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Reviews of Homme de Café / Café Men by Cofinluxe

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I found Café Men to have similarities to Caron's, bitter and not for everyone...but definitely unique!
20th February, 2015
What an excellent alternative to Xeryus by Givenchy!

Actually, Homme de Cafe by Cofinluxe was a blind buy for me. After trying it, I found that it was very similar, if not identical, to Xeryus by Givenchy. It also had all the staying power of Xeryus, and then some. I looked at the ingredients on the box, of which there were only 2, and they were: SD Alcohol 39 C, fragrance. The reference number is: 12101. It says it is made by Parfums Cafe-Paris. I am unsure if this is the same company as Cofinluxe. Anyway, I am very pleased with my purchase and have bought 4 more 3.4 oz. bottles to keep me stocked up. I will wear Homme de Cafe ($11 per bottle) when I'm not wearing Xeryus ($78 per bottle), which I save for formal occasions (although no one really would know which is which; you would think Homme de Cafe was Xeryus rebottled!). Anyway, I give it 5 stars for being an EXCELLENT knock-off of XERYUS!

Pros: Long-lasting, no water in ingredients, very similar to Xeryus
Cons: None whatsoever."

11th September, 2013
I think this is where this post belongs; I’ve also posted it under Café Café Puro pour Homme. These Café-Cofinluxe offerings are confusing.
Homme de Café is an unusual scent that first centers around that sharp muriatic acid-fluxy smell that anyone who has soldered metal, stained glass, or electronic circuit boards will recognize. Besides the flux, the opening is citrus / spicy and moves into a solid and attractive smoky / woody middle and drydown. Café is pleasant spicy, woody, and almost incensy. It is sharp and lively, and it’s a unique scent is offered at a low price. The bottle is coffin shaped and the fragrance’s longevity is so short that it, too, is probably a philosophical reminder of human mortality.
04th September, 2006
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Slightly sweet, slightly bitter- but that's about it. Still a nice try, good concept, maybe if properly refined and improved in a few years this currently quite unusual idea might bring plesant surprises.
02nd February, 2006