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Positive Reviews of Diavolo by Antonio Banderas

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Very good fragrance, sweet, and lasts like forever. And it's not expensive at all, i got a set of 50ml fragrance+150ml (i think so, or 200ml) body spray for about 10€. For this huge quality i say the price it's too decent.
It has a a nice hypnotizing scent.
I still own this, my bottle it's like 75% full.
I recommend this from the bottom of my heart! Very amazing!
09th February, 2012
Smells exactly like CK man but for a third of the price. Starts out very spicy, but then dries down to an almost rose scent. Very appealing. I like it.
19th October, 2009
now i do not consider myself a fragrance connoiseur as much as some of the other people here, and yes, the fragrance doesn't cost £100, nor is it a niche product. however, it smells good! once it heats up, it provides a very mysterious type of smell, with good projection. thumbs up.
10th February, 2009
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