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24th December, 2017
Very vague lavender, fresh-synthetic. A workmanlike freshener, hardly a scent. Freshly-laundered shirt. Use for about 2 minutes and then ya move on. Gets sweeter in the dry-down, and to my taste tiresome. And then the vanilla hits and it's scrubby time.
06th March, 2011
This stuff smells good. just plain good. I always have a can of this on reserve for those occassions that just need a bodyspray or when i dont feel like impressing. For the price, this stuff can compete with some designer frags. This is a good entry level gourmand in my opinion.
29th September, 2009
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This was by far my favorite Axe scent (back when I used to wear Axe). I think it appealed to be because a) everyone I knew was wearing Pheonix, b) Pheonix smelled too soapy to me at the time, and c) it was sweet and seemed distinctive compared to other body sprays. I still think it's a pretty nice scent, and I have to give it credit for being the first product I wore solely because I thought it smelled good. Kilo singlehandedly sparked my interest in fragrance.
17th September, 2009
IMO, Kilo is better than Phoenix. Why? I think for what it does it accomodates the "deo note" and tries to do less: unapologetically vanillac and spiced, not aiming for complexity but compliments.
15th September, 2009
It is, in my opinion the best axe fragrance, but that is not saying too much. There is a problem with me and aerosol sprays and how they just are too overpowering with that chemical smell. It has a nice smooth texture that lasts pretty long and smells pretty good!
16th June, 2009
I am going to go against the grain here, this stuff sucks. The scent is weak and vanilla dominates it, and by vanilla I mean the Glade air freshener type vanilla found on the top of your tank of your toilet. Voodoo and Phoenix are much better offerings.
03rd October, 2008
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United States
Easily my favorite of the Axe scents, though their more recent Proximity line (Vetyver, Amber...) is certainly more "advanced."

A little drier and with more of a bite than Body Kouros, but otherwise I find the two are somewhat comparable and complement each other.

Like the powdery clean scent, and doesn't make for a bad deodorant in stick form, either. Really wouldn't mind if Axe wanted to make a proper cologne out of this some day so my use of the body spray could progress beyond the occasional thing post-workout.

30th July, 2008
Very gourmand (strong Vanilla and amber) and woodsy. Probably the most mature out of all the Axes. Not bad. I originally bought this as a bedroom airfreshner but eventually gave it to my brother. Smells much better on skin than in the air. (Figures, since this IS made as a deodorant.)
16th April, 2008
Leifer Show all reviews
United States
Not a bad kiddy scent, good for junior-high boys who want an uninteresting, safe scent. Straight sugar with no development or contrasting notes to give it depth; chicks like it because they could wear it too.
19th December, 2007
Like everyone else says, this stuff is a chick magnet! Every girl I talk to regularly has brought it up. Smells almost like real cologne, but still has that deodorant aspect to it.
25th December, 2006
like all Axe products love the sent had the lasting power. On me all the Axe products literally last depending on which one I use anywhere from 5 mins to an hour. I mean I love all the Axe sents they need to come out with a cologne or at least an after shave.
25th December, 2005
By far the best of the "cheap" scents I've used. Before discovering "real" cologne, I would wear this scent either alone, or with a touch of Axe Voodoo for a nice added complexity. I've gotten many positive comments from ladies about this scent from ladies, but nowhere near the amount I get when I wear my Ferrari #1 (my daily scent) or my Creed scents. Be aware that these cans don't last very long, and you may be better off buying a good cologne and wearing it conservatively. You will also quickly appreciate genuine cologne's rich complexities in aroma, something woefully lacking in these "drugstore scents."
19th August, 2005
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Oh My God yesterday at school 3 girls asked my what I was wearing. I was like Axe, Kilo. They were like hey wear it tomorow, so i did. All the sudden all of there friends were sniffing me (blush) but they all said it smells good not to heavy like the other axe products. I totaly recommend this product, and when they say, "Caution regular use of this product may cause close incounters", you better belive it.
04th June, 2005
Axe Kilo is to be honest a chick magnet. I don't know 1 girl who dnt like it. Anyway it's the same as Lynx Africa (UK), Axe Africa (EU), Axe African Amber (S.Africa/Middle East) & Axe Native (S.America).
04th August, 2004
Second best Axe fragrance behind Phoenix. I recommend these to guys who arent cologne wearers but would just like to smell good for a date or just to work. I think they're a great idea.
16th January, 2004