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I get pencil shavings, a hint of dry tobacco and dried orange peel. Extremely well put together, smooth and understated. As Darvant says, the drydown is very enjoyable.
10th May, 2016
**For the Baldessarini made by Prestige Beauté. Not the current version.**

Underrated Gem. Perfect combination of citrus top and sweet amber.
Not cloying like some of the sweet tobacco (chergui).
At the price it sells it is a must in any collection.
Ignore the marketing - it is a unisex fragrance
25th February, 2016
An amazing scent with a blast of Orange and sweet Tobacco. Very refined and perfect for a formal event or romantic evening. I have had this in my collection since 2003 (on my 4th bootle) and its a top 10 in my collection for sure. For the price you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.
11th August, 2015
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Gem of a cologne

The core of this really good sweet orange cologne is built on mandarin, fruity rose and balsamic notes, and around this a class of molecules related to rose oxide sets up a metallic ringing note that vibrates like a tuning fork way above hearing level.
These are glowing, red and orange jewel-like damascones.

Baldessarini's hi tech glass and steel character is oddly out of sync with its traditional citrus, wood and spice structure.
In this case, where damascones take the place of spice the effect feels both sci fi and passé, like a magical ruby shining in a bracelet of wood.

Baldessarini lies on a line that connects damascone-heavy Paris with the 1988 phenomenon Cool Water in which (according to Bois de Jasmin) the derivative Dynascone was used. Arriving on the cusp of the nineties, this Hugo Boss flagship masculine can be seen as fitting into the existing trend away from sillage monsters and towards a quieter decade.

But experience shows us the door to perfumery's new world order was not unlocked by damascones and their derivatives, the key was found in the other side of Cool Water's gateway structure; it was the watery and not metallic notes that best represented the movement towards a new purity.

Baldessarini saw the game was on but they backed the wrong team.
This extraordinary fantasy Cologne is from a bygone age but it is still beautiful none the less.


This review is about the original Hugo Boss version made by Prestige Beauté.


Time has been finally been kind to Baldessarini. Its metallic orange head is now in fashion, feeling as it does like a template for the penetrating top notes of the mean-eyed, Sauvage style masculines.

The hard incisive top of Baldessarini has been brought back, but this time its with a difference. The expensive and fragile damascones which gave it that internal glow have been replaced by a grapefruit derived industrial molecule; what used to be the sheen of rose crystal has now become the sting of raw chilli.
12th July, 2015 (last edited: 08th September, 2016)
A Great underrated (or better somewhat ignored) piece of fragrance, yes formal/casual, urban and dynamic. A combination of dry fresh dusty cedarwood, ambergris, aromatic herbs, patchouli, fir resin and thirsty tobacco provides a final compact really cozy aura of virility over which "somber" fruity floral patterns complete their twist of modern articulation (it could be sharp geranium, red berries, orange for sure and green apple). The Baldessarini's opening is quite likeable under my nose, I detect fresh aromatic (somewhat mint/licorice-veined) fluidy hesperides with a heady orange presence well connected with herbs and dry-mild dark spices (I suppose pepper, cardamom, cinnamon). I love the dry fruity bitterness on my skin and the ambergris/patchouli/woods//tobacco-dominant chord is cozy and finally "warmly organic". The fragrance's modernity abides in my opinion in its capacity to show out each individual element of its short list of expressful/projectful notes. Cedarwood (as complemented by spiciness, ambergris and "anisic" orange) is the starring note in my opinion while tobacco provides a touch of final "seasoned" roundness somewhat juxtaposed to a main woody hesperidic connection. The final trail is excellent, spicy orangy, vaguely earthy-bitter, slightly resinous and finally smoother.
20th September, 2014 (last edited: 14th January, 2018)
Genre: Woody Oriental

Baldessarini’s top notes are a conventional, but very well executed blend of citrus and aromatics, but the heart is something more unusual. It is essentially a two part structure: a sweet, yet brisk spiced fruit accord set against a very dry, dusty cedar. The spiced fruit and cedar may derive from Féminité du Bois and Donna Karan’s Chaos, but in those scents the two elements are blended into a seamless accord, whereas in Baldessarini they do not so much blend as stand side by side, drawing the nose back and forth between them. Though it employs different ingredients, this is the same trick played by Bernard Chant in his Aramis (animalic leather vs. white flowers) and Aramis 900 (green floral vs. amber/patchouli), and it succeeds here as well, generating an olfactory tension that maintains interest until the drydown. As for the tobacco listed in the pyramid, I detect it to some degree on paper, but on my skin it seems to merge into the spiced fruit accord.

The drydown is where I enjoy Baldessarini the least. While the spiced fruit portion of the scent endures quite well, it does fade long before the cedar, which on its own smells rather colorless and thin. Anticlimactic in its development, but a very good scent nonetheless.
09th June, 2014
I absolutely LOVE Baldessarini! I remember smelling it the next day on my shirt in the laundry and thinking, WOW, this really IS a good fragrance! Although many here state it has a strong tobacco note, I would agree; however, I think per Hugo Boss' description, it is actually the single-note living patchouli flower that is predominant. I find this fragrance to be well suited for formal occasions, or a scent to wear when traveling. It is very cosmopolitan in nature, and smells so much more refined and classic than many fragrances out there today. The EdC has good lasting power, but I prefer the EdC Concentree. I like fragrances that stay with you, and ones that you can depend on. So many these days last for about 10 minutes and then are gone. I give Baldessarini a big Thumbs Up because it is so unique and classy.
07th April, 2013
this is the only tobacco smelling frag.its very good,sophisicated for evenings and events.the best.
30th July, 2011
I get a great blend of citrus and incense at first, with elements of cedar (resin), a fresh green mint, and a teensy bit of creaminess, something like synthetic banana. Fades quite true to this original impression except the fruitiness (which is really weak on me) disappears, and the whole ride finally stalls at a pleasant faint cedar. I don't really pick up any tobacco, though perhaps I would call it a sweet cedar and that subtle sweetness is the influence of the tobacco.
Think it smells great, and like the kind of masculine that works wonderfully as a unisex fragrance, particularly in the summer? Who cares. Borrowed from a friend and now I want it.
21st June, 2011
By rights, I should hate this. It's made by Hugo Boss, it's fruity and it's very synthetic. Once in a coon's age, the stars align and a room full of monkeys manage to type out War & Peace. Balde is just that. A bold attempt to recreate the traditional EdC formula and boy did they succeed. Balde smells nothing like your father's EdC. Well, if your father was a martian it might. Yes, Balde smells alien. I smell fruit but I can't identify what type of fruit it is. Mutant banana meets bergamot? Don't know but these opening notes will lift you up like a forklift. Grows sweeter and, dare I say, woodier. And yet I'm hard-pressed to identify the sweetness (not vanilla, amber or tonka) and I certainly can't fathom what type of wood is in here. No doubt, it's a synthetic wonderland of beautiful accords that anyone will enjoy. Obscure and hard-to-find but don't let that curtail you from getting this. Father's day is everyday when Balde is in the air.
18th June, 2011
Baldessarini is a woody oriental that is a wonderful fruity, tobacco fragrance. I initially dismmised this one because the tobacco note overwhelmed me the first time I gave it a test run. My nose has clearly changed since then and now I can't get enough of this relatively unknown (or ignored) fragrance. When I first tried Baldessarini, I completely missed the wonderful fruity top notes. I'm not sure how I missed them, but I did. Now, I not only experience the tangerine and bitter orange, but mint and fir are very noticeable right out of the bottle. This fragrance has a very appealing opening. The fruit, mint and fir blend so well. The mint becomes more prominent in the mid note phase of Baldessarini, although the fruity note remains a major player well into the progression. The patchouli emerges and provides an effective bridge into the woody-tobacco drydown. The tobacco note emerges slowly and smoothly and is the perfect compliment to the fruity nature of the top and mid notes. I don't find the tobacco base to be overpowering. The woody notes are noticeable, lending a slightly dry texture, but the tobacco note takes center stage.

Baldessarini (edc) lasts approximately 6 hours on my skin. I just ordered the concentree version and I'm really looking forward to comparing the longevity of the two versions. However, I'm also very interested in the basic nature of the concentree version in relation to the edc. Hopefully, no Eau Sauvage Extreme train wreck type issues here.

I find Baldessarini to be a fine formal fragrance, but I wear it for other occassions as well. I don't wear this one to the office. Baldessarini. Try it, enjoy it.
14th May, 2011
MJW77 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I really like this one. The bitter orange and mint do make a very sweet opening, but there's also a kind of bracing cleanliness to it. The scent remains pretty sweet throughout but becomes more subdued as the tobacco note announces itself. I think it's a versatile fragrance that can be worn casually or formally and in most seasons. Not bad longevity for a cologne too. Good stuff!
16th February, 2011
Slightly sweet, coniferous citrus-tobacco scent. This has actually been a favorite of mine for a long time. Just don't over-do it - no more than 4 sprays. Very good for formal occasions, and works best in summer in fall, at least for me. It smells really formal; however you can wear this out on the town. As I said though, don't over-do it, as that can lead to you smelling like a cheesy 80's club-hopper. Has a sort of creamy quality to it. Nice mint in there compliments the tobacco and fir notes, making it a little more refreshing. Can be found at discount stores like TJ Maxx for $25 bucks or less, nowadays.

EDIT: I didn't notice this was an Eau de Cologne. Well, it has great longevity for an Eau de Cologne! I get up to 7 or 8 hours!
09th October, 2010 (last edited: 24th December, 2010)
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I love it , its one of my favorite summer cologne , Spicy, Fresh and sweet /spicy to some extent , very well blended tobacco with sweetness . A mature and complete fragrance.
24th May, 2010
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United Kingdom
This is the best masculine by Boss by a country mile -- how surprising it was named after the actual boss. Boss's clothing range completely mirrors it's fragrances, i.e. badly made and totally reactive -- nothing is original. As this is for the 'governor;' I suppose some decent amount of money was offered to the perfumers for a change. It moves through it's citrusy, woody to fruity phases beautifully. Even though it is rather staid, I like it a lot. The only Boss fragrance that is worth purchasing.
04th March, 2010 (last edited: 16th March, 2010)
I absolutely love this fragrance! In my mind, this is the perfect scent for a man, not so much for the younger set, it exudes masculinity. The basenote is where this fragrance really shines, its a dusty tobacco smell with just a hint of pine to it. For me, longevity is great, it lasts all day, and then through an evening shower and I still pick up hints of it at bedtime, even after the shower. Its a stronger fragrance as well, for me, 2 sprays is enough. I can't say enough good things about this fragrance, especially the fact that I picked it up blind from amazon for $30 for 2.5 ounce bottle!
13th February, 2010
Well I love this fragrance ! very masculine and I can really smell the bitter orange coming through this one ! unfortunately the scent doesnt last , but a very good scent nonetheless. I use the shower gel and the deo body spray to help 'layer' the scent and it works ! i get a few extra hours from it!

love it!

09th October, 2009
A nice male perfume that is aimed for more adult audience. Not so sweet as the Ambre, not so peppery as the Del Mar.
I would say that is a citrucy perfume and although not an eau de toilette, it lasts!
I would say that Baldessarini three perfumes are covering all the tastes and are better that the Hugo Boss perfumes.
08th July, 2009
I am surprised by many of the reviews that say this scent does not last. On me it lasts for hours. One of my current favourites.
10th January, 2009
Green tobacco! This is some amazing stuff. Usually I dislike mint but it works so amazingly well in this. Like a high class menthol cigarette without all the pesky smoke.
09th July, 2008
wore it for my engagement and wedding. its a scent for special occasions. Thats how commanding Baldessarini is. you cant dare to put this one on when you are in a jeans n t-shirt. it commands respect and you shall give thie scent respect. incredibly classy, sweet, powdery (lil bit), oriental blend with a twist of tobbaco which would make anyone feel luxurius and stand apart. striclty for suits and formal wear.

the only other "gentleman" scent that i have come across is Chanle Pour Monsieur, but baldessarini is ia different beast altogether. if possible, the concentree version.
23rd April, 2008
Leifer Show all reviews
United States
Hugo Boss is a very well-known name in the German fashion industry, and Werner Baldessarini was his right-hand man. In honor of him, the fragrance Baldessarini was launched in 2000 -- and launched very well. Just by examining the pyramid, we see that tangerine, bitter orange, and green mint are our top notes, while patchouli, clove buds, and cumin seeds make up the heart, followed by more patchouli, sandalwood, fir balsam, tobacco, amber, and musk as the base notes.

With this setup on paper, it's hard not to get giddy -- the layout is absolutely marvelous, it's the perfect combination for a cologne that has the potential of being one of the best scents in the world. The notation is simply gorgeous and seemingly infinite in range; from the tropical, juicy tangerines that are succulent and sweet, bursting with liveli warmth, to the bitter, harsh notes of the tobacco leaf set us up for a majestic fragrance. However, right off the bat we have a problem... with such a wide range of notes, Baldessarini will inevitably run into some problems. The tangerine and mint are going to be rubbish in the cold weather, which leaves the scent smelling like dirt and cigarettes when the weather is nippy; and, for your warm summer-time days, the tobacco notes from this cologne are alone going to be responsible for your mother's lung cancer. We're already going down a bad road...

Baldessarini could have saved itself by not having such an absurd range of potent scents. The tangerine and bitter orange are unbelievable, they literally make you hungry, and the tobacco is so masculine, that manly scents like Grey Flannel and K10 become prepubescent in its midst. But having such an uncontrolled range is deadly, and a huge letdown for the scent. If you wear it during the summer or winter, you're going to be very disappointed to find that there's no real cohesion in the scent, it seriously is a vast multitude of ingredients that don't tie in together to make a single scent. There is no flirting between top and heart and base notes, and the mixture remains separated into just that -- your minty, tangy top, proceeded by a brand-new earthy heart, proceeded by a brand-new musky, tobacco base. It's too choppy, and split up; you wonder if Baldessarini is three separate colognes. Well then, bah for Baldessarini; it appears to be somewhat disappointing...

Until we wear it during the fall or early spring, when conditions are just right for the ingredients to shine -- and the effect is mindblowing. It's such a rarity to be able to wear Baldessarini in the right conditions, that it's worthless unless it's JUST the right time of year. Each ingredient works in harmony with the next to create a chain of scent that is so remarkable, that it's almost too much to handle. The initial burst of sweet tangerine is subsided by a strikingly smooth hint of mint leaf; both of which are guided to the heart by a soft bitter orange note, which opens the door to an herbal heaven. Here, the warmth of the patchouli fuses with the tangerine and projects a sweet, mossy scent, while the mint and bitter orange fade in with bitter clove buds and cumin seeds, striking out their extremeties; ultimately resulting in one of the greatest transitions ever. It doesn't stop there, though, because the heart-to-base transition is even greater. The shift from a slightly fruity/herbal/lightly woodsy heart to a tobacco/dark wood base is extremely hard, just because such strong bases carry their own dominant scents, and the mixture of powerful hearts and powerful bases results in a nauseating scent most of the time, that smells like nothing recognizable. However, in Baldessarini, the extra bed of patchouli serves as a median, allowing the heart notes to fade away without interfering with the scent of the base notes. The crucial difference that it makes is what literally makes the fragrance wearable; tobacco is such a harsh note, that when you mix it with tangerines and mint (of all things, those are the two worst) they become rotten, and the entire scent smells of week-old, half-smoked cigarette stubs that are rubbed in your nose against your will. But, somehow, the patchouli resists the mixture and allows a clash-free drydown, with proper diffusion of heart/top notes before the strong, woodsy base begins to release it's own scent.

Taking chances is always a great thing, because it allows for a range of concoctions to be produced, that deviate from typical boundaries, and push the limit s of what ingredients can and cannot be used. Baldessarini's ingredients are completely independant of each other -- consider Baldessarini to be a puzzle, and each note is a piece that aligns with the next, but they constantly spin in different speeds and directions, so the alignment is never quite right... one day it's too tangy and almost like a woman's perfume, and the next you find yourself smelling like a smoker's convention hut, but rarities do occur, and when the pieces fit together, the result is sheer bliss; Baldessarini becomes one of the classiest, well-done, diverse fragrances ever known.
15th January, 2008
After the first bottle I've bought another one, but the concentree version. Much better longevity. Real stuff!!!!!!
21st December, 2007
Like another reviewer said, bottles of this were floating around for $20, so I snagged one.

Baldessarini didn't impress me much on a paper strip, but when I just decided to wear it one day, I was really taken aback by it. Some fragrances are really good but they get old fast. This one on the other hand just gets better as the day goes on. My favorite part of this scent is the fir note-- really refreshing like the outdoors. And the orange note is soft and chewy like orange bubble-gum. It almost reminds me of Boss in Motion, which I dislike, but this one is much better.

This is kind of a simple scent, but I find something extremely satisfying about it. Everytime I wear it, I feel like I've made the right choice. I've found the longevity to be pretty good-- it lasts all throughout an eight to ten hour shift.

The solid metal bottle is high quality-- and really heavy. They really put some care into the packaging of this.

09th November, 2007
Well, I got this one blindly in a swap. I was expecting to be underwhelmed, but this is quickly joining Bvlgari PH as my standard work fragrance.

Sure, it's a little sweet, but it's such a transparently clean sweetness. Baldessarini is to sweet what Bvlgari PH is to musk. Very sheer and very easy to handle. Sillage isn't great (I don't want it to be if it's going to serve as a more formal selection), but longevity has been fine on me. This is one of the few scents featuring tobacco that work well on me. It's very well blended and smooth.

No, it isn't groundbreaking or particularly interesting, but I think there's something to be said for a cologne that just smells damn good all the time. This one certainly fits the bill.
03rd July, 2007
Got a 2.5 oz. bottle at TJ Maxx for $19.99. This is VERY quality stuff, but being a eau de cologne-has very short longevity. Still, the fragrnace is quite refreshing. A bit powdery, floral, and very clean. Very invigorating-like a bresh of fresh mountain air to wake up to in the morning. If you do the Marshalls/TJ's route, it's well worth the asking price.
14th June, 2007
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A lovely sophisticated smelling fragrance. I think it is more for the middle aged business man but even though I'm in my 20's I still love it. It is quite expensive considering it's not groundbreaking, and it won't last as long as some, but for that while, you just can't stop smelling your wrist.
27th February, 2007

I don’t get “sweet” from this: “Sweet” often has a difficult time escaping from my ravenous skin. I also don’t smell the citrus notes or the mint that are supposed to be in the opening according to the pyramid. I get fir and spices. The cloves, cumin and fir from the heart notes come through immediately upon spraying; they become an almost incense accord that is lighter, gentler, and longer lasting than the usual incense in a fragrance. This spicy incense / fir continues for a very decent length of time right into the drydown which is fir-y / woody with a strong sweet tobacco note added. I thoroughly enjoy the fir-y, tobacco-y natural smelling drydown. Since Baldessarini is a cologne, it doesn’t last as long as a typical EDT, but its longevity is good for an EDC. Except for the addition of tobacco in the drydown, Baldessarini is rather linear to my nose – but it’s an excellent linear. It doesn’t seem Oriental to me because the sweet notes – amber and musk – don’t come through strongly in the drydown, I see this as an excellent woody-tobacco scent. I was originally hesitant to buy it because it seemed over-priced to me, but now that the cost has come down, I see it as a very good investment and a welcome addition to my wardrobe. (Edit of the February 21, 2007 review.)
21st February, 2007 (last edited: 16th June, 2009)
I fell and fell hard for this superlative fragrance. I have never smelled anything like this; on smelling it, I am transported to the First Class lounge at Orly as I wait to board an Air France Concorde flight, being waited on by models, a glass of Louis XIII cognac and a Cohiba churchill round out the picture.

I immediately ordered it although I'm a tad distressed to hear about its longevity problems. Perhaps this will be better on fabric and skin instead of skin alone?
29th October, 2006
Very sweet floral -- a must-have for those guys who (like myself) favor Neroli Sauvage, Green Irish Tweed, Versace Man etc. NOT for the button-down crowd who only lean more toward such classically "masculine" scents as Trussardi L'Uomo, Polo, Tabarome etc. I love this stuff, and its price has certainly come way down since this page was first posted on Basenotes.
01st October, 2006