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Positive Reviews of Kouros Eau D'Été by Yves Saint Laurent

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A great fragrancce for hot summer days...a minty/herby fragrance that is fresh and refreshing...i can definitely smell the Kouros DNA...just finished a decant of this , but if I was to run across a bottle at a decent price I would snatch it up for my summer rotation...
30th May, 2017
Smells a lot like Kouros Cologne Sport, very slight difference in strength, but other than that, smae thing. It smells nothing like the original Kouros. If you have Kouros Cologne Sport, don't bother. Hard to find anyway. For more info see my Kouros Complete Set review thread.
23rd March, 2009
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United Kingdom
yep it actually smells blue - a great summer scent for men
27th February, 2007
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It actually smells blue. This is exactly what blue would smell if you could smell a color. The mint and artemisia and bergamot form a wonderfully refreshing opening accord—blue! It is quite subtle and well crafted—if only it lasted a little longer. The mid notes I get—rosemary and jasmine—are pleasant and adequate (more bluish-green than blue). The blue energy returns with the base, which is an excellently created accord of cedar, amber, and incense. To be very honest, I do not get the much connection of this to Kouros, but if I stretched my imagination far enough, I could draw a relationship to Body Kouros—like a twelfth cousin, three times removed. A very unique fragrance that doesn’t last long enough, but is a pleasure while it does.
03rd June, 2006
(2006 version) Citrus (lemon?) and mint over top the traditional Kouros basenote. The result: a much lighter more modern Kouros that isnt cloying and still does not stray far from its heiritage. Great stuff.
01st March, 2006