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Boring. I had tried this last year, and by the time I got home I forgot what it smelled like. I don't get melon or green notes, that may have pushed it into the unique realm, but it is just non-descript.
22nd July, 2017
I really enjoy the smell of this perfume despite the melon notes. I just got the RL gift set containing Polo Blue, and I was kind of expecting to never wear this, as I already knew the ingredients, and I can't stand the flavour of melon (which led me to believe that I'd despise the smell of it, too). When I whiffed this, I was pleasantly surprised because I actually didn't find it to be bad at all. The watermelon and cucumber are much more dominant than the 'regular' melon, and this is good, 'cause the smell of watermelon does not resemble the taste of it (at least not in my view). That means that the top notes are basically just very fresh and clean and not at all sweet and nauseating. After application, the basil, sage and moss start to be quite dominant, and the musk is also easily detectable. This is, in my opinion, perfect, because the scent does not become too sweet at any point, and it definitely stays masculine from beginning till end.

It's a really good everyday-scent, as it is not very peculiar and not very overpowering, but it has a very clean smell.

I never found myself to be a sports-kind of guy (I usually prefer elegant over sporty), but I actually really like this perfume even though it is sort of a sporty scent; but there is something classy about it at the same time (I guess polo is quite a classy sport, so why am I surprised?), so I find this to be a brilliant perfume for casual wear. I wouldn't wear it on formal occasions or on a date (I'd probably go for a spicier, woodier scent on these occasions), but I find that to be a positive feature because I love to be able to swith between scents.

As for projectivity/longevity I'm not the best person to ask, as all perfumes (except really low-quality ones, that is) last all day on me and maintain quite a good projection.

For casual wear: 8/10
All in all: 7/10
01st February, 2017
Great scent for daily / work/ casual wear. I used to love this to the point where to many people asked me what it was and then bought it so i no longer wear. But it was a great one while it lasted!
02nd January, 2017
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Very nice, now classic scent that doesn't resemble the original Polo too much. Polo Blue definitely has a nice, watery quality with interesting notes like cucumber and melon, covered securely in a mossy, slightly musky and woody base that can be worn by young or old wearers.
10th December, 2016
Polo fragrances do well on my skin. this one is a very unique one from the line. the melon note is my favorite and it lasts a long time. longevity is excellent! I get at least 10 hours from any polo cologne that I wear! this is my 3rd favorite from the line behind polo black and polo red.
01st June, 2016
Polo Blue smells very fresh and has a striking opening but settles nicely without too much power. A young, summer scent good for active wear. Never worn it before my trying today but instantly recognized it from smelling on others so it is not the most original scent.
07th December, 2015

PB is NICE and Classy like all RL the begining is very apt description.The Cocomber&Melon give you,news of a LIGHT&AROMATIC fragrances.

Afterwards it becomes quite FRESH and CHEERFUL.the notes are beautifully fact PB is in a mellow way.the base notes is Soft and Lovely on my is definitely Light similar a breeze.

Anyway this cologne is very pleasant scent for EVERYDAY use.A Good choice for a YOUNG man in HOT weather.The only if PB was a little strong,i like very much it but it still a Respectable cologne for me.


15th May, 2015
I owned a small bottle of Polo Blue when it first came out in 2002. I wore it almost exclusively spring and summer, and always liked it, but never replaced it, always thinking it was too common and generic. After gravitating amongst several newer aquatic fragrances, I've decided to go back to PB. I recently sampled it again and believe it to be better than many other fragrances of similar design that I tried. I particularly like the balance and unity of notes in PB, and the melon and cucumber accord stands up better on my skin than many other citrus and spice notes common to this genre. Additionally, the wife absolutely loves Blue and showers me with affection whenever I wear it. That alone is enough for me.
17th March, 2015 (last edited: 07th May, 2015)
This was my signature scent when I was about 19. The ad campaign with its nautical theme along with the blue bottle attracted me and I remember buying it without much hesitation. The scent is nice. It is soothing and sweet. It gives the impression of fresh cleanliness with a smell that is reminiscent of some soaps. It makes you smell like you just showered. It projects very strongly and will stay with you all day so I recommend not over-applying.
The Good: smells fresh, clean, sweet but not too sweet and inoffensive.
The Bad: It is very common and recognizable.
Overall: A solid choice on its merits alone, however you might know someone else who wears it and wears too much of it.
03rd March, 2014
Polo Blue is a wonderful, clean, crisp scent that is worth every penny! However....(and this is true for nearly all Ralph Lauren frags) the atomizers that come on these bottles are very sub-par sprayer's (wide, puffy, weak spray pattern) an therefore you're probably getting only half of the juice that you might think you are applying! This fact could lead one to assume that the product is weak or not performing well.

For a clean aquatic, I find this to last a good 6-7 hours on average which is very acceptable!

Can't go wrong with Blue, just make sure you apply it correctly and it just might be great for everyday use or even signature scent! (8/10)
21st January, 2013
Gorgeous, fresh soapy and fruity. A bit like Davidoff Game but less fruit. Love it!
10th November, 2012
It dries down pretty quickly on my skin. A fresh fruity scent which is categorized as aromatic-fougere.

I get a very pleasant combination of cucumber-melon contrasted against a base of woods and suede; and aromatic herbs play perfectly to fill the gaps and provide one of the best fresh scents produced by a mainstream house.

I don't wear it myself due to the fact that it is really over worn! But if it's not a big deal for you, then give it a try!

It has good longevity and projection. Overall: 7 out of 10.
17th July, 2012
My first cologne and the first one that stood out to me! I love this smell and it lasts literally all day
03rd June, 2012
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There was once a man that I was very keen on. For years I lusted after him, until one drunken night, I let my feelings show and ended up going home with him. Polo Blue was the fragrance he wore that particular night.

I remember feeling intoxicated by its aroma, (in a good way). It was fresh, watery, a little citrusy and a touch herbaceous. Despite the fact that he was already a sexy looking guy, this fragrance made him all the more appealing.

This scent is youthful, yet masculine. It has a somewhat soapy edge that tends to become powdery as the fragrance develops.

While some dislike the dominant cucumber note, I rather enjoyed it. I used to have a sample of Polo Red, White and Blue, and in some ways, these two fragrances are similar.

This fragrance seems really suited to the young, sporty types. Unfortunately after my night with the man in question, we never saw each other again, so in some ways this fragrance has become less attractive in my eyes, just like CK's Eternity did after a two year relationship ended.

Polo Blue, although very pleasant, has shocking lasting power. I was a little disappointed to find it lasting no more than four hours. Every now and then I'll spritz this fragrance on to a piece of card to remember him, and everytime I do, I keep thinking how fresh, comforting, Summery and sporty this fragrance is.
04th April, 2012
Think of the scent of the standard Polo colognes, as well as a few of the others, but with aquatic notes and a melon note.

It initially starts with fruity top notes, but dries into a spicy scent similar to the original Polo (while still keeping its aquatic scent).

It is overall pleasing and highly recommended.

04th February, 2012 (last edited: 14th May, 2012)
First of all, I live in a tropical weather region, in a beach city. I've been using Polo Blue for almost three years, everytime I can.

Well, I really don't understand why people say it has poor longetivity, because it lasts 6 hours on me at least. Maybe my body chemistry?

Sillage is not good, in order to smell it you have to be close to the wearer - but sometimes that's what you really want to happen when you wear a fragrance, right?

The fragrance by itself is great! It is deep, but not overwhelming. Women really love it and they will remember the scent when they smell it again.

Big thumbs up. I really like it and everyone around me too.
17th January, 2012
Polo Blue starts with a very bright and evident cucumber note associated with a fresh melon leaving a semi-sweet fruity aroma that basically means summer time! Lovely aroma if I may say. I must say that I do get a slight salty vibe with this particular fragrance but nothing annoying like in Sean John Unforgivable. Here things are in the right dose leaving as with a very good background.

Anyway, a very good summer signature scent which smells great but lacks a little bit of longevity.
28th December, 2011
Polo Blue is versatile, long lasting and have good silage. I would suggest everyone to use it conservatively. It's pretty linear fragrance wise not too many changes in notes even at the dry down phase. All in all its a strong fresh fragrance for everyday use. It's sophisticated in it own way and projects really well on my skin! damn fresh and women love for me.....a must try.......8/10.
24th September, 2011
Polo Blue is a light, aquatic, fresh scent that goes on beautifully, with a nice combination of melon, mandarin, tangerine and cucumber that invokes tranquility and lightness in its well measured and blended makeup.
The essence of this fragrance is Carlos Benaim's adaptation of Southeastern Asian traditions in using the cucumber in water to lend a light, cool and refreshing feel without overwhelming the essence of the light, aquatic concept. He certainly executes the opening with class and precision. Polo Blue is invigoratingly fresh and though somewhat tried in its formulaic pretensions, serves the wearer looking for something subtle very well indeed. The opening is one of the best in the business, a true magical moment.
It is only after 10-15 minutes, when the basil begins to push forward and overwhelm the angelic, light-weight opening that things seem a bit off kilter. The basil leans a bit harshly towards the synthetic against the melon and brings out the more sour qualities of the cucumber and leaves the geranium silent and somewhat wasted, bringing some discord.
Things start equilibrating themselves once the base notes come forth. The base is for many a bit too musky when blended with the suede and woodsy notes, but is quite pleasing regardless, sticking to its watery and light identity.
Polo Blue is a nice everyday option for those in moderately warm to mild climates and could serve well as a signature scent for the office or in places that require a certain level of subtlety. Its flaws are its lack of projection and longevity, which do tend to rely a great deal on the wearer and the circumstances. One can expect as little as two and as much as six hours but projection beyond the first 15 minutes quickly fades into a skin scent, suitable enough for professional and casual occasions but with no real assertiveness.
Still, Polo Blue has one of the great aquatic openings in the business and for that certainly deserves our respect and gratitude. But for those looking for a bit more staying power and value, Lacoste Pour Homme does much of the same things Polo Blue intends to, but with far more success and for better value. A nice aquatic nevertheless, but nothing essential beyond the classy packaging, the Ralph Lauren name and the beautiful opening.

19th January, 2011 (last edited: 13th February, 2012)
For me, this is the perfect scent for summer. I think the cucumber makes it for me. It becomes a very pleasant fresh scent without smelling like a bathroom product or axe deodorant.
12th December, 2010
I like the cucumber note in the opening. The aquatic tone is more on the "watery" side, versus the more grating and sharp (to me) marine accord. This is offset by a nice herbaceous/woody heart. It's a bit synthetic, yes, but it smells really nice, and is a great representative of the melon-aquatic trend of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Longevity is mediocre to poor on me.
13th August, 2010 (last edited: 25th September, 2017)
Polo Blue!! It's just GREAT
I really like this scent a lot, i love it
Fresh, clean and fruity!
I like a lot the smell of polo blue a good summer fragance
The only think I don't like about it it's the longevity
'Cause sometimes I get 3-4 hours and sometimes 6-7
But Overall nice scent!
And It's a fav of the girls
A really good compliment getter
I always get compiments qhen i wear it
11th August, 2010
I got my first bottle of Polo blue about 3-4 years ago.I like it but i think it looses it's potency after a while.I was about to run out and I stopped at Ulta on my way into work and the bittle they had on display seemed stringer than the one I had in my possesion.Great fresh frag.My only suggestion is but it in the smalles quantity possible if you really like this(to maintian the potentcy longer).A+
01st June, 2010
this is the one, the one cologne that smells fresh and inviting and does not give me a migraine, if your looking for a simple but great cologne that is non offensive then this is it. a must sample.
1.projection = good
2.versatility = excellent non offensive
3.lasts 8-10hrs on me
4. has become my signature scent.
5.would recommend to a friend.
6.good for anytime wear... because it's non offensive.
7.very clean smelling....oh did i mention non offensive.
07th May, 2010
i thought the smell is a bit strong especially with the melon, however an hour later, it settle to a calm fresh, not aquatic notes now , and that draws a lot of compliments from both guys n girls

i do not care what it is that they liked it, they just said it's so fresh and it ease on their nose, unlike other "charactered" scent that either give em a headache or repel them. Either way, i wear it cause others liked it, rather than the stupid Terre d'hermes where they repel you like you just stepped on dog craps. seriously, what makes Polo Blue good is the result it deliver, not how you perceive it, even though you are really an expert at sniffing and differentiating between a prestigious bottle and cat urine.
03rd March, 2010
I love all the crazy ... It's like a refreshing breeze ... a wonderful creator
15th December, 2009
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United Kingdom
When is an aquatic not an aquatic? When it smells like Polo Blue.
Slightly dated, oddly sombre cucumber and suede with rubbing alcohol. The mossy base is a really nice touch and quite unexpected considering the rest of the fragrance. I find this lends it a dependable and mature edge, unlike some other "fresh" frags which seem almost throwaway in nature. This is a serious scent for serious people, but because it's quite joyless, I can see why it's not especially popular anymore. I mean, it smells as if it could have come from 1976 rather than the early Noughties - why smell of maudlin leather and cucumber when you can smell of pineapple and calone? Being a young grumpy old fart, I dig that.

Longevity is very good at around 14 hours and the silage is close to the skin rather than scream in your face, which I think is nice for a frag like this. I like the bottle, and the atomiser, like all the Polo frags except Explorer, is very good.
Oddball, but ace. If it's the kind of thing that's important to you - women seem to really like this.
12th December, 2009
I loved this scent. My fav of the (4?) not including the Romance line. I used it fairly quick and had the bottle in the cabinet til a month or so back I took out the bottle which still had a tiny drop in it, ripped the cap and squirter out with a pair of pliers and put it on leaving the bottle on my desk to air out for a week so i could keep smelling it... I think they put cookies in it
10th October, 2009
The cucumber, and mossy scents hit you right away. A casual summery fragrance. Some nice fresh floral scents add to this. Sporty.
15th September, 2009
its excellent and its not only fresh and aquatic and hip, but its got lots of notes and a very complex scent

u get this stuff and u will not likely want to wear anything else it just smells that good
29th August, 2009