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Neutral Reviews of Eau de Santal by Floris

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Floris Eau de Santal is a serviceable or everyday office fragrance, but not a true Santal or sandalwood fragrance IMO. Sandalwood isn't listed as a note, but the overall scent slightly conjures a sandalwood scent. The main them is a clove and vanilla, with the woody base supporting underneath. It gives the impression one would get from sandalwood, but since sandalwood is a difficult note to sustain, it works as well without it.

EdS is very soft in sillage and projection and doesn't last more than 3hrs with an additional hour of skin scent, which would keep me from purchasing it. A good scent none the less, but nothing more than Neutral from me.
06th December, 2015
Gucci Envy For Men anyone? A nice fresh/spicy oriental composition that's way too similar to the previously mentioned fragrance (except for the ginger). While you can still have the "original" there're no reasons to choose Floris Santal, but it could become a good replacement as Gucci Envy for Men has just been discontinued and it probably will become unavailable in the near future.
30th June, 2011 (last edited: 05th August, 2011)
It is a good fresh spicy woody fragrance. Light, natural and for sure very well made (In its own right). Smells classy and distinguished straight from the bottle. It developes into a very subtle yet rich blend of woods and light musk. Quite long lasting but wears extremely close to the skin.

Not bad, but eventually not my personal style at all. Way too quiet and refined for my tastes – kind of usual problem for me with these aristocratic British creations.
15th February, 2009
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I was annoyed with Floris that they discontinued Sandalwood, and because of that I was ready to dislike Santal… Didn’t work. I like it… not nearly as much as I like Sandalwood, but it is still a very good fragrance.

A sophisticated bergamot / green / spice accord opens up Eau de Santal – It’s an excellent opening rich and grounded: The opening immediately turns subtle and eventually moves to a spicy demeanor – pepper, nutmeg, clove, back grounded by a light lavender – I haven’t yet found the cardamom through several testings. The sandalwood is immediately apparent. I believe that it is more the creamy variety sandalwood than the aromatic, but and it is strongly supported by an aromatic cedarwood and frankincense that give it more body, breadth, and effusion. I didn’t think I would meet an accord this nice in Santal, so this is a pleasant surprise. The spices deliver but the wood takes precedence. I also love the richness and masculinity of the drydown… it is woody, incensy, musky, and a tad ambery: wood with a resinous tinge and a touch of sweetness. I think that I can see this as an Envy for Men that is more refined and subtle. It doesn’t have the Envy signature note in very much strength, but the supporting notes are quite similar to the background in Envy. Eau de Santal has limited sillage from my skin and marginal longevity so I won’t be purchasing it.

16th December, 2008
Nice scent. Like Creed's Original Santal but lighter which in turn means it a very, very light version of Joop! Homme. Also reminds me a bit of Cool Water/Green Irish Tweed (which also smells like JF). Overall, it's nice.
12th October, 2008
Thanks to a very generous Basenoter, I obtained Floris Santal a couple of months ago.

Floris Santal is my Sandalwood of choice. I don't care if they used natural sandalwood or synthetic ones: I think natural ingrediënts are overrated and more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. I care about perception and interpretation, and I like both on Floris Santal.

I first wanted to buy Gucci Envy, but Floris Santal - while very similar in nature - is more smooth, more creamy. Less aggresive, more refined. It does smell like an old man, but it's an old man with class.
11th June, 2008
I find Santal to be a warm, smooth, slightly sweet, woodsy scent similar to Gucci's Envy. Aside from the milky sweetness I can also detect some pepper and clove, but all-in-all it's a little too generic for my tastes. I'm also not sure it's any better than Envy, which makes me wonder if it would be worth the money. I guess if you are looking for something in the same vein as Envy but want something not as common, this would be one way to go.
28th August, 2006
I'm inclined to agree that this scent, while perfectly pleasant, doesn't really stand out in any way. It doesn't say anything rude or poorly, but it doesn't say anything distictive either.

The similarity to Envy is a fleeting one and this is a much more gentle and reserved scent in every regard. A light bodied oriental, if you will. Warm, cordial, and well mannered. It's a gentleman of gentlemen's scents. It just doesn't have that certain 'something' to capture my heart. But it's definitely worth trying. Your mileage may vary.

08th August, 2006
Ok, but where's the sandalwood? This is so similar to so many other scents out there that it's hard to be enthusiastic about it...and again, where's the actual sandalwood?
15th January, 2006