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Neutral Reviews of Prada Amber pour Homme by Prada

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Prada Amber pour Homme seems to have an identity crisis when I wear it. For the first half hour or so, it's like an interesting variation on the Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum theme. After that, each time I catch it in the air, I will get one of two things - A nice manly, fresh, semi-spicy, earthy, balsamic blend or just straight up sweet baby powder and flowers. These two identities never seem to intersect, which is frustrating. Nothing about this fragrance smells bad or wrong and it is clearly well crafted and imaginative. There's a lot about it that I absolutely love but the love comes and goes in fleeting moments.

I can't rely on you, Amber pour Homme, so I must leave you behind. I will take some great memories with me.
07th April, 2018
No idea why this is called Amber

There is no Amber note in it, also you can replace every single note in the pyramid with soap .

This is a nice soapy scent and probably the nicest soapy scent I have sampled after infusion d iris by Prada .

A few people I work with have said it smells like an old lady though lol.

This is a nice one for when you don't want to offend and just want to smell clean and fresh , very nice but very boring.

Lasts a long time and has the right projection for this scent, moderate to good.

6.5 / 10
13th August, 2017
YouTube reviewers like to call this "soap in a bottle". More precisely, this is nice shampoo in a bottle. I say that because it smells polished, sterilised, filtered, a bit sharp under its muskiness. And once you move beyond the opening notes there really are no notes that have a substantial link to naturals.

It opens with one of the great designer openings - an impressive burst of clean cardamom, neroli and low-key citruses that are nondescript, zestless and candied. There's no doubt this opening is designed to instantly seal the deal at the counter.

The drydown is a clean, somewhat powdery musk overlayed with a masculine floral combination that smells like a perfumer's pre-mix. There's tenuous links to geranium, jasmine, orange blossom, lavender, accented by a hint of an aromachemical which I guess is meant to be the saffron. But really it's just all a big blob of clean, shampoo-ey pleasantness.

As for the other listed notes, patchouli, Vetiver, suede, tonka bean, vanilla - I don't smell them. Certainly not in the way they are effortlessly presented in some of the finer works in perfumery. As for Amber, this would have to be one of the most misleadingly named fragrances ever. Apparently the bottles were labelled well before the perfumer was done with their edits.

A neutral rating because the opening is well worth experiencing, and because it's competing against a lot of rubbish in this price segment. But the drydown is a little grating in the long term if you are the type who pays attention.
13th July, 2017
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All I get is a bubble bath scent :/

I can't figure this one out.
09th October, 2014
guess it was reformulated, sillage was heavier, the smell richer and rounder...
24th March, 2014
Top-loaded with generic ‘masculine’ citric swill, the heart of this fragrance is in quite a different place. Which makes one wonder why the citrus opening was grafted on as it doesn’t harmonize at all.
Eventually this perfume settles into soap – triple-milled and luxurious no doubt, but ho-hum. Whirling in a haze on its horizon is the real core of interest – a ball of sweet myrrh, saffron and cardamom – that could have been superb had it come into focus. As it is, only the cardamom eventually lends it milky spice to the soapy abundance. Pleasant, easy to wear but entirely unadventurous perfumes like this make me itch for a feral oud or a deep floral.
However, I must add that a friend who wore this regularly always smelled huggable. Probably because perfume experienced on others is a somewhat indistinct waft, one barely goes beyond ‘nice’ and ‘mmm’ as descriptors – it’s different wearing it yourself, where all the shades of any particular beast are evident up close.
08th December, 2013
Starts off smelling a little too feminine for me, then just smell like soap.
12th March, 2013
It's average to me. Just soap. Has to be perhaps the soapiest of them all. Not a big fan of the genre.
08th December, 2012
I'm new to the world of fragrance. I'm still learning all the different notes, what they mean, etc. Here's what I know: the olfactory system can stir up images/memories. When I sprayed this on my wrist, I liked the smell. I felt a sense of calm comfort. image disturbed me. When I had my wife smell it later, she had the exact same reaction. She really liked the smell, made us both think of our grandmothers. Not the reaction you want out of a cologne.
13th August, 2012
I'm testing Prada APH today, and I'm just not quite sure about it.

It's not a masculine smell, but also really not feminine either. Others have mentioned that it smells rather soapy, and I think I can somewhat agree with that. To me, it smells a bit old-time-y and not even unisex so much as well... Asexual.

During the first hour of wearing it, it conjured up a feeling of being very well dressed and sitting in a private dining cart on a vintage train. The air of the train slowly filling with the scent of a little box of individually wrapped victorian powdered lavender candies gifted to me by my septuagenarian companion for being such a smartly-dressed and well-mannered grandson.

This brought on something else that I have to say I've never had that happen before:
When I first sprayed it on this morning, I was planning to wear something casual and sporty in either yellow or blue, but after about 15 minutes of wearing Prada APH, I felt like I absolutely *HAD* to change into something befitting the scent, and thus left the house in a more formal gray and lavender.

03rd July, 2012
When I first looked into this fragrance I thought...hmm. Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla....some of my favorites! And since they are in the middle notes, they will be there for the bulk of the scent life as well. I was wrong! This is different than the notes imply. Like others say...everything blends and what you are left with is something much more linear and its soap, soap, and more soap. I get a slight hint of Vanilla mixed with a base of Vetiver but overall its a very unique and the rest is mixed to the point where they cannot be distinguished. Now i give this a neutral review because it is soap. You may love the smell of soap, I do on occasion. If you do this is for you but be warned that it is very strong. so much so that it burns your nose a bit on a big wiff. very strong soapy clean smell. hidden behind is vanilla vetiver. thats what you are getting. It is too strong of a soap smell for me but for others they love it. It is a quality, unique fragrance and deserves high marks. I'm not against giving a good review to a high quality, unique fragrance even if i personally would not wear it.
20th September, 2011
Opens very soapy. Dries down to a oriental woody scent.
Nothing special. For the slightly formal occasions. Gentlemen fragrance.

Projectivity is bad. Longetivity is average.
09th September, 2011
My nose interprets Prada Amber as smelling like women's makeup (powder or powdered foundation perhaps). As such, it comes off as overtly feminine to me. If one could create a makeup-scented soap, that would be Prada Amber. It doesn't necessarily smell bad, but it's not something I would want to wear.
03rd June, 2011
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Very laid back, classy tone. Actually TOO subtle for my usual tastes. I felt like I had to put it on ever couple hours throughout the day though. Good for someone who doesn't like the heavy scents, as this is probably the lightest thing I've ever worn.
08th December, 2010
I don't find this frag very femminie at all.It seems pretty linerar to me.The opening is very fresh.It doesn't seem to last very long(nothing does in my opinion).I usually keep my frags with me for reapplication especially at work.My co-workers don't mind.Like most scents I look for longevity, this doesn't have the best but I still like it.
28th May, 2010
Smells very sweet and floral, like others have said. Has a pretty strong presence, 2-3 sprays is really all you need with this. Sillage seems to be decent but I can't smell my own cologne very well after spraying it... Girlfriend gave me a compliment or two when I first started wearing it but nothing since then.

Was given to me as a gift, it's not bad, but I give it a neutral because I probably would buy something myself.
05th February, 2010
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Not the special, anti-designer fragrance it was toted to be—far from sophisticated. Certainly Amber is not aquatic, fresh, or even citric, but it is rather more of a mish-mash fougere that goes nowhere fast. Most reviewers cite a beautiful, rich, even expensive soapiness from hotel soap. Dare I ask what kinds of hotels they frequent? All in all, a cut above the usual riff-raff of designer fragrances—just not every far above.

22nd October, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)
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United States
I really wanted this one to work. It reminds me of artificial grape stuff--(ie gum). it does not really smell like grape, it is what I would picture a grape barber soap to smell like. its like someone is trying to put a new artificial spin on something natural. This one really irritated my skin. I felt like my skin was burning. I originally bought this for my brother for christmas, but returnd it after the aftershave was destroying my skin in fear of the same effects on him. John Varvatos Rock 1 is fairly similar to this one, only not as long lasting. If you really like the barbershop smell, go for Givenchy Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude, it is what a new age barbersoap scent should smell like.
Overall, I liked this fragrance but it worked horribly on my own skin :/
01st August, 2009
An occasionally enjoyable blend of textures, that has most of its highlights in the first phase of wear. The opening is well balanced, and provides a fresh and animated phase that feels almost floral in construction.It was an interesting notion to have the creamy vanilla seam in the middle notes, but I am not entirely sure that this works.The drydown lacks impetus, and has little personality of its own to make this phase truly noteworthy. This fragrance doesn't quite pull off what it tried to achieve, but I enjoyed the attempt.
20th March, 2009
It's not bad, but not all that good, I"lectrashave"
24th September, 2008
Yes, women WILL wear Prada Amber. If you are someone who likes leathery, black colognes...this is not for you. It smells like expensive laundry detergent, very soapy.

My gilfriend who likes Varvatos, Aigner Black, Declaration, Dolce... cannot stand this particular scent.

However, on a more objective note: it is extremely well made. While I do not necessarily like the type of fragrance, it is nevertheless an extremely well made one. That much is clear.

Only wear in the evenings. Apply sparingly.
21st December, 2007
There are a lot of substantial elements here (incense resins, essential oils, woods), and the overall impression is one of great richness. It starts off deep, sensuous, and verging on the decadent. It never relents from that opening. The fragrances are lovely and even compelling; however there is no crispness or counterpoint offered. Ultimately it overwhelmed me! I want to reiterate: this is not a big, obnoxious scent. There is much to like here, too much in fact. Reading the reviews below is an interesting experience, since some complain about the cool or minimalistic aspect. I had the opposite reaction. For me it was maximalistic! After five wash-offs, I was left with a lovely fragrance that I could appreciate: before, it was simply too much for me. Different reactions, different skin types, different personalities. Sample it for yourself and see... it is a learning experience!
06th February, 2007
I agree: This is a sweet scent. I particularly look for that in a fragrance, so this even beats Prada for women. I like it, though after having heard a similar remark about it smelling like soap...I might pass or leave in the bottom of my list (in which flowerbomb remains number one)
26th January, 2007
Why did I buy this? Others comment when I do wear it how "clean" and "soapy" it smells. I guess it is just not potent and unique enough for me. Disillusioned.
19th January, 2007
It's "nice" but a little too sweet for my man. Would suit a metro type personality very well.
07th January, 2007
A little too powdery, and wears off too fast. Not for my taste anyways...

But with 70 Gift Sets off the shelves in a month... i'm not too sure anymore.
01st January, 2007
I was expecting something more sensual with this one. It smells unique enough, distinguishable, but sadly not remarkable. All I got out of this scent was Lavender, Cardamom, and Vetiver, held together with Amber and Musk. Linear, but surprisingly long lasting. Strange too was the pricing. $49 for the regular bottle, $68 (I believe) for the weird spray nozzle mechanism. Regardless, it's different, long lasting, but not my cup of tea.
26th September, 2006
Prada has an amber barbeshop feel that wears very close to the skin. This juice is understated and it seems to vanish quickly. If you like soapy scents, you'll enjoy this one.
26th September, 2006 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
Four words....


I guess it smells ok...but JEEZ, I was expecting much more than scented water.
24th August, 2006
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United States
The new Amber pour homme by Prada was a big disappointment for me. How a prestigious fashion house can make such a mediocre fragrances is hard to understand. Do not get me wrong Amber pour homme is not a bad fragrance - it is just very, very average. Lack of character simply put. The fragrance opens up with an array of floral notes that are all over the place and has a slightly feminine touch. Intriguing so far, this eventually settles into an amber note that is mixed with geranium and successively fades into a woody basenote that can only be described as ”fluffy” or undistinguished. Sadly, IMHO here is where Prada amber pour homme dries down into nothing but very ordinary. This has been done so many times before. Sprayed on skin this fragrance has a somewhat limited staying power and one has to apply rather liberally to be able to smell anything after 8 hours. I am having trouble believing that it took two years to come up with this fragrance alone. The explanation for the mediocre result here has to be that patchouli pour homme and musk pour homme are going to be released by Prada/Puig in a very near future ;).
04th August, 2006