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United States
I like the simplicity of the fragrance, but not the originality. I get the citrus and mint/pine, but no tobacco. The latter is OK, as I generally do not like what perfumers consider "tobacco" scent. I have worn this 3-4 times, including yesterday. I was going to apply some again today to help me write this review. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't really want to. Smells fine, but does not excite.
24th June, 2011
Here's a good example of what comes to mind when I read another reviewer use the term, 'plasticky.' The mint and orange opening, which has been done to death, teams up with -something- else (fir?) in the mix to make an unnaturally fruity/fake accord which I suppose was intended to come across as metallic in a manly way, but I guess I lack the swarthy countenance or the sheer manliness to make this present itself appropriately. It just smells awkward and unnatural to me. After a good half hour or so, however, this sensation begins to diminish and the whole becomes more woody, and I can attest the drydown, which I find the most worthwhile part of the whole, lasts until the next morning. I did not expect that. Well, It's got ups and downs, so I suppose that makes it at the very least interesting.
17th November, 2010
A fruity, admittedly well-blended juice that I find a lot less remarkable than everyone else seems to. Pleasant enough and OK, very impressive packaging, but a bit too fruity to be as formal a scent as everyone makes out. Mediocre longevity doesn't help its case. Overall, I'm not terribly impressed.
08th March, 2009
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Baldessarini is not bad fragance, very wearable in summer, after to take shower and a short walk for the beach.
This is not an Eau de Toilette, is Eau de Cologne. Be careful, this product is only for 1 hour or less, not more....longevity zero.
I bought it one time, but I will not repeat the experience.
15th July, 2008
I am annoyed at not completely liking this fragrance. I love mint in LB Roma but cannot tolerate it here. Maybe it's the interaction with the fir notes that makes it too sweet. It's short-lived, being an eau de cologne, the prices are too high for what is basically a Hugo Boss scent. You have to look like and be the same age as the guy in the posters to carry this off well, though. Oh, and own a motor yacht.
28th June, 2007
I like it, I used to love it, but now only like. Has a warm smell of peaches and cream to me with a bit of strawberries in the background. This one is OK.
14th May, 2007
...update...if you like this check out CK One Scene they are weirdly related...
This is an outstanding scent, however, it has one great fault:
It is frustrating because the 'juice' (thanks, Eluard) is so delicious, unlike anything out there...UNTIL I discovered ARAMIS LIFE.
With that being said, getting thru the top notes of Aramis Life is like having to eat the skin on a kiwi in order to get to the kiwi itself.
Also, don't pay the BS $100 for the chrome flacon Prestige bottle...check TJ Maxx like STUFFMAN said, or go online. $30 max.
09th January, 2007 (last edited: 27th April, 2008)
Good scent, nothing spectacular to justify such expensive price though.
Sweet(fruity) and spicy, in my opinion, one of the best Boss fragrances.
However, some are gonna say it could have been made with less fruity notes.
Neutral here.
12th January, 2006
Poor longevity. Not recommended for younger crowd
25th December, 2005
Lively yet sophisticated, but not too overly done. Opens fresh citrus and inviting, then warms to a green and woody nature. Sadly it's all gone by 2 hours. Nice frag, but I don't think I'll be pitching in more $$$'s to get the concentree.
20th November, 2005
This is a really mild and smooth scent that is very pleasant, but it has NO lasting power. This stuff wears off of me in 3 hours, tops.
22nd June, 2005
This is an ambery cyphre, and there's nothing really new about its (very pleasant) overture: once again a fragrance strongly reminiscent of the original Perry Ellis for Men. So, it feels like Gucci Envy for a bit, then it takes an abrupt turn towards fruity aldehydic: first it's pure Babe, then the raspberry and the peach come to the surface and the whole stuff starts smelling a little bit too artificial for my taste. But not TOO much, and somehow I suspect this one is a grower.
31st August, 2004 (last edited: 20th November, 2004)