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Thunderstorm is spot on. It smells like the rain that falls on the ground after a warm day. It's got a good sillage and longevity, especially for a Demeter fragrance, and in this way it's cloying, by it's not sweet. A good fragrance, that is manly, but found a spot in my collection.
23rd April, 2017
Wow, once I sprayed this scent I could smell fresh cut grass, mud and wet cement.

Mostly what I was going for was the smell of your windowpane while you are watching the rain. Now, that scent was transformed into the wet cement smell.

There is no floral undertone. It does smell a bit like some type of wood after it has been on awhile.

It's staying power is strong but not for each quality of the scent. The more musky smell of wood is the one that lingers...for days on clothing...

I do wish it was a bit more refreshing, but, it totally lives up to it's name.

I think it would be a much better scent on a man and I have started to use it in my car. I'm wondering what smell will last.
26th December, 2012
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United States
This is pretty much what I wear day to day. Okay, so I understand that it's hard to capture what a thunderstorm really smells like.. It's different to everyone. But there is something about the earthy-ness and dirt to this that I just crave.

To me, it smells like wet earth, with sopping, down-trodden vegetation, and maybe a slight hint of ozone every now and them. The lasting power - amazing! I can put it on after a shower and still catch hints of it late in the evening.

Two thumbs up, if I could!
27th July, 2010
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Dear reader,
Thunderstorm by Demeter Fragrance Library is an amazing scent. If you close your eyes and use a little imagination it really does smell like a t-storm.
It comes out of the bottle very green and mossy. Then the high notes kick in, then fade- almost like feeling the rising electricity in the air. Is that a trace of cedar I detect in there?
To me this scent is definitely redolent of a warm So-Cal storm burst, much more so than a frigid New England downpour. In a little while it dries down nice and flat with wet wood and sticks; fresh potting soil and patchouli. I like it.
My girlfriend liked it, too ,.^, Although she didn't think it smelled much like a thunderstorm, but instead like dirty wet beet roots.
My mom also liked it- she thought it smelled green/clean.
I imagine if I hadn't obtained some other Demeters to distract them, either of these ladies might've attempted to purloin my precious Thunderstorm. However, to me it seems to be more of a man's fragrance because there are no floral, and very minimal citrus or incense notes. This is dirty wet beet roots. Enjoy.
As for staying power, this fragrance seems to hold on only for a short while then die away- leaving a hint of soapy-plantiness; a great reason to carry more with you and apply at will. Especially since, to me, this scent really seems to take you from the sudden burst of the storm all the way through the drenched earth afterward. Definitely a keeper, this is my favorite Demeter for men so far. I think I'll put some more on right now.
30th April, 2010
Strong smell of mould and cucumber in the beginning. I presume it can be even quite shocking for those who are not used to these kind of fragrances.
It develops into a natural smell of fresh dirt, green foliage and ozone. Lasting power is not a problem with this one at all.

Amazing fragrance, but I wouldn’t recommend this to be used as a personal fragrance.
Spray it on your sheets, curtains, towels etc. instead. Your house will smell wonderful, natural and quite intoxicating.
03rd February, 2009
My favorite Demeter. Imagine the smell, in a rural area, after an intense summer storm. Hints of wet earth, ozone, freshly torn leaves, freshly broken tree limbs & a hint of steaming wet pavement. It lasts all day on me. Two thumbs up!
21st November, 2008 (last edited: 01st December, 2011)
I use this as a room spray more than on my body. Its lovely and interesting, and lives up to its name. The only thing is the dirt smell (while it is really nice and i do like it!) comes through stronger than anything else, and leaves the room with a slightly fresh watery dirt smell, which i dont know is really a good thing! Overall I would give it a thumbs up, though.
20th November, 2008
I just got mine today. I'm wearing it now. I kind of like it. :-)
08th October, 2008
OK! Here is my thunderstorm history: For almost fifty years I’ve experienced thunderstorms in an important thunderstorm corridor of North America: from the forests of Ontario around Lake Nipigon to the northwest corner of Missouri and many points in between. I think Demeter Thunderstorm is realistic: The ozone, the smell of electrically charged dust, the rain, the dry dirt disturbed by raindrops. This catches those odors: It’s almost like experiencing an actually thunderstorm – the only things missing are the sounds and the feel of that palpable bit of electric static in the air that is especially prominent around and amid trees. I don’t really use Thunderstorm as a cologne, but I enjoy the room spray, and it lasts longer than the personal spray.
22nd August, 2008
I've never noticed whether an actual thunderstorm has its own smell, other than that of rain. But Thunderstorm by Demeter smells like nothing so much as lettuce to me - a fresh head of lettuce with dirt still attached to the roots. It's refreshing and different, not a very "perfume"-like smell. It lasts a good few hours, too.

I like it a lot right now, but I don't know whether I'll get sick of it by the time I use up my bottle.
23rd January, 2007
A strong and natural scent of rain-drenched earth and wet green herbs.
29th July, 2006
I love the combination of smells that the power of a thunderstorm releases: fire, air, water and earth letting us know that compared to them we are not so big and we are not so clever! Demeter Thunderstorm cracks open with a lightning bolt - the sharpest whiff of an electrical spark through smoky air followed by a thunderous, refreshing downpour of rain. The evocative smells of wet dirt, grass and hot pavements, as steam begins to rise, then take over.When the scent settles we are left with a sense of the stillness that follows the thunderstorm. I think Demeter have done a fantastic job with this fragrance. It is an experience in a bottle that I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something totally different.
16th May, 2006
This is my favourite Demeter. I love the serenity that thunderstorms always evoke in me and I really miss them since moving away from the east coast. Demeter has managed to capture the exact scent in the air that blows in through an open window during a storm. The electricity, wet pavement, rain and ozone.
23rd February, 2006
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