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Neutral Reviews of Axe Kilo by Axe / Lynx

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It is, in my opinion the best axe fragrance, but that is not saying too much. There is a problem with me and aerosol sprays and how they just are too overpowering with that chemical smell. It has a nice smooth texture that lasts pretty long and smells pretty good!
16th June, 2009
Very gourmand (strong Vanilla and amber) and woodsy. Probably the most mature out of all the Axes. Not bad. I originally bought this as a bedroom airfreshner but eventually gave it to my brother. Smells much better on skin than in the air. (Figures, since this IS made as a deodorant.)
16th April, 2008
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United States
Not a bad kiddy scent, good for junior-high boys who want an uninteresting, safe scent. Straight sugar with no development or contrasting notes to give it depth; chicks like it because they could wear it too.
19th December, 2007
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like all Axe products love the sent had the lasting power. On me all the Axe products literally last depending on which one I use anywhere from 5 mins to an hour. I mean I love all the Axe sents they need to come out with a cologne or at least an after shave.
25th December, 2005