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Grapefruit is such a problematic note because it's got that weird green vomit undertone. Paradisi pairs it up with currant, with its cat pee undertone, and surrounds it with kitchen herbs and musks.

In a way, it's gross - the first hour or so is an awkward interplay between fun, fruity grapefruit and horrifying ick. But if you give it time, it all comes together to form a smell I can best describe as lemon candy mixed with soap mixed with Elmer's glue mixed with random houseplants. Yes, it's weird, but strangely compelling, though it's a matter of personal opinion whether it's worth the horrors you have to sit through to get there. I'm voting neutral, because I can take it or leave it, and because the clashing undertones here are nowhere near as bad as I've smelled elsewhere.

Oh, and if it helps: For anyone looking for a straightforward grapefruit scent without the pee and vomit, the only one I've found is Jo Malone's Grapefruit, a candy-sweet clean take on the note.
05th September, 2017 (last edited: 17th September, 2017)
A pleasant enough citrus with some herbal and most of all animalic components. Thumbs up for the scent, without a doubt, but I am trying manfully to overlook the contradiction involved in producing something this risque with EDC concentration. Why not release it as an EDP and stare down the critics with your best poker face?
03rd September, 2017
There's something lurking in here that does not belong...I fear others are wearing it and not realizing what they smell like. The only way I can describe it is a concentrated halitosis. Terrifying.
01st May, 2015
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An utterly refined eau de cologne, soft, fresh, cozy but shady at the same time, with a citrus accord on mossy woods, a hint of chypre (musk) and a subtle floral accord (carnation, lavender?). Classic but distinctive and mature, dense, aromatic, zesty and invigorating but with a remarkable slightly dark and mysterious allure, almost gloomy and quite austere – more than other more predictable "only-fresh" colognes. I'd say it comprises quite many typical British suggestions – halfway "barbershop" and "Edwardian decadence", with the cozy freshness of a English garden. Nothing new (well, just a bit), but really pleasant and classy, with a decent persistence. Can't go wrong with Czech & Speake.

25th June, 2014
Genre: Citrus

Paradisiacal indeed. Grapefruit is a challenging note in perfumery, since along with its irresistibly bracing tartness comes a vaguely sulfurous, unclean undertone that can recall stale sweat or urine. Successful grapefruit scents like Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune typically get around the fruit’s fetid aspect by pairing grapefruit with bright, crisp floral notes. Citrus Paradisi take just the opposite approach and embraces the sulfurous, dirty side of grapefruit, reinforcing the fruit’s animalic tang with conspicuous doses of cumin and civet. The result is a paradoxically fresh/animalic accord that has parallels in scents like Eau d’Hermès, Déclaration, and Cologne Bigarade, but with grapefruit in place of orange.
11th June, 2014
Very strange. At first, after the beginning (a mix of citrusy and rosemary notes) I felt like some sweat smell, not very pleasant, I must confess. After this, I got used to wear it and appreciate the drydown, rather bitter and agrèable. Not an easy EdT, anyway; C&S has done better things.
14th October, 2012
After reading the description, I was expecting some grapefruits, but in reality I've got a smell of a cheap old-fashioned aftershave... A real Thumbs Down, and I rushed to wash my pulses with soap immediately...
01st April, 2012
A really awful grapefruit scent with something fecally unpleasant lurking in the background. It smells like a public restroom toilet that has been cleaned with detergent. A truly horrid fragrance, yuuukkk!
17th January, 2012
A nice citrus opening composed predominately of grapefruit. The coriander begins to make its presence shortly thereafter. The grapefruit remains subtle, but detectable throughout. After a couple hours the oakmoss begins to dominate while the citrus is very subtle. Overall longevity is ok at 4-5 hours. Overall a nice fragrance and well done, but it is something that I like, but not love.
13th September, 2011
A lusty creature that pairs grapefruit with a torrent of civet. There’s a little sage drifting through, and some oakmoss undergirding the scent, but the eponymous fruit is dominant. The drydown is best, once the grapefruit has shed its citrus sparkle and turns increasingly sulfurous. Citrus Paradisi is probably as boisterously randy as you can get within the genre.
29th June, 2011
Grease your wet hairs with a citrus flavored ointment when you're freshly shaved and while wearing a classic fougere and you'll get an idea of what Citrus Paradisi is all about. Animalic (boatloads of civet) and dirty/fresh. Challening, compelling and anusually classic. Try it if you dare...
04th June, 2011
Citrus Paradise work on me like a classic citrus fragrance. They seem to have done the typical transition to the citrus opening, fading it to a mossy woody base, since citrus notes are famous for being volatile and not lasting so long at skin. The opening is a blast of what seems like a blend of grapefruit, neroli and just a hint of the green bitterness that petitgrain has. The spices join the citrus aroma very fast, and there is also of a lavender aroma that gives a fougere-like impression for a short time on me. Then, it goes to a mossy-woody, of typical amber and patchouli that you used to see in 80`s male fragrances, but a little less chemical and more natural. Altough it seems sort of common, it`s well done and today it`s hard to find citrus fougere spice fragrances like this one.
03rd February, 2011
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
I agree that Paradisi focuses on the sweaty, less than savory aspect of the grapefruit essential oil rather than its tart nature. C & S used top quality ingredients as usual and it certainly shows (rumored to have real oakmoss and ambergris). The opening is dirty the middle becomes leafy and green whilst the civet shows itself throughout most of the progression. Too dirty and uneventful for me. I like Creed's Orange Spice more fondly for this type of spicy/citrus/animalic "urinal cake" type scent. If it were me, I'd of chose bergamot and orange instead of or at least coupled with the grapefruit.
11th January, 2011
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A big disappointment after 'Cuba' (or maybe it is just my skin that makes it so bland...). The top notes go away too fast and leave me with the cheap-soap smell. It brings back childhood memories though - my grandfather used to have some cologne water with the similar aftertaste.
14th June, 2010
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United States
Serious, serious grapefruit going on here. Then there's the clary and coriander, and a Creed-lite ambergris dry down.

Czech & Speake has a funny approach here, and it may fit certain personalities very nicely, but I can't help but wonder who would really want to smell like this. Something about citrus followed by sage is a little dull. Something about bold grapefruit being the citrus seems like it's trying too hard to be subversive, but only in a vanilla sorta way, like a high school kid who sneaks out through his bedroom window in the middle of the night to meet up with his buddies in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts, and maybe have an iced coffee. Citrus Paradisi isn't awful, but it's pretty pointless. And for the $$ it's a joke.
04th June, 2010
This could have been better off as titled, "Sweaty Armpit" and sold by Demeter Fragrance Library. At least then it'd be an amusing gag gift.
20th April, 2010
them folks have been talkin'bout rubbin' tupperware and stuff into skin...Now dig this - there are some substances in nature which are called cadaverines(and are basicly some aminoacids).What they do is actually create a smell of a putrifying corps when the process is actually happening after death of a living creature(mostly a non aquatic mammal).This smell is very very distinctive and once you smelled it (at some point in your life) you will never never EVER! forget it nor confuse it with anything else.And what i'm getting with this particular Cz&S is a far away echo of a tint of that cadaverine smell - no really,it is in the middle.Ok it's not like the whole scent is putrid-not at all.But what i think the perfumer has done here is he slammed some die-hard patchouli in this fragrance which somehow in combination with grapefruit gave this very odd,kind of bitter basenote of death.Now that's what i call "a daredevil" of a perfumer.
A very original fragrance,rather on a male side than female(i really dont want to imagine any woman wearing this,and if one still does,then she must be the miss controversy herself).I also dont think a man would ever attract any positive attention from them women with a scent like this one here but rather would make them wonder what kind of a man he really is(in a mysterious way).So this scent is great but pretty much reserved for some daring and alternative-minded public.It really should be called "the Grapefruit of Death".
05th January, 2010
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United Kingdom
I expected sorbets after a sweaty day on the beach, a sensual, coastal civet/ambergris base. Unfortunately on my skin the tart grapefruit mostly disappears within minutes and I am left with the aforementioned fecal, urinary and halitosis elements.
30th December, 2009

A polarizing fragrance, it seems. Well, count me in on the thumbs up side as far as the opening is concerned, but two of three thumbs down when we get to the middle and the base. I understand that the initial grapefruit note has to be somewhat doctored because the clear and straight-forward citrus notes do not last very long… and in order to make them last, they have to be presented in combination form that reduces the purity of the citrus. I think that the perfumer did a brilliant job in the opening’s grapefruit note. It is rich and full and long lasting and I’m willing to believe that it’s an adequate citrus / grapefruit note. Thumbs up for the opening! But when the middle and the drydown are reached, the minor sins of the opening become magnified into major problems as far as I’m concerned. The accords of the heart and base are just too plastic for me. I smell like I have rubbed my skin with Tupperware, and that’s something I conscientiously try not to do. Of course maybe it’s a skin reaction thing, but it’s pretty clear that neither my skin nor my nose likes most of Citrus Paradisi.

04th December, 2009
To me, this is citrus heaven and oh, how aptly titled, Citrus paradisi. it's juicy, sumptous, effervescent lemon in its opening to a greener mids and a powderty soft, cloudy base. im not sure how this could possibly repel people. it's an citrusy elixir, straight from heaven.
07th October, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
This transcends any ideas of a bright happy summery citrus based scent -- this is a deep, serious take on the genre, which is utterly sexy and completely brilliant. I know of EDP's that fade quicker than this and the sillage is wondrous. John Stephen is a genius and shows what is achievable in perfumery with a few basic notes.
21st July, 2009
DULLAH Show all reviews
United States
I'm a citrus lover.
And I generally like classy and aloof scents.
And don't mind earth or dirt.

This is a huge dissapointment for me.

If you like dried up grapefruit peel, with no sense of juiciness of the fruit, and very little refreshment, layered with a very common-smelling and bitter early-80's masculine scent. This is for you.

I was expecting a refreshing grapefruit note with something dirty and earthy in the base. Instead I got bitter, dried up peels, and a very un-dirty, rather formal, and rather stern base that I have smelled before in late 70's and early 80's masculine scents.

Both thumbs down.
16th July, 2009
JDE Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Wish I liked it. My skin made sure I really didn't. Obviously a clever and very well made fragrance, but not one I could ever really wear. If you like it on a blotter, as I did, please try this on your skin before purchasing a bottle.

Wee Paradisi :(.
14th July, 2009
nice clean citrus - decent longevity
02nd July, 2009
A sharp grapefruit opening, about one minute of peace and calm, then a civet note kicks in to make it more surly or intimidating than most grapefruits frags. Best comment? It's better made than Memorie d'Homme by Ricci. Worst comment? It's not intimidating, just mildly annoying. Pass.
29th April, 2009
Sigh...quite, quite awful on me. The civet stays too dominant and tips over into the smell of urine. I guess it could work if your skin type brings out more of the sweet/tartness of the scent.
20th April, 2009
boring lemon (very bitter grapefruit?) which smells like a cat for me or something lemony to cleaning bathrooms, longevity is below avg., not so good as cuba, dark rose and my fave no.88 from C&S

UPDATE: (now neutral) I really appreciate this now but...
its "late shower and bed time scent", and I still cant imaginare myself wearing CP during day
07th April, 2009 (last edited: 28th March, 2010)
This, in-my-opinion, is the best of the samples that I received from the highly respectable Czech & Speake. I agree with jathans in regards to the opening. At first when I smelled this sample I thought this wasn't my "cup of tea" as the opening reminds me of one of those classic barber shop scents with a hint of citrus. However, once I forgot I had it on, my nose was receiving one of the most pleasant aromas and it turned out to be Citrus Paradisi's dry down which involves one of my favorite notes, Oakmoss. For the drydown alone, I am giving it a Thumbs Up. But, I do not know if I would want to wait out the opening as I am the type of guy who prefers to enjoy the whole composition of a fragrance!
06th April, 2009
I prefer my citrus frags to be clean and fresh, this carried a bit more funk than I'm comfy with in the opening. It gets better as it evolves but I can't get over the dirt...
03rd April, 2009
Not an especially pleasant grapefruit opening. When it thankfully fades, there just isn't a whole lot left. Very weak bottom. Weak sillage, no longevity. Not bad, but my least favorite choice from Czech & Speake. I agree with Caltha, huge (not great) top, no heart, tiny base. Not representative of the quality of the house's other fragrances, in my opinion.
31st March, 2009