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Stardate 20180302:

Proteo Profumi made a great fragrance called Pandora Pour Homme and was branded under J Casanova. It did not do well so they rebranded it a few years later as Mediterraneum.
Same fragrance and same bottle (different color cap - Maroon vs Blue)
Coming to fragrance - a masterpiece. This one links Balenciaga PH to YSL M7.
They both had oud (synthetic or otherwise) and so I am assuming it has some too.
It is an orientalish fougerish fragrance.
02nd March, 2018
Dated but nonetheless viable relic of a cologne that apparently had switched hands between companies (settling with Versace to the present day).

Mediterraneum does have a fairly pleasant aromatic fougere quality to it, better reflected in Opium by YSL, IMO; but by today’s standards, it seems fit for nostalgic wearers only. Requisite elements of orange citrus. florals, herbs, spices, woods, and musky-amber are present.

The sensation is fairly heavy from spray-on and forward. Doesn’t smell cheap, just antiquated.
02nd May, 2017
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United Kingdom
This opening blast is very well done; a mix of bergamot, orange and tarragon with an aldehydic undercurrent that holds them together very nicely. This is not a full-in-your-face opening blast; it is a tad muted but nonetheless a lovely summery mix of top notes.

The drydown continues the traditional pathway with the emergence a moderately sweet vanilla and never really moves into the foreground on my skin, and is complemented by the addition of a pleasant jasmine. This is mingled with a floral mélange of geranium band carnation, and this floral character defines the heart notes well.

Already gradually developing in the middle phase, woody and ambery styrax notes move into the fore in the base, and entail a shift into the darker and edgier sphere, underlines by a darker but not-too-harsh patchouli impression. At that stage it starts losing intensity and richness, and the base peters out slowly. Nonetheless, this base shift towards the darker region makes this an overall more somber creation; a characteristic it shares with Versus.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Very nice on cooler summer days, and composed of high-quality ingredients without ever being too generic. 3.5/5.
15th June, 2016
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Back when I was a naïf before discovering Basenotes, this was my signature fragrance. I absolutely loved it and wore it nearly every day for a few years. As I discovered frags for real, I came to see this as an embarrassment and abandoned it. Recently, however, I suffered a twinge of nostalgia and picked up an inexpensive copy on eBay. After testing for a couple of weeks, I've come to a new view about this fragrance.

Med opens with lots of orange, rich, sweet, juicy oranges that are done really convincingly. There are floral notes in the background and they quickly overwhelm the orange with aldehydes. The notes just speed through with this fragrance, in moments, even the floral notes are gone, replaced by woodsy notes and very nice geranium.

This fragrance is sweet, not in the sense of a gourmand, but sweet nonetheless, there are no dry or bitter notes to speak of. Even the woods are done sweetly. Despite this, I don't find it cloying. It's not an overwhelming sweetness, but, the notes are not balanced by anything to counter the sweetness. In a way, this is not a very challenging fragrance, perhaps this was what attracted me as a beginner.

The sweetness starts to dial down with the addition of rose and ferns, but the vanilla base appears at about the same time, somewhat blunting what could have been a neat transition. As it continues into the base notes, sandalwood appears and it looks like it's going to end up as a typical comfort fragrance, a warm, sweet mixture of vanilla, sandalwood, amber, and patchouli. It's heading straight for thumbs middle territory.

Then something happens to change all that. The frag suddenly starts turning green and much dirtier. Styrax and benzoin make their appearance along with what smells to me like a dirty musk, though the note is not listed. The sweetness is not gone, and the two sides move back and forth in terms of prominence as the scent continues to dry down. The animalic qualities of the frag make it far sexier than its early notes would suggest. Suddenly, the scent goes from merely comfortable too interesting, and a bit daring and dangerous. The dry down offers a delicate balance between sweet and dirty that I find really charming and compelling.

While I remembered the oranges and the sweetness of the opening, I didn't remember this surprise ending from my earlier wearings, perhaps reflecting my general cluelessness at the time. Old me bought it for the sweetness, present me will continue to wear it from time to time, not out of nostalgia, but for the nifty dry down. Thumbs up.
11th January, 2015
Smells like a light version of Le Male mixed with some bright citrus when you first spray it on. After about 15 minutes, pleasant spices start to develop. This has good projection. I smell the spices from a distance, light Le Male when I put put my nose close. Lasted about 3 hours on me before it faded down. I can see myself wearing this from time to time.
04th August, 2011
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United States
The amount of follow-the-leader played by the designer fragrance market is disconcerting. At the time, Mediterraneum seemed like a Minotaure ripoff with its featured note of sweet orange. A decade-and-a-half later and this looks like more of an individual compared to the current landscape.

I'm not especially fond of the opening of Med, nor of the orange-heavy center section. Where Mediterraneum shines is in the drydown. Like a well-crafted story that seems a bit scattered until the final sentence ties it all together - the drydown presages, by three years, the drydown of Opium Pour Homme.

I could go with a neutral thumb, but for the cheap price and the solid longevity and nice drydown, I'll give this the benefit of the not quite reluctant thumbs-up.
04th February, 2011
I wanted to say that Mediterraneum isn't a good name for this fragrance, but then I remembered that I've never left the US and perhaps it is a good name. It's great stuff, regardless of whether or not the name is appropriate. Every description here is accurate. This is a big, sweet, spicy orange. There is also some patchouli and light woods underneath, and although the patchouli doesn't seem that noticeable, it really is steering the ship. It's what causes this fragrance to stay out of the "light," so to speak.

So as fantastic as this is, there really is another question at stake here. Due to the fact that this is discontinued, is it worth seeking out and becoming attached? Is it worth the risk of getting a watered down bottle from a scammer on an auction site?

I don't know yet, but I have a listing in my favorites.
10th October, 2010
Good thing I never saw any advertising for Mediterraneum to provide me an unfair bias. And even if some of the reviewers mentioned it can be bought cheaply online or everywhere else, it's certainly not a fixture here where I'm from, in fact I found this on the bottom shelf of an obscure frag shop. Cheap notions aside, this is a great fragrance from Versace, a great take on citrus. It's not a bright, sparkly concoction, as many citrus frags out there have been doing's a dark, heavy citrus that isn't cloying, like an orange that has been left out in the sun -- its opening hook is just right to bring you in, revealing a deep middle that continues to entice. On the description, it was made for / or modeled by Fabio, and interestingly enough, it might as well be. A big masculine citrus scent that doesn't take any prisoners, but isn't too brash to turn off people. I only have a 50ml bottle; it might as well be the only 50ml bottle I have that I want backup bottles of immediately.
06th April, 2010
I love this stuff. Bought my bottle at Bendels on clearance at least 10 years ago and use very sparingly because sometimes I want something lighter.... also a little goes a long way and on me, lasts all day. This is a spicy/musky/patchouli to me, reminds me a little of the Tom Ford White Orchid. I think it is geared toward men, but I wear it also (for ref I love Tea for Two, Hadrien Body Cream, Cristalle edT and The Pour Un Ete). I don't know what they were thinking with the marketing, but it definitely doesn't seem to be a "Fabio" type of scent. I see that they are a bargain on ebay now so will probably try a bottle to see if it is the same stuff. My bottle has a blue plastic cap with a little metal look over it. I'm surprised how little info I can find on this. Would also love to know more about the Mediterraneum Donna if anyone has tried it.
15th April, 2009
Wonderfully strong. Like a huge spicy orange. Cheap and good smelling, how could you go wrong? (Other than it doesn't last long) Still love it.
26th May, 2008
Yes, it's true -- the "dry down" IS very reminiscent of Balenciaga. Cheap on eBay, and worth every scent. Great for anyone on a budget -- warm, deep, only a tad of a longevity issue.
22nd October, 2006
I bought this blind, not caring what it smelled like, just because it's been discontinued, found large bottles for cheap on eBay, and a well liked scent by members here on the Basenotes forum. It starts off fresh, yet warm and vanillic, then devlops to a warm, woodsy character reminiscent to Balenciaga Pour Homme, but smells much more refined. I think it's an undeniable, unique, classic. Regardless of the fact that Fabio was the face that promoted this scent, it heralds a class that exceeds the paperback/celebrity scent image and makes it a truly well crafted scent that should be sought out by a true fragrance lover.

Find and get it while bottles of it are still around.
21st May, 2006
I'm not sure if I'd use it on myself in public, but I'll cop to spraying it on my pillow and sleeping especially good - my slumber replete with dreams of attractive, swarthy men. I guess that's a good review of sorts. Oh, and I bought it on ebay for like 18 dollars. I'll probably buy it again once this runs out, since my boyfriend has been stealing it when I'm not looking. I suspect he's trying to move in on my relationship with pillow.
26th February, 2006
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One of the best oriental-woody scents I ever used. Warm, deep, aromatic. Starts very strong and intensive with floral and cedar (?) notes, middle is less interesting but the drydown is deep, woody, sophisticated and very nice.
19th June, 2004