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Ambra by Etro, especially in its vintage EDC concentration (paisley box) is another “golden era” Etro worth a try (which of them isn’t?). An austere, evocative and quintessential amber, dusty and elegant, really simple and spartan with a lively and kind of exotic feel of “hippie shop” (due to its simplicity), and a clever, much pleasant subtle citrus-floral breeze that - for a while at the opening - add a sweet-fresh touch to the dusty, golden, warm heart of the amber accord. Besides being rather “simple”, Ambra is also quite dry and dark, with the peculiar and quite unique exoticism of many of the best Etro’s: a sort of mystical austerity with a nostalgic touch, scented with echoes of church incense and aged woods, especially on the (fantastic) drydown. This dusty and sort of “antique” nostalgic feel is reinforced by a vaguely musky-earthy note which I can’t identify precisely, perhaps is just more of a general feel, but it is quite a peculiar and memorable feature of this scent (and other Etro’s actually). Really pleasant to wear for sure: as many amber-based scents it is undoubtedly cozy, warm and effortlessly refined, unpretentious and totally un-challenging, but classy and distinctive in its elegant and warm sophistication. Surely more fascinating than others, if you ask me, even if not that creative - but with such a straightforward name, you wouldn't expect that. Sadly it does not last that long, at least in its vintage EDC concentration, but as long as it lasts it remains rich and vibrant, and quite worth the wear. A (perhaps underrated) must for all amber lovers.

30th December, 2014
Smooth, vanillic, golden; this is my holy grail amber. I searched through countless ambers and found it. I have an old, vintage bottle which is very intense and superb. Just beautiful.
29th March, 2014
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United States
This is a very odd beast. I like it quite a bit and have worn it often, but it is a rubbery amber, almost as if the resins and gums have been cooked a bit. Don't get me wrong, it's still sweet and rich, but it is also a little playful. The drydown is fairly linear but very warm and comforting, not exotic in the least. I would recommend this for evening wear. It's a bit too rich for the office.
07th February, 2010
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United States
I love Amber in all sorts of interpretations but this is my favorite by far. I love it's simplicity. I love that it's soft and still androgynous.It layers beautifully and I am one of THOSE people~always layering. I can wear it alone and not feel as if I'm missing something as well. It's light w/out being powdery~which is a nice trick. I have found that to be the exception and not the rule. Did I mention that this is my favorite?
25th March, 2009
Not such a bad amber; however, I wouldn't buy a bottle on the basis of "not bad." Yes, there's something ambery going on here, but something offsets its potential ambery goodness. I may be the odd one out, but I get more of a "custard" or "creme caramel" impression, with amber popping its head up here and there and there and here, without ever actually planting a flag. I would redirect amber-seekers to L'Artisan's Ambre Extreme--one of the nicest ambers I've yet sniffed. Etro's Ambra is nice enough in its opening, but quickly putters out into something less pleasant. (I should end this review now, since every passing minute increases the "meh..." on my skin. The skin of others may be less persnickety, though.)

26th June, 2007 (last edited: 23rd October, 2007)
There is a rather strange sour note in the opening that combines with the otherwise pleasant citrus/ coriander / patchouli. This note runs through the entire progression of the fragrance. It ruins the scent for me, not that the remainder of the scent is anything special. This sour note is not exactly revolting or anything like that, it is discordant—out of place. Besides this disagreeable note, the basic fragrance is rather ordinary. Etro Ambra has good longevity.
09th December, 2006
Soft but strong, easily wearable amber constructed in the minimalist style of Etro. A touch of bergamot and orange, a hint of geranium, all subtly done to accent the vanillic goodness of the amber, which is clear and sweet. My own tastes lean toward pungent fragrances, which explains the less-than-perfect score. I think it is a fine amber fragrance.
08th November, 2006
Someone decanted a sample of Etro Ambra for me to try. I don't care for it. I don't hate it, but it's just not my type of scent. It's too mannish for me. I wouldn't recommend it to my husband either. It reminds me of a too sweet incense I used to have years ago. I prefer subtler more complex fragrances, for both women and men.
22nd March, 2006
Better than L'Artisan's L'Eau d'Ambre, but not as good as MPG's Ambre Extreme...a simple amber scent with a hint of musk and sandalwood. Nicely done, decent longevity...jsut not very interesting.
15th January, 2006
I never thought I would call an Amber fragrance boring, or generic, but there isn’t really anything that stands out about Ambra, especially over other amber fragrances. There are much more interesting amber fragrances out there (Ambre Sultan, Ambre Extreme), and Ambra doesn’t even last that long on the skin. Not worth it, imho.
29th September, 2005
Ambra was recommended to me by a perfume seller, whom I told, that I wanted to get an impression of more or less pure amber. Well ok, so that is amber. Woody, spicy, sweet, with an intriguing smokey basenote, but all in all quite feminine at the first smell. But worth a try, especially in the colder season. Is it sensual? Sexualizing? I am not to sure, but anyway you feel like dressed in a quite eccentric shirt - even when you have forgotten this fact, other people will notice...
25th September, 2005