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Neutral Reviews of Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library

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To me, this smells more like rain than their Rain scent. Watery, cool, wet plants, wet dirt, and wet cement mixing together in the air. The wet dirt is the most realistic and prominent note I get.

Decent projection.
25th March, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The atmosphere after rainfall or storm has inspired over the years; Après l’Ondée is maybe the most famous one.

Here the focus is on the earth and a woods after the event: earthy, green and in the shade; the ground afterwards. The atmosphere after the rain is represented by a rather synthetic-ozonic impression. After the first hour a dull chemical aftermath remains.

Of note is the lack of any floral components in this composition. The dark forest ground it is, without and friendly blossoms. This is not a sweet fragrance.

I get moderate sillage, good projection - for the first hour - and a total longevity of four hours.

A bit too synthetic overall, the first part is executed well and realistic enough to raise one’s interest. The rest is silence. 2.75/5.
20th November, 2017
kankri Show all reviews
United States
Starts off with an alcohol blast, then it's cucumbers. Lots and lots of cucumbers, freshly cut cucumbers. In a few minutes that fades off and I get grass, wet dirt, and ozone. Doesn't really smell like a thunderstorm or rain to me, more like wet ground after a rain. Kind of disappointing to me. My sister borrowed it for a bit and it apparently smells enough like rain to other people (or maybe it's her chemistry), since she got a bunch of comments wondering about the smell and hey, did you think it's going to rain? It has fair to poor sillage, people can usually smell it walking by, but it has very poor lasting power. I'm lucky if it sticks around for an hour.

I have a blind buy 4 oz bottle and I use it as a room spray occasionally now. I don't really wear it, but I'd recommend this to anyone trying to find something that smells like rain; it might work for them. I, on the other hand, continue my hunt for the perfume that truly smells like rain.
04th January, 2013
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The biggest turn-off for me was the take-your-breath-away opening blast of pure unadulterated alcohol. It literally made my head swim (and not in a good way) and watch out for any nearby open flame ! Once it dried, Thunderstorm for me was a completely linear, short-lived yet slightly pleasant evocation of rain on hot concrete driveway pavement. And then, ppphhhzzzt. Gone.
20th August, 2011
Thunderstormv is like Demeter's Firefly with the bug guts scent underlying, then a fleeting, almost an expectation, of a metallic note which dissipates immediately, along with a strong rich earth - a lighter version of dirt - more like fresh tilled soil. I don't find the smell of a thunderstorm in this at all. Storms always smell electric or metallic to me. But the earthy scent of the aftermath of a thunderstorm is captured making this very pleasant.

Dry Down: - although not unpleasant it is slightly sweet and earthy like it has Holy Water, Firefly and Dirt all mixed in - this is not not my favorite.

Fianl Opinion: - reminds me of a nice retro 70's scent without the incense factor - not UNenjoyable but to me misses the mark of the name Thunderstorm. Perhaps it is meant to capture all the scents associated with after the Thunderstorm and depending where you live I would say Demeter was somewhat successful in doing this. Maybe it calls for a renaming such as After The Storm! It just did not evoke the memory of an actual Thunderstorm for me.
07th February, 2006