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Despite the notes list, this is basically just the smell of Hawaiian Punch, a sweet red "froot" smell. There's some mint and herbs hiding behind it, but not enough to give it any real depth. It's halfway between Joop and Paris Hilton, but quite weak. Essentially a very cheap-smelling girly fruity floral marketed as a higher-end men's scent.
02nd March, 2013
I find Baldessarini linear. Disliking a linear fragrance is somehow worse than disliking a scent with a traditional top, middle and base. Whereas the three-tiered fragrance might surprise you and win you over, for a linear scent, the first sniff becomes the lasting impression. A linear fragrance must have notes that can connect at various points to keep your interest. It allows for reconsideration from different perspectives and in different lights. Here is where a good linear fragrance can hold its own against a known classic.

In Baldessarini, I found the saccharine sweet note unpleasant, the nose equivalent of a high-pitched whistle. The cedar-like tobacco note has no connection to this sweet note, and so the two sit uneasily side by side for the duration of their mutually linear paths. Another difficulty with the tobacco note: a botanically derived material evolves over time. When it doesn’t, a ‘reference’ note must be used carefully. If it simulates tobacco, but is not tobacco, and the other components to the fragrance don’t enhance it, the nose may recoil, as mine did.
18th December, 2010 (last edited: 03rd May, 2012)
Major letdown. Kind of strange, almost banana-like fruit opening, that maintains a pretty high level of sweetness as it goes. I know a lot of people like this, but for me it turns straight to candy within 10-15 minutes...Starburst of some sort, I think strawberry. I would really like to taste the imaginary candy that this smells like, but I don't need to smell like it myself. The metallic aspect also reminds me of something with aspartame or sucralose, which I hate. And as a shirt-dabber, I can tell you that this stuff stains bright yellow and it never comes out...something that normally happens with much more concentrated brews.
25th July, 2010
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This is a rather unsatisfactory product that introduced itself to me with a liquid Haribo opening. The last time I was assailled by such a dense sucrose salvo was when I tested Paco Rabanne One Million, and if anything this was even more unwieldy. The citrus elements in the opening seem to be completely overpowered, and for the first hour this feels clumsy and lumpen. The only wearable phase occurs some two hours in, when the rather thuggish elements have receded, and a far more entertaining blend of ingredients are permitted to shine through. A dry, spiced tobacco accord has its brief moment in the sun, then evaporates all too quickly leaving one disappointed on almost every level.
06th June, 2009
There is absolutely nothing remarkable about this at all - other than the fact that it lasts less than an hour. Horrible and boring.

A huge thumbs down.
28th May, 2009
Not impressed.
Yes it is better than Boss Botled in one aspect, not as nauseating sweet (still way too sweet though), but more importantly it lacks some spicy or herbal notes, it really needs a good kick in the butt: what is left on my skin is all sweets without a proper base.
Where Boss bottled at least had its base right from the start, vanilla and musk, this one is undefined, only sweet and musky, like a bar of cheap toilet soap.

There's one fragrance, apart from Boss Botled, this cologne reminds me of:
Maxim's Pour Homme, a very sweet and fresh scent, but aggressively sharp.

Be ware, Baldessarini is definitely one that may cause a migraine.

09th June, 2007
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United States
I could almost give this one a neutral rating because it is a really great scent, but it has no longevity at all. It might last about an hour, 2 maybe (and that's if you empty the bottle). Maybe if it was at least eau de toilette it might be better.
09th May, 2007
Nothing special. Too expensive for nothing. And, by the way, I avoid smelling like a cigar. Tobacco notes are sensual in very slight quantities. Not like in this one. It could be written on it:"Tobacco kills":))
17th September, 2006
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United States

The notes pyramid is misleading. One would think that going by the notes listed, it would smell fresh and uplifting. Rather, it smells very me, from the top notes to the basenotes, it smells like Smarties candy. You can detect a hint of tobacco in the drydown, but then by that time, you would probably be investing in a scent which really is a more sophisticated in both name and content, unlike this mess....
15th June, 2006
It sure does separate the men from the boys....wear it, and like a boy you shall smell. 8-< Too sweet, not enough masculine elements in it, and quite a bunch of hype. (Sorry, Hugo Boss dudes: I do like "Boss" (silver) a *lot*, though.)
24th October, 2004
Over rated, smells like nothing special-just a typical man's cologne. I was told this was a big time "power" scent and believe me-it AIN'T. If you want power, just go into a meeting wearing pure vetiver oil. This is for folks who think that wearing a scent will make them _________ (you fill in the blank. Big, big disappointment.
22nd August, 2004
I have 2 problems with Baldessarini. First i thought the smell is a little too feminine for me. Second it doesnt last long about 2-3 hours. Not worth the money for me
17th June, 2004
Liked this one at first but have abandoned my bottle after finding it too sweet . Boss make all their fragrances quite potent in one way or another and i just can't take to them ....
28th November, 2003
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I think this talk about 'mature' fragrances is just another marketing ruse. Sure, packaging-wise this looks like the kind of fragrance aimed at older men, but don't be fooled - the important element, the fragrance itself, is nothing remarkable. It has an unpleasant, sickly sweetness that dries down after an hour or so to a less offensive base. I couldn't describe it as grown-up or particularly classy: If you're looking for a fragrance that really separates the men from the boys, try Vetiver by Guerlain.
12th May, 2003