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Eau de Santal is the shy, more educated and sophisticated older brother of Gucci Envy.
While Eau de Santal is reading a book in his Oxford study room (Lady Chatterley's Lover, for science), his little more extravert brother is taking a ride in the woods with his dog, after his work as a gardener.
It almost reminds me as the less velvety, less sweet version of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme.
It is very rounded, smooth, not much sillage, nice drydown.
I get smooth lavender, spices, vanilla, all very smooth, not strong, but delicate and natural.
It can be used in every situation, it is so rounded, fresh, sophisticated.
I wish it was stronger. It can be a signature scent, it's made of good ingredients by the old house of Floris.
I bought it straight from their internet shop, came in a nice wrapped, ribboned package, and a nice sample.
Though, for 99 Euro, I will not buy again, it's just too quiet, nice for me.
I like it more loud.
projection: 7 (out of 10)
longevity: 8/9
overall: 8
01st July, 2015
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
Reminds me of LIDG

The first time I tried EDS I was underwhelmed, but after trying it again I am pretty impressed. It smells great, kind of reminds me of summer evenings getting ready for an exciting that calm before the storm. It actually reminds me of LIDG without the lipstick note.

Smells: Soft, flowery, powdery, yet with an undertone of aggression. I can't really describe the notes beyond the powdery sweetness.

Unfortunately, I don't think it's something that I would like to wear, nor is it something I'd like to smell on a woman, unless it is a much more mature or older woman.

Pros: Soft and subtle
Cons: Lacks sillage"

09th July, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Spicy vanilla

A smooth, lightly-spiced vanilla. Unlike many vanilla-dominant scents it isn't heavy, cloying, nor too sweet for non-teenagers. I don't know where the name 'Santal' comes from, I can't detect any. As others have noted, there's a resemblance to Gucci Envy for Men but Envy is much denser and Santal lacks amber and ginger. A heavily-diluted Jaipur Homme might be nearer the mark. Dubious comparisons aside, it's a versatile, office-safe, affable oriental, light enough to wear year round, with appropriate dosing. Longevity is good but sillage is low. I get 8 subdued hours from 5 sprays. P.S. this layers well with the inexpensive Crabtree and Evelyn Sandalwood, which amplifies the spice notes.

Pros: Versatile, good longevity
Cons: No sandalwood

23rd May, 2013
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Too masculine for me to wear, but I love this on my boyfriend: a classic pairing of vanilla and lavender, a male version of Patou's classic feminine, Moment Supreme.
01st October, 2012
It opens with a watery lemon which quickly gives way to a cardamom and nutmeg with a slight hint of vanille. It gets soft and spicy with the pepper and clove mixing in with the ingredients.

I find this very refined and restrained and would make a perfect office or anytime and anywhere fragrance. It smells really nice and I love the soft spice which is the "star accord" within this fragrance. The only thing I wish is that the volume of the fragrance was slightly turned up as it does feel to quiet for its own good. Nice fragrance though.
26th July, 2012
A lot of people like this one among sandalwood scents, but to me it's really an odd mix. Of all the sweet, vanillic sandalwoods, I recall thinking that this stuff takes the cake, going beyond the sweet concoctions of Trumpers Sandalwood and Truefitt Spanish Leather, though I'm not getting that as much this time. The opening is still reassuringly sharp, but with a very christmas-wreath sharpness and some leather underneath. There's a period in the mid notes where I find a surprisingly smooth and suave nutmeg, without its usual bite, and this fits nicely over the coniferous wreath notes. This phase is like a more refined and balanced Rocabar, with less vanilla. I thought I remembered cherry cough syrup emerging from the forest notes last time, but now I'm only getting smooth and slightly medicinal wood. Finally it hits me, though: some kind of unearthly mango or banana, the same that appears in spades in Lucky Number 6, making a sort of fruity oriental over the wood. It's much more restrained here, though, and doesn't upset the overall balance. If I didn't recognize this surprising connection, and a sudden similarity to Gucci Envy in the final base notes, I'd have just said Floris Santal is an unnaturally sweet woody oriental. Since I found those links, though, and especially the fruit component, I've warmed up to it as if I suddenly got where the scent is coming from.
15th December, 2011
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Eau de Santal is a creamy sweet woody blend with peppercorn and sandalwood notes. I find this one not having too many notes outright stand out, instead just mixing perfectly with one another. Sillage is pretty good in my experience, as is longevity. Very nice overall scent and the aftershave splash version is an excellent complement to the cologne. Just as an aside, this smells nearly identical to the Extreme version, so if you liked one, you almost certainly will like the other... they both have tremendous longevity on my skin. One of my favorites from the house of Floris, Eau de Santal earns an excellent 4 stars out of 5.
03rd July, 2011 (last edited: 02nd January, 2013)
Wow! I love this one. Exquisite. Light and refined; the lightness is not a fault, it is an aspect of its refinement, an attribute that adds to the character of this osphretic elixir. Floris Santal is similar but far superior to Gucci's Envy; I have always had my reservations about Envy and could never bring myself to be more than indifferent about it. Floris Santal, however, is simply a delight; envy has something to envy after all. Oriental's have always piqued the attention of my olfactory sense: this one is worthy of much attention. I enjoy the comforting whiffs afforded throughout its development. A select favorite.
08th January, 2010 (last edited: 19th March, 2010)
This is not a "toned down" version of Gucci Envy but rather a more refined one.

The sweetness of the heart is beautifully balanced by the peppery spice. Masterfully balanced this one is for the self assured gentleman who feels no need to scream.

23rd July, 2009
It instantly became one of my all time favourites. You can't get much better than Floris Santal... This is a glaringly beautiful, utterly refined and highly elegant fragrance. Its warmth and softness, combined with the depth and complexity of its development, place this magnificent cologne in the very restrained world of monumental fragrances.

The bright, invigorating opening burst of bergamot, although absolutely fabulous, doesn't really prefigures the magical follow-up. After a few minutes, the soft, almost delicate mid notes break through. The experience is one in a million... a pure, yet complex sensation of joy, uplift and sophistication enshrouds you in an almost magical mix of emotions. A delicate touch of spices prevent it from becoming cloying. Nothing is too much, nothing is too little, everything is perfectly balanced.

After about two hours, Santal turns into a woody, mossy, ambery, but still creamy and mellow scent. Even at this stage of the development, the fragrance conserves its soft, warm, calming nature. From start to finish, this is mere perfection.

The iconic house of Floris has fulfilled its grandiose reputation... again!
01st January, 2009
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
It does smell a bit like sandalwood, though there's none in the pyramid. Basically, it's the spices and the patchouli-oakmoss that make this scent. Bergamot is always a nice touch... I suppose this is technically not a chypre, because there's tree moss rather than oakmoss in it, but it kind of qualifies. I like this for cooler (but not cold) weather. It does seem to project a bit, but not excessively. It's warm and slightly spicy because of the clove bud oil and cardamom. Like many Floris masculines, it's "safe" for office wear, so I'll go with that for a casual Friday.
20th November, 2008
I picked up a small bottle on Jermyn Street after sampling the line. I usually aim for light, citrusy, fruity, aquatic fragrances and avoid orientals, or anything too cloying. But a little spice is nice, and this Eau de Santal convinced me with its beauty and restrained good taste. I should have bought more, because now I wear it regularly, liking it especially at night or when I'm dressed up. The accord is tight, peppery and natural. Manly, yes. Not very sweet and I'd say it's inoffensive. An elegant bottle from a fine, historic house.
27th May, 2008
I loves the stuff. I picked up a bottle off of Floris' site, 20% off, imperfect packaging, $35, 1.7oz. At that price it was a no brainer.
14th October, 2007
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A very nice classic, masculine scent, though I find Floris Santal to be an artistic rather than realistic interpretation of sandalwood. One of my favorites.
21st February, 2007
I bought this on Ebay pretty cheap on MMM's advice (review) and wasn't dissapointed. This is a very high quality scent much like Envy but of much higher quality with less longevity. I seem to be finding that many of the higher end british scents exude quality but lack the longevity of their comparable counterparts from France et al. I would put this on my top 10 list especially if you can pick it up inexpensively. Very special.
12th October, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
Good pure sandalwood scent that will leave an impression on you. Dry and not terribly medicinal like some sandalwoods can be. Decent lasting power, though the Intense version reminds me of Himalaya (but not was nicely done). Destined to be a classic and one that most people will like.
21st April, 2006
This is simply the best fragrance that I have come across (I originally came across it in Rome), and one of only two that women have really, really liked (!) and commented on without being asked (the other was M7).
28th March, 2006
Santal is warm and lightly sweet. An extremely refined mixture of fragrances. While the name may suggest sandalwood, there is none. It instantly moved to the top of my list. Today I noted that the scent was a pleasant companion for over seven hours. A happy day indeed.
22nd December, 2005
Bought this from It's outstanding. It's not very unique, but you cannot go wrong with this scent. Everyone loves it around me.. received compliments on this all the time. It's got a bit of incense to it, but also smells slightly like Gucci's Envy (other reviews are right)--but without that "chemical stench.."
10th December, 2005
October turns to November, warm turns to cold and I find myself reaching for my now quarter full bottle of Santal (didn't want to say three quarters empty and risk offending all you optimists out there). I keep coming back to this fragrance, seems to work reasonably well in Summer but its warmth definately suits the cold weather better. Up close to the skin you can really smell the Black peppercorns. As one reviewer suggested, there are is a hint of Gucci's Envy in this fragrance. I never liked Envy, it always smelled too synthetic for my tastes. Santal seems to redress this problem and take the basic Envy fragrance a good few steps further. I like wearing this stuff, perhaps its a sense of being English and thinking that I should be wearing something by Floris or possibly that this is just a lovely, warm, intimate and inviting fragrance. For those of you in the USA who have difficulty finding any Flories products I suggest visiting the website,, clicking on the New York option and get shopping! If I had to make one criticism of this truly classy smell, it is that the standard EDT dies away all too quickly on my skin. I think I'll opt for the Intense version next time.
31st October, 2005
Santal is a very pleasant scent, fresh and woody. The lavender and the citrus notes dominate the opening whereas a light and ephemeral grass-leaves accord develops surrounded by an aura of light woods that takes the scene very promptly (10 minutes or so) and remains there for something tike 5 hours or so. It's a nice scent though I don't detect any sandalwood on it. Could be cedar, cypress or the like.
29th October, 2005
This is a wonderful fragance but hard to find in the US. Neiman Marcus used to carry it, but no longer does. Can be found in some internet sites. Great sandalwood and bergamot notes, rich and long-lasting. Always get complimented when I use it.
28th September, 2005
Marvelous fragrance with the highest quality possible. Santal is such a smooth, natural blend, very masculine and romantic. It is indeed very similar to Gucci's Envy, but not as loud and even richer. It has a bitter edge to the sandalwood that makes it very old school, but never in a bad or cloying fashion. Much more complex than your average sandalwood, so if you want a "one-noter" go for Tam Dao, Santal Noble or Santal Imperial instead. This Floris is much more, IMHO one of the finest men's fragrances ever made.
14th September, 2005
Utter class and a wonderful addition to my spread. Very, very smooth and warm. Awesome indeed.
17th February, 2005
To me, Santal seems like a toned down version of Envy, with a few interesting light spicy bits added into it.
11th March, 2004
I was after a sweet sandlewood based EDT, and it was suggested that I try Santal. I've used and liked Givenchy Pi in the past, but Santal is a cut above that. It starts off a little flowery, zesty almost. But it slowly mixes into a sweet, sensuous, soft sandlewood/vanilla base. I've worn it on some really hot days, and its stood the test of time, lasting and evolving with body heat. Its ideal home though, would be on a soft intimate night out. Definitely a fantastic addition for those who prefer a sweet, but distinctive cologne.
Comes with an excellent range of grooming products - the post shave hydrator is rather good.
23rd August, 2003