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Good Lord! Twenty (count them, twenty) ingredients. Although this is quite light, it's also quite good. Turin's dub of "woody floral" describes it, but does not do it justice.

The vetiver is the star here, beautifully green and lightly pungent. The beautiful jasmine/freesia combination adds a sweetness that is never cloying. These three make up the central triangle of the construction. I truly cannot detect any of the other seventeen ingredients, but no matter. Finding a lovely floral vetiver that is light enough to be considered an eau de vetiver is reason enough for celebration.

CDG's 2 was a light, transparent, woody rose, that failed to impress me. CDG's 3 is truly impressive. A great find for vetiver lovers!
01st January, 2016
Comme des Garcons 3, natural (greenish)/synthetic cardamomish-dusty-floral (futuristic) cedary sharpness. Transparency and silence with an "incensey-tobacco veined" final spark. Extremely refined piece of perfume.
31st January, 2015
An ode to the “pencil sharpener” accord, synthetic cedar notes with vetiver, dry and “brownish” spices (cardamom above all, I also get something like nutmeg though), incense and zesty head notes of citrus with a herbal-floral breeze refreshing and sweetening the blend. Underneath all of this, a subtle sort of aqueous-creamy substance (sandalwood?) - with, as other reviewers noted, a “glueish” feel in fact (guess it’s the vetiver?). The notes may smell conventional, but the hyper-modern Comme des Garçons treatment once again manages to use them creatively to compose a really thin, unique, “contemporary” scent. A sort of more “milky”, more avantgarde, more futuristic and austere Gucci pour Homme I with distant echoes of Cacharel pour l’homme and Kenzo Jungle Homme (both sharing with CdG 3 the “nutmeg-woods-citrus-lactonic texture” axe). Dry yet somehow creamy, exotic but transfigured onto a “grey” postmodern realm, much creative yet totally safe and wearable. Not much evolution though, it even stays quite fresh and citrusy for hours. It may smell a tad boring today, or however not that unique as back then, but still good and solid.

21st December, 2014
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Its Japanese house, scent made for Asian market and they don't like strong loud scents, but this one is not watered down bad scent like many you find in this category, its so well balanced and unique!

It starts off as a bouquet of vegetables you put in a soup,a bit unpleasant for my nose, but after 30 minutes smells like pure heaven, like young beautiful boy in the spring!! Surrounded by green grass in the morning
Smells very natural natural to me. Perfect summer scent!!! Better then cologne
07th October, 2012
WoW! One of the few fragrances that makes me do a double take and want really is unique and the desription of the "plastic alien flower from a forgotten past" is not wrong..I was almost going to buy a full bottle but noticed it didnt last long on my skin..also felt it leant too much on the feminine side...Ill just buy the odd sample now and then to remind me of it..truly amazing.
15th June, 2012
CDG 3 strikes as one of the most easily approachable compositions in the house huge range. It's light and transparent with just a slight dose of weirdness given by the usual mix of naturals and synthetics that became an hallmark for all the CDG's lovers.

3 opens green and sour with angelica and unripe citruses joined by slight spices and white floral patterns. The overall effect is energizing and weightless but at the same time unmistakeably CDG with its tremendous futuristic vibe. A woody-incense base strats to remarks its presence after a while turning, little by little, CDG3 into a transparent and radiant woody-flowery compositions that could be the perfect alternative to CDG2 for anyone who don't like rose. Perfect for summer.

Downside: weak lasting power (I bypass this issue by simply over-applying).
20th October, 2011
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
Off the beaten path, like so many other CdG scents. This one is subtle, not very sillage-heavy, though noticeable on a quieter level. An unusual mix of largely unfamiliar green notes, spices, light florals, woods, and orientals. This is not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but it does something magical in spring and summer for me. There's just some kind of leafy freshness that seems to fit those times of year, to my nose.
08th August, 2010
Love it!!!
This has been on my list of CdG's to buy and now I have it.
I think it is what CdG does best and that is to create something great out of nothing or something new out of something familiar.
I always refer to the scent as "grapefruit" - sweet but not overly sickly sweet more natural than manufactured with a bitter tinge
I have a few other CdG perfumes in the cupboard - lately they seem to bring out perfumes which kinda smell similar to each other but this being an older scent smells like nothing before.
I hope they bring out something truly inspirational like this one soon!
14th January, 2010
I agree the opening is like a continuation of the Odeur's, it sort of reminds me of the cellophane wrapping on a small bunch of flowers. After a couple of minutes the fresh, green, citrus appears - softly sweet and comforting and, like somebody else said, almost juicy. Later a soft wood moves into place which compliments and blends in perfectly. At the moment, I don't like this as much as 2, Sequoia or White but there's something wonderfully comforting and soothing about it. Like White, I find it perfect for days when you feel a little sick or the weather is too humid. I think this is something that will grow, expand and improve with experience. It's really quite beautiful.
22nd August, 2009
this might be my most difficult review yet... I have been waiting 3 weeks for this to arrive from kuwait, and the anticipation nearly ended my life... i had to refrain from tearing into the packaging on the way home from the post office, and had the shakes after I got home and tried to remove the hermetically sealed (or almost) bag containing this most lusted after juice... I have a strange fixation with anything labeled "ethereal" or "other-worldly"... Previous reviews prompted me to buy blind, and although I wasn't stricken by the "odeur" series, I just had to see what an "imaginary" or "ethereal" flower smelled like... This is my third wearing of the day, and I'm still at a loss trying to decide if this is a quick swap or something I want to have on me forever...
For half a heartbeat out of the bottle I caught the plastic synthetics of the odeur series, but once it settles on my skin the confusion of trying to pinpoint the individual notes drives me absolutely nuts... The rapid descent from topnotes to middlenotes is as difficult to discern to the nose as trying to slow down the image of a lightning bolt to the eyes... there is the omnipresent "frootloops" accord, but that might just be the civil war of floral vs spice overpowering each other in 32x speed... The only image I can conjure up would be twenty ghosts jabbing at me in rapid succession, each and every one coming so close to manifesting an absolute image before being replaced with another fleeting whisp... As the avalanche of "WTF" rolls down into flat terrain the dichotomy of this fragrance is magnificently apparent, and yet the chaos continues to distort any real chance at fully understanding the experience... Try to imagine... Twenty people are running in one direction, but all the while they are weaving in and out of each other... some people fall down along the way, but they are quickly picked up and thrown back into the maelstrom that is the collective stampede... All of a sudden, without warning they all come to a grinding halt... you have roughly ten seconds to try and identify their shrouded faces, but before you can pinpoint anyone with certainty, their faces change, and they begin to run in the EXACT OPPOSITE DIRECTION... these new faces share the same random movement... it seems no one wants to draw attention by taking the lead... they are each content in the blurry exodus that is their raison d'etre. The worst part is by the time they have reached the finish line you are just too tired to congratulate the winner... even a couple hours after the race is over you are still contemplating what the hell just happened... all in all, while buying something blind based on the notion of an "imaginary flower", I received a generous helping of humility and yet another reminder that perception is absolutely subjective, and any attempts at generalizing a "scent pyramid" are useless... Another thumbs up for reminding me that I am a "noob"
24th March, 2009
jamdox Show all reviews
United States
Yes, an imaginary flower. The description gets very effusive, incandescent flower on another planet, yadda yadda, but I think CdG, as they so often do, hit their target. It really does smell like that.

It smells like a vibrant, bright purple flower, growing in the dark. It is sweet, captivating, and beautiful, but not awe-inspiring, for me at least. Nonetheless I really like this scent.

I only had a small sample, kindly provided by The Perfume House, here in Portland, but enjoyed wearing it during an afternoon barbecue. It's not very manly, at all, but it still made me feel very comfortable, kind and personable. It's my pleasure to recommend Comme des Garçons #3 to anyone seeking a lovely and unique floral scent.
03rd January, 2009
I like the concept of this fragrance. I like the fact that CdG tells you what they were thinking. If only more design houses would do that instead of just selling sex. Like is Calvin Klein decided to say "Obession for women was created for the old biddies". Anyways, the combination of notes smell like an ephemeral flower from space. It's very, very light but a thumbs up for concept.
06th September, 2008
rachelsf Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This fragrance is a little hard to comprehend at first... Overall, to me this smells closest to a light, watery, ethereal chypre. I think the chypre accord is there - citrus from the mandarin, woods and amber - particularly in the dry-down. However, its nod to chypre is more as a bearer of complex narrative rather than through any customary notes, which are displaced one exotic step before herbs, flowers, fruit, and spices thrown into the mix. It's incredible with this eclectic melange that the whole thing hangs together with such airy simplicity. For those most comfortable with quiet, aqueous scents, this has a definite intrigue and mystery that stretches beyond usual territory. CdG3 is pleasantly unusual and one of the brand's best offerings.
21st July, 2008
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If I could have the discipline I would wear nothing but this scent. There is little synthetic about this to me: it's a combination of floral spicy and earth notes. As organic as an imaginary flower. It's great for any occasion but best worn when you want to feel on top of the world.
21st December, 2007
nthny Show all reviews
United States
Green... Pink... Green... Pink... That is what my mind thinks of as I smell this.

Comme des Garcons 3 reminds me of a movie I once saw called Ma vie en Rose (My life in pink) which has a few scenes where the kid travels to a funny world where everything is made of plastic... plastic trees, the colors are uber minimalst, like a world made of Legos or something.

The opening is very grassy to me, sharp, VERY leafy, and actually, REAL and fresh, like the smell of a crushed leaf. Then as it dries down it obtains this very two dimensional nature, and ends up smelling like a synthetic flower which just adds that special CdG charm to the fresh green opening.
18th October, 2007 (last edited: 20th December, 2012)
I like it a lot, it's my favorite CdG so far and I've tried many of them. It's synthetic, for sure -- but in a modern, minimalist sort of way -- and that's a plus in this case. Great for hot weather. Smells like something the Bauhaus school would come up with if they did fragrances.
21st March, 2007
I just bought it and i have to say it´s just amazing, enough strong but really fresh, a balance between organic and synthetic can pick up citric notes and specially the Gingko note that is freshing and kind of juicy in a odd way and reminds me a fresh sliced fig but not as trong, and then i can smell kind of sugary gasoline?.
The perfume changes after one hour radicly and comes dark and woody sticky black,i couldn´t describe it,but,10 mt later comes completely fantastic, softy spicy and woody with a familiar smell of surrounding air of gasoline, yes gasoline but extremely pleasant,attractive and personal, my colleague from work wants to bite me every time i wear it:)
This perfume is very personal,give it a try and enjoy it!
05th September, 2006
Very fresh and green. It sometimes borders on too acidic sharp, but mostly stays enjoyable. I don't find it synthetic or nondescript, in fact I think it's one of CdGs most natural scents since it's so herbally green. The only note I can pick out of the ones listed is perhaps the bitterness of vetiver, that might be the note bordering on too sharp. It reminds me of the drydown of the lovely Sherbet Rhubarb.
14th August, 2006
I had to train myself to smell this — it takes time, practice, and a few hastily assembled brand new neural synapses to discover notes that are new to the brain. This fragrance is based on an interesting idea. It is open, light, nuanced, and approaching etherealness in an outer-space sort of way. It doesn’t remind me of anything natural until the cedar shows up quite a while into the fragrance. Until then it’s all synthetics — purposeful synthetics. The accords are pleasant enough in an abstract way, and the more I wear this, the more I have learned to appreciate its elusive nuances and notes. The listed notes in the top and middle of the pyramid are of no help to me because I really can’t pick out the ginko biloba or the Angelica, or the jasmine or any of the other notes that occur in nature. The base is more natural — it has recognizable wood notes, and incense, and amber. Cdg #3 doesn’t really send off a lot of sillage. It is subtle and has decent longevity. It took a lot of work, but I’m really learning to enjoy this.
12th May, 2006 (last edited: 10th March, 2008)
CDG never ceases to amaze! For all intents and purposes, this scent should not be for a man...I mean, it's not particularly masculine, it's very synthetic, most of the notes are unplaceable...yet oddly, it works...and works beautifully...this scent kind of picks up where Odeur 71 left off, but truly takes the concept of finding beauty in the unusual to the next level...

This scent is a stroll through a dream, fying through the swirling mysts of an alien planet, not unlike our own, but still primal, and pick a beautiful blossom, from the ground, it looks like no earthly flower has ever looked, an explosion of different shades of pink, green, yellow, white, and silver, the pedals thick and plasticky, sticky with a sweet raise it to your nose, and just as you inhale and your senses are filled with this very scent, your body submits to it's raputre, and at that very moment, you awake...and as your senses greet the day, the sweet smell still lingers on your body...
27th December, 2005