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Neutral Reviews of Homme de Café / Café Men by Cofinluxe

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I found Café Men to have similarities to Caron's, bitter and not for everyone...but definitely unique!
20th February, 2015
I think this is where this post belongs; I’ve also posted it under Café Café Puro pour Homme. These Café-Cofinluxe offerings are confusing.
Homme de Café is an unusual scent that first centers around that sharp muriatic acid-fluxy smell that anyone who has soldered metal, stained glass, or electronic circuit boards will recognize. Besides the flux, the opening is citrus / spicy and moves into a solid and attractive smoky / woody middle and drydown. Café is pleasant spicy, woody, and almost incensy. It is sharp and lively, and it’s a unique scent is offered at a low price. The bottle is coffin shaped and the fragrance’s longevity is so short that it, too, is probably a philosophical reminder of human mortality.
04th September, 2006
Slightly sweet, slightly bitter- but that's about it. Still a nice try, good concept, maybe if properly refined and improved in a few years this currently quite unusual idea might bring plesant surprises.
02nd February, 2006
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