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Negative Reviews of Comme des Garçons 3 by Comme des Garçons

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I don't know when I've been as disappointed in, or as disgusted with, a particular perfume, as I was when I put on this scent. I'd heard Jaisalmer described as a "rich, exotic" scent; with "smoky incense notes"; "blended with cardamon and cinnamon warmed by a strong hot pepper note" that dries "somewhat sweeter". All sounds pretty good, huh?

I've tried scents I couldn't like before, scents that I guess just didn't react well with my skin, but I've never experienced quite such an overwhelmingly negative reaction as I had to Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is smoky all right, but not in a good way. If you'd like to smell like a wet ashtray, then Jaisalmer is right up your alley, but when I put this scent on my wrists, I was immediately reminded of a crowded subway ride on a muggy, rainy day, when I was trapped near an unwashed man whose damp clothes were permeated with cigarette smoke. Admittedly, I couldn't wait for the allegedly sweeter and perhaps more floral dry down; I had to get to a restroom to scrub off this scent, and thank God for Yardley's oatmeal soap.

I'll gladly give most new perfumes a chance to grow on me, but Jaisalmer smelt like something that had been growing in someone's gym clothes. Dreadful.
22nd December, 2009
When I first tried this, I remember thinking that it smelled like rubbing alcohol. I was not impressed. I was really let down by the "imaginary flower" hype. This fragrance taught me not to read too many descriptions of a scent outside of its notes.

I know CDG is known for its synthetics-- were many of these notes artificial, then? I am not keeping this sample. If you are sensitive to synthetic smells, beware of this one.

I wonder why I cannot smell anything!!
28th November, 2009
this smells just like OFF bug spray, I can't stop thinking that, and everytime I go for a wiff, that's all I can smell. Maybe I'm biased, as I usually like warmer and spicer smells, as this is completely opposite!
11th September, 2006
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