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One of the best powder bombs out there.

Clean, classy and classic. Just wonderful!!!
09th January, 2018
I felt pressured when I originally bought it and wasn't a big fan. Now, 6 years later, my taste has changed and I love it. Prada seems to always give Guerlain a run for its money when it comes to masculine powder scents.

As many others have mentioned, this one is packed full of soap and powder. It really smells like a bar of soap found in a hotel.

Longevity is great and the scent is completely linear. If you like it after the first spray, you'll be satisfied 8 hours later as well.

22nd September, 2017
No idea why this is called Amber

There is no Amber note in it, also you can replace every single note in the pyramid with soap .

This is a nice soapy scent and probably the nicest soapy scent I have sampled after infusion d iris by Prada .

A few people I work with have said it smells like an old lady though lol.

This is a nice one for when you don't want to offend and just want to smell clean and fresh , very nice but very boring.

Lasts a long time and has the right projection for this scent, moderate to good.

6.5 / 10
13th August, 2017
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YouTube reviewers like to call this "soap in a bottle". More precisely, this is nice shampoo in a bottle. I say that because it smells polished, sterilised, filtered, a bit sharp under its muskiness. And once you move beyond the opening notes there really are no notes that have a substantial link to naturals.

It opens with one of the great designer openings - an impressive burst of clean cardamom, neroli and low-key citruses that are nondescript, zestless and candied. There's no doubt this opening is designed to instantly seal the deal at the counter.

The drydown is a clean, somewhat powdery musk overlayed with a masculine floral combination that smells like a perfumer's pre-mix. There's tenuous links to geranium, jasmine, orange blossom, lavender, accented by a hint of an aromachemical which I guess is meant to be the saffron. But really it's just all a big blob of clean, shampoo-ey pleasantness.

As for the other listed notes, patchouli, Vetiver, suede, tonka bean, vanilla - I don't smell them. Certainly not in the way they are effortlessly presented in some of the finer works in perfumery. As for Amber, this would have to be one of the most misleadingly named fragrances ever. Apparently the bottles were labelled well before the perfumer was done with their edits.

A neutral rating because the opening is well worth experiencing, and because it's competing against a lot of rubbish in this price segment. But the drydown is a little grating in the long term if you are the type who pays attention.
13th July, 2017
Really nicely crafted fragrance from Prada.

Amber pour Homme has a classy, relaxing and warm feel to it, thanks to the wonderful notes of tonka, patchouli, orange blossom, saffron, suede, and cardamom. Neroli and vetiver liven things up in the base, and overall ApH just strikes me as smooth and so wearable on most occasions and weather conditions of the year.

30th April, 2017
Smells like expensive soap or baby powder. That's the best I can describe it.

Very nice fragrance. Still trying to figure how/when to wear it or if it's for me.

Thumbs up for now.
19th January, 2017 (last edited: 24th January, 2017)
Tested Prada Amber Pour Homme in Macy's and fell in love. Prada Amber Pour Homme smells like high-quality soap and is a charming scent. May lean just a tad feminine for the first few minutes, but no question Prada Amber is a man's fragrance. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a clean, fresh scent guaranteed not to offend even the most discriminating nose.

Lastly, Amber Pour Homme is its own fragrance and well deserving of a place in any serious fragrance collection. I would not hesitate to add Prada Amber Pour Homme to any collection that already includes Prada Infusion d'Homme and Mugler Cologne, two other great soapy fragrances.

Smell 10/10
Projection 6/10
Longevity 8/10

08th December, 2016 (last edited: 12th December, 2016)
Clean and pleasant to the nose from the first splash. And quite modern and unique I would say too. Can't really compare it to any other fragrances.

And what I read in the reviews is true. It smells like luxurious shower gel.
22nd May, 2016
Soap in a bottle!

Now, there's nothing wrong with soap. It washes away dirt, it keeps you clean. It's great. So Prada here under the direction of Daniela Andrier on the theme of Amber, an imaginary accord composed of Vanilla, Benzoin and Labdanum. I get all of these in different variations. I also get neroli and orange blossom (used quite a lot in soap) as well as geranium, an ingredient used in men's soaps of the past. This is also combined with myrrh and patchouli, sandalwood, coumarin, and hints of cardamom.

Overall, it's a great achievement. Even though I identify it as "soapy", it is is an incredibly high and good quality. It's worth the money. Because it's a long lasting fragrance that develops from a clean burst of elegant, expensive soap, into a wonderful second skin scent. I cannot recommend it enough just for this fact alone. Great longevity and above all, elegant. For the price it can't be beaten for freshness, cleanliness and elegance. It may be soap in a bottle, but it's probably the best soap you've ever had.
04th April, 2016
Ugh, this WAS on my wish list. A friend gave me a 10ml atomizer of it to sample. Extremely synthetic throughout, and smells like a urinal cake when first sprayed. Floral yet very medicinal like. Harsh. Eventually dries down into this floral/citrusy mess on me, with no real direction. I think the patchouli has no business in there, to my nose this is what really kills it. I've given it all day wear 3-4 days in a few weeks time and just can't stand it.
01st January, 2016
High quality scent. It smells like an expensive soap. Not a clubbing scent, perfect for work or school.

15th December, 2015
This smells like a bathroom to me.

I see neither creativity nor uniqueness in this fragrance.

Projection: 7/10
Longevity: 6/10
11th November, 2015
That mix of grape drink and Windex that's in everything - usually I hate scents that use those, but Prada Amber pretties them up with a lot of upfront white flowers, sparkling soapy ginger, and a subtly peachy old fashioned butterscotchy amber. There was a 99% chance this would turn out terrible, but somehow they got the mix just right and it's actually quite beautiful, clean and bright but also rich and complex. The creamy cinnamon tobacco basenotes are fantastic as well, though I wish they were more concentrated. A surprise thumbs up for actually making me enjoy those overused pedestrian topnotes.
03rd November, 2015
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From a sample... Very modern, unconventional fragrance from Prada that is subtle, yet a bit daring in it's own right. PApH is a soft citrus-floral fragrance that wouldn't be out of place on a woman's dresser, laundry room or shower soap dish. The fragrance is promoted as a masculine scent, but could easily be unisex or even feminine without striking forward in any definitive direction.

From the opening you get a soft citrus-floral that quickly combines with a patchouli-tonka bean middle, giving the fragrance a decidedly clean and fresh feeling. The laundry and hand soap analogy is fair, but not entirely accurate IMO. There's a faint hint a soft leather in the background and perhaps a spice, but the scent dries close to it's opening through out.

I really like it, although it may be a challenge for those who want to project masculinity. It has a certain class of refinement to it, and it's definitely unique, at least to me. I'm not sure I would wear it very often, because it seems better suited to formal dress than my profession requires. However, I give it a Thumbs Up none the less, but would encourage a trial before purchasing.
25th August, 2015
So unique. Unbelievable fragrance. My go-to suit and tie work scent. I suppose it smells like soap, but not your typical bar soap like Prada's Infusion D'homme. This is so smooth and rich, with a deep floral and hint of spice, and lasts the entire day. 8-plus hours easy, every time. Absolute classic.
14th May, 2015

Great professional scent.this is one of the best in my is very nice,sweet.clean and unique freagrance!

I've wear it in the summer and in the really seductive and hot.It's longevity is amazing on my skin.

On my opinion it is at the same time modern and suitable for romantic momenets and then office use!
Prada is in High Quality for collecsion.

Thank you PRADA.

11th May, 2015
Love this stuff! Makes me feel so confident. What I love about Prada scents is they do not give me a headache. I am making this my signature scent. Works great with my body chemistry. My wife really like the way it smells on me as well. I tend to get more smiles from the opposite sex when I wear this scent. Maybe because I feel so confident. This stuff smells like success. I have an hour drive to work and it is a pleasure to smell the dry down. So complex... Most complex scent I own. Wear this with dressy clothes and feel like a million bucks!
13th February, 2015
All I get is a bubble bath scent :/

I can't figure this one out.
09th October, 2014
Maybe for men but definetly unisex. I can see why some think this is femme because it has this...powdery and perfumy smell/vibe. Quality florals and very soapy, Prada does soapy cleans scents like no other. I can see a man who wears this dressed up/suit and it smells very professional and clean smelling. However, this is definetly signature scent worthy for any time of the year for a man and woman.
27th June, 2014
No idea why people are mentioning reformulation... I got a bottle not even a year ago and it's great.

Some say this smells feminine.... I guess.... if you think the smell of bath soap is feminine, then maybe. I don't smell anything feminine or decidedly masculine, just smells soapy fresh, much like gendarme, another one of my favorites. agreeing with a previous review, it works well as a soapy clean scent as well as a work of olfactory art. zen like in it's simplicity, but by no means bad. a modern masterpiece that in my opinion will be considered an all time classic for eternity.
16th May, 2014
Lots of comments here referring to a soapy smell, but it's really more like fabric softener. If you want to go around smelling like an overdose of scented laundry chemicals, you've come to the right place. A lot of fragrance fans crave that effect now and then, no doubt. There are worse reasons for wearing fragrances. This one works on both a utilitarian and fragrance artistic level. You'll handily accomplish the fresh laundry scent goal, and veer into genuine high-quality fragrance territory. You can do far worse in the territory of designer perfumery. This one's worth the midrange price point it's currently at. Wouldn't be surprised to see first edition bottles going at increased prices someday. Beautiful packaging and high-quality juice often equals candidate for cheapass reformulation and repackaging. Get the good version while it's still out there.
01st May, 2014
guess it was reformulated, sillage was heavier, the smell richer and rounder...
24th March, 2014
The perfect office scent.
06th March, 2014
Over all I like it. It was a gift. I can't say I would buy another bottle of it when I run out. It's powdery but it is enjoyable to wear when I'm in the mood for it. Lasts about six hours or so on me. Haven't had any compliments with it but I do enjoy wearing it.
16th February, 2014
Walk into your favorite barbershop. Get a trim. You deserve it. Bit of the old shave too, eh?

It's summer. Your barber's door is open. Every once in a while, you get the smell coming in from Saffron's, the new Indian joint that opened up next door.

It's getting rather frequent customer traffic as the shave continues. "Think I may try that indian food" you say to your barber, as he finishes up with the shave.

Prada Amber PH. There ya go.

20th January, 2014 (last edited: 28th January, 2014)
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United Kingdom
Amber? On my skin? Where? A bit of citrus, vanilla, soapiness, very close to my skin, gone in less than two hours.....A mirage of a scent.
18th January, 2014
the cleanest soapiest scent on the market! prada amber makes me think of expensive soap and baby powder. it lasts forever on my skin with decent projection. A must buy if you ask me. Also has a very nice dry down. Quality juice.
One of my signature scents.
projection 6/10
longevity 9/10
smell 10/10
15th January, 2014
Top-loaded with generic ‘masculine’ citric swill, the heart of this fragrance is in quite a different place. Which makes one wonder why the citrus opening was grafted on as it doesn’t harmonize at all.
Eventually this perfume settles into soap – triple-milled and luxurious no doubt, but ho-hum. Whirling in a haze on its horizon is the real core of interest – a ball of sweet myrrh, saffron and cardamom – that could have been superb had it come into focus. As it is, only the cardamom eventually lends it milky spice to the soapy abundance. Pleasant, easy to wear but entirely unadventurous perfumes like this make me itch for a feral oud or a deep floral.
However, I must add that a friend who wore this regularly always smelled huggable. Probably because perfume experienced on others is a somewhat indistinct waft, one barely goes beyond ‘nice’ and ‘mmm’ as descriptors – it’s different wearing it yourself, where all the shades of any particular beast are evident up close.
08th December, 2013
Soapy and Floral

I tried this in Sephora and liked it enough to buy a little 9 ml online. After several wearings, I still like the clean, soapy vibe, but I've decided it's also a little to floral for me. Very high quality from Prada, but also definitely unisex rather than masculine. If you are one who puts on a frag then wonders if it's too feminine, you probably won't like this after a while.

Pros: Clean, soapy, long lasting
Cons: May be too feminine for some"

26th October, 2013
Soapy goodness

From 07 to present, I was and still am, in a niche phase. And in doing that I overlooked something I wish I was wearing seven years ago. Amber pour homme is a very clean elegant take on amber. Cardamom is a dominant player here, never cared for it before, but now its very pleasant to my nose. Patchouli and labdanum provide an earthy quality and prevents this from becoming a sweet, spicefest. I love this stuff. I've been wearing it for 4 days in a row and plan on wearing til they discontinue it.

Pros: Spicy clean smelling
Cons: None"

02nd September, 2013