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Reviews of Traditional Cologne by D.R. Harris & co.

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United Kingdom
An orange-laden opening phase, and mainly orange it remains with over time a green fern impression being combined with it. Fresh, summery, well done and refreshing: a classic summer cologne.

With moderate sillage and adequate projection, the four hours of longevity are respectable for such a citrus-heavy scent. 3.25/5
04th October, 2015
Lo, Harris came with orange oil and musk. Lo, he beheld the peoples of the world and he spake to them thus: "Though ye are stinky and depressed, fear not. I bring ye a fragrance, pure, light and simple, to alleviate your burthen. Though ye stagger in sweat and despair, though ye strain your sinews in the tempests of this world, behold, I bring ye a fragrance. Sweet oranges ripening in the sun, the charm of soft musky shadows. Behold, I have melded them both in my art. Are ye not grateful? Nay, I cannot promise salvation, but for sure I can help ye along."
10th May, 2013
Basically your run of the mill Eau de Portugal scent. Citrus and orange in EdC like strength with poor longevity. Would be good for a summer afternoon or after the shower in the evening. Certainly can apply with a heavy hand and often.
24th October, 2011
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bokaba Show all reviews
United States
As Odysseusm says this is a traditional refreshing citrus splash. The opening is a sweeter Portugal type orange with a little lemon zing. The orange is supported by neroli oil and orange blossom, which doe down to a simple and somewhat animalic musk. Very similar to Trumper's offering.
22nd March, 2010
This is a basic refreshing splash citrus cologne. Its distinctive feature is that it has orange oil. This gives a lovely, orange-y note, like orange skins. This is not sweet. It is fresh and enjoyable. A light scent, it can be applied liberally and often.
21st July, 2009 (last edited: 31st July, 2009)