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Positive Reviews of Traditional Cologne by D.R. Harris & co.

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United Kingdom
An orange-laden opening phase, and mainly orange it remains with over time a green fern impression being combined with it. Fresh, summery, well done and refreshing: a classic summer cologne.

With moderate sillage and adequate projection, the four hours of longevity are respectable for such a citrus-heavy scent. 3.25/5
04th October, 2015
Lo, Harris came with orange oil and musk. Lo, he beheld the peoples of the world and he spake to them thus: "Though ye are stinky and depressed, fear not. I bring ye a fragrance, pure, light and simple, to alleviate your burthen. Though ye stagger in sweat and despair, though ye strain your sinews in the tempests of this world, behold, I bring ye a fragrance. Sweet oranges ripening in the sun, the charm of soft musky shadows. Behold, I have melded them both in my art. Are ye not grateful? Nay, I cannot promise salvation, but for sure I can help ye along."
10th May, 2013
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
As Odysseusm says this is a traditional refreshing citrus splash. The opening is a sweeter Portugal type orange with a little lemon zing. The orange is supported by neroli oil and orange blossom, which doe down to a simple and somewhat animalic musk. Very similar to Trumper's offering.
22nd March, 2010
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This is a basic refreshing splash citrus cologne. Its distinctive feature is that it has orange oil. This gives a lovely, orange-y note, like orange skins. This is not sweet. It is fresh and enjoyable. A light scent, it can be applied liberally and often.
21st July, 2009 (last edited: 31st July, 2009)