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Negative Reviews of Diavolo by Antonio Banderas

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United Kingdom
A general citrus opening with a leafy undertone - that is how it starts. The drydown contains floral components with a fairly mundane patchouli, and the base turns out to have hints of woodsy notes with a light, sober and slightly sweet musk impression.

The sillage is soft, the projection limited on my skin, and I get seven hours of longevity on my skin. Overall this a a very generic and unexciting scent, and more than extremely unobtrusive - it is weak and boring. I am hovering between a neutral and a negative score, and its thorougly dull and unexciting nature tilts it towards the negative. 1.5/5.
24th October, 2015
weak, and there is a note so bad that almost doesn´t worth
horacio from buenos aires
07th March, 2007
Nothing diabolic about that, i expected a goth scent and got a cheap synthetic essence rminding rather of a bunch of crazed, ill-smelling monkeys throwing around with coconuts rather than the prince of darkness. Affordable, but worthless imitation of exotic fruit, poor, overwhelmig replacement of vetyver- and bear in mind that i am a fan of vetyver scents and the sensation of forest and herbal notes they create, provided they are high quality, this resinous, warm touch- which, by the way, is completely sweetened and overdone here, reminding of old macho types and their tons of low-quality tobacco and hair oil exhaling from their dated clothes and greasy hair. Besides this, the feeling, wich one unfortunately gets in even more upscale "tropical" scents like Kenzo Jungle, of being drowned in a bath of sweeeeet coconut oil by an army of monkeys. This
one is the last way i would picture a " satanic" smell, which would have to be, in my opinion, more sophisticated and multidimensional, and a good proof that Banderas( even if he just borrowed his name in order to cash in) should stick to movies.
11th April, 2006
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The Spanish T.V. marketing for this perfume presents Antonio Banderas leaving a train and two old men asks: Y ese quien es (who's that man)? and a beautiful model with sparkling demonic eyes answer: Ese es el diablo (He's the devil).

You must do the same, avoid this fragrance like the devil avoid the cross.
15th March, 2006
Nothing special... more a deodorant spray than a cologne. Flower top notes... I don't remember the base notes, it had a very soft drydown.
24th November, 2005
I agree with Konstantin, it's staying power is weak... I thought it's too floral for me.
19th September, 2004
Not very long lasting. Nice scent - reminds me a lot of Farhenheit.
03rd March, 2004