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Negative Reviews of Ambra by Etro

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There is a rather strange sour note in the opening that combines with the otherwise pleasant citrus/ coriander / patchouli. This note runs through the entire progression of the fragrance. It ruins the scent for me, not that the remainder of the scent is anything special. This sour note is not exactly revolting or anything like that, it is discordant—out of place. Besides this disagreeable note, the basic fragrance is rather ordinary. Etro Ambra has good longevity.
09th December, 2006
Someone decanted a sample of Etro Ambra for me to try. I don't care for it. I don't hate it, but it's just not my type of scent. It's too mannish for me. I wouldn't recommend it to my husband either. It reminds me of a too sweet incense I used to have years ago. I prefer subtler more complex fragrances, for both women and men.
22nd March, 2006
I never thought I would call an Amber fragrance boring, or generic, but there isn’t really anything that stands out about Ambra, especially over other amber fragrances. There are much more interesting amber fragrances out there (Ambre Sultan, Ambre Extreme), and Ambra doesn’t even last that long on the skin. Not worth it, imho.
29th September, 2005
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