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This magic forest
Dreams of wood, water and bats
Ev'ry life a sign.
04th August, 2017
Easily one of my most favorite Cartier scent (at least in the "unisex" category)!

EdCC is an aromatherapeutic scent for me: The yuzu and violet really shine, giving this a definitely tangy "green" vibe that could be worn by either gender (though I as a man find it to lean slightly towards masculine). It evokes feelings of energy, liveliness, and confidence that inspires me to "carpe diem."

Wish the potion would last longer, though. Carrying a small sample sprayer of EdCC has helped me to refresh it mid-day (the original bottle is a bit large to carry in the pocket, LOL!). Compared to the original spicy Eau de Cartier, I prefer this version. Tastes vary, though, so I'd suggest testing it first to make up your own mind (it's easily available for testing at Nordstrom's and Neiman Marcus). Long live EdCC! ;->
15th January, 2017
Violet leaf has become a much-maligned thing in perfumery for its association with the beautiful but un-modern Grey Flannel, its starring role in most of the bombastic Lempicka line, and its rampant use in countless faceless-fresh masculines over the last decade. For me, this rendition of Cartier's lightest masculine is a breath of fresh, purple-tinged air. Although it can come across as overly synthetic, especially in high heat, the opening burst of amber-sweetened violet countered by a hint of coriander is incredibly fresh and uplifting. Most surprisingly, this normally fleeting sort of accord lasts a solid hour, earning high marks from me. Afterward, the scent dries down rapidly, leaving a cedar-amber 'almost vanilla,' much like the powdery almond-like residue of Cartier's Must Pour Homme, with which EdCC shares several bodily similarities.
Though I wish this was longer-lasting I suppose that would defeat the purpose of creating a pretty, light-weight scent. I have found that spraying body and clothes at intervals keeps the show going in a brilliant way, as the musks in this one aren't strong enough to really build up and become oppressive. Nothing spectacular, but this one makes me happy.

After an evening wearing Grey Flannel on one hand and EdCC on the other on a hunch, I am convinced Cartier wanted to basically relaunch the 1976 classic with its own modern twist. Gone is the characteristic galbanum and the rich, milky sandalwood, but the remainder is like the apparition of the former after the corporeal had been discarded. It will never be as good as its precursor but I see it as a pleasant homage to the original champion of Violet.
16th June, 2014 (last edited: 17th July, 2014)
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Concentree has a better lasting power and the violet note is not so loud as it is in Eau de Cartier. Elegant and classy, this fragrance is suitable for most occasions. Definetely a must have. Thumbs up!
30th December, 2012
Apart for the synthetic opening that turns marvellous after a while, this frag is good and airy. It is like open air. I liked the spicy and bitter accords. Good lasting power. Just a bit too masculine for my taste.
09th September, 2011
Well, the initial smell begins expressing exactly the color of the liquid in the bottle. Green!

A priori we have an explosion of green notes, giving the feeling of young leaves, but nothing vulgar. The smell stays on my skin for about 30 minutes and soon after comes the middle and base notes, and its here that the fragrance captivated me!

Throughout the fragrance, I could felt it changing to a more gourmand scent. It became sweeter and a little bit spicier, but in a very subtle way, where deep down inside we have the woods, which lasts throughout the middle of the fragrance. It is noteworthy also that at this stage is where the fragrance comes to pass that feeling of cleanliness, like we were just out of a bath.

Anyway, a must try for anyone who likes green fragrances with a hint of spicy.
21st August, 2011
Like some reviewers said before, Eau de Cartier Concentree opens green and floral. I can smell violet for a long time and this note makes Concentree to be a more feminine scent than unisex.
Despite of being more suitable for women than men, this is a great cologne, very fresh and clean. It also lasts long and has a good silage.
Thumbs up!
07th June, 2010
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
A very fresh woody oriental, I would say, though a little genre-bending is evident here. I like this quite a bit, even though it's not my usual style; I think the freshness and the juxtaposition of acontextual notes is the main reason. It also helps that the persistence of the coriander helps make the drydown amazing. This is especially nice in warmer weather, but anytime I want a bit of a lift, it is a welcome break from heavier, denser concoctions. Simplicity and transparency have their charms.
15th August, 2008
I love it A LOT especially for its long life, great silage and suave, refined notes. All these traits are usually hard to find together. I have tried pure perfumes that last much less than this EDT. It is quite amazing. My only problem with it is that it feels a little too modern and too unisex for me. I wish it were an exclusively WOMANLY perfume (I don't like unisexes) but then again, it it was, it would not smell like this. All in all, great fragrance!
10th January, 2008
Very light, green, and woody and there's nothing wrong with that is there? Of course not! While being crisp and classy the coriander and nutmeg in this fragrance are prominent enough to give a bit of spicy warmth while not weighing down the fragrance. The bottle mentions 'leaves' as an note, I wouldn't be surprised if one of those leaves was mint.

This scent carries itself almost like a Creed sans ambergris, it is very light and well mannered but long lasting, at times it seems to disappear to the wearer although it is still going strong.

On a somewhat negative note, this fragrance does resemble a bug spray I once used. But the scent of the bug spray would have been rather pleasant if the actual petroleum based insecticide was absent.
13th July, 2007
nthny Show all reviews
United States
This is as crystaline and clear as glass, and with a celery-like sharp greenness: green notes whizzing around on the first inhale. Think green leaves, grass and the lime scent of Yuzu, with a dusty powdering of amber and very light colored dry wood element. There's violet leaf in here, too, which adds such a crisp, cool, refreshing element to the composition. It really is very well-balanced and very uniquely clean without being immature or simple. This is another fragrance which to me is all on its own which is always very exciting to me (though Creed does greens well, none of them are green in this way)... to see fragrance designers stepping off to the side occasionally. With this fragrance I imagine the wearer walking confidently knowing he or she is wearing something different, and that alone makes EdC Concentree special. In its category (clean, green fragrance - its cristaline crispness being unmatched) it is very worthy of a thumbs up. 4/5
22nd May, 2007
Very fresh and green with a twist. A twist of what you may ask. truth is, I dunno. I just know that this is sufficiently unpredictable to make me smell different things each time I wear it. Never fails to get compliments. i love my husband wearing this too. Very sexy.(The perfume, not my husband)!!
18th May, 2007
Clemmie Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I absolutely love this fragrance and I get asked about it whenever I wear it. I wish I had kept it a secret, as all my friends have now started wearing it, rendering it not quite so special any more. I like to layer this, I can't get enough of it.
27th March, 2007
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One breath of EDC Concentreè will literally cast a spell on willing victims. I should know…I’ve been under the power of this formula for quite some time. After 2 years, I’ve just now taken a break from wearing and obsessing over EDC…and when I say “cast a spell,” I mean that quite honestly. I’ve been followed by women and men on subways, on the streets, at the beach, the theatre, sitting by the pool, walking the dog…all wanting to know one thing…what potion did I have on that was causing them to lose control of their senses? It’s a very heady trip. I do understand that many of the Cartier fragrances lack depth. However, the people’s olfactory senses have spoken on this one. It’s a truly unique scent that gives unexpected pleasure beyond one’s wildest visions.
19th January, 2007
Smells like something you wear to church, not "great", but not as bad as people keep saying it is especially when it drys down.
12th January, 2007
Bittersweet, fresh, green woody smell. Distinctive and classy. Unusual, without shouting it in your face. Exudes a calm mature energy. Extraordinary.
22nd August, 2006
Smells like you just took a shower under a waterfall in an amazing rainforest, with catherine zeta jones, Exotic, and not too many ppl wear it. Worth THE MONEY
02nd August, 2006
Wonderfully uplifting and inviting. I love it from the first juicy splash all the way to the drydown. Beautifully smooth, clean and sexy. Doesn't smell like everything else, but isn't avant garde either. To me it's classy without being "old." I tend to like most Cartier scents. I find them to be real quality.
18th October, 2005
This one is so classy, so refined. I usually wouldn't wear tangy scents (esp. unisex ones), but this slightly masculinized version of the original Eau De Cartier made a believer out of me! ;) The lime and peppery elements evoke confidence and energy...sort of like aromatherapy. It lasts a fairly long time, and I am never tired of smelling it throughout the day. I noticed that Versus Time For Action smells a *lot* like this one, except for the longevity!
29th January, 2005
I love it--I oughtta, I spent way too much on it last weekend. I discovered it while pining for Declaration, but now I like it much better. It smells like lime at first to me, and smells different from other colognes. I also like the floral component. (But WHY is everything I really like unisex?! Hmmph!) Everything Cartier does is great.
01st June, 2004 (last edited: 04th June, 2004)