitive to the civet, but then why did others get the bad smell too?
I really don't understand how our reactions could be so different from the other reviewers?

I wanted this to be a better version of Idol or Havana but what I tried was unwearable!
02nd April, 2009