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Neutral Reviews of Ambra by Etro

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Not such a bad amber; however, I wouldn't buy a bottle on the basis of "not bad." Yes, there's something ambery going on here, but something offsets its potential ambery goodness. I may be the odd one out, but I get more of a "custard" or "creme caramel" impression, with amber popping its head up here and there and there and here, without ever actually planting a flag. I would redirect amber-seekers to L'Artisan's Ambre Extreme--one of the nicest ambers I've yet sniffed. Etro's Ambra is nice enough in its opening, but quickly putters out into something less pleasant. (I should end this review now, since every passing minute increases the "meh..." on my skin. The skin of others may be less persnickety, though.)

26th June, 2007 (last edited: 23rd October, 2007)
Soft but strong, easily wearable amber constructed in the minimalist style of Etro. A touch of bergamot and orange, a hint of geranium, all subtly done to accent the vanillic goodness of the amber, which is clear and sweet. My own tastes lean toward pungent fragrances, which explains the less-than-perfect score. I think it is a fine amber fragrance.
08th November, 2006
Better than L'Artisan's L'Eau d'Ambre, but not as good as MPG's Ambre Extreme...a simple amber scent with a hint of musk and sandalwood. Nicely done, decent longevity...jsut not very interesting.
15th January, 2006
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Ambra was recommended to me by a perfume seller, whom I told, that I wanted to get an impression of more or less pure amber. Well ok, so that is amber. Woody, spicy, sweet, with an intriguing smokey basenote, but all in all quite feminine at the first smell. But worth a try, especially in the colder season. Is it sensual? Sexualizing? I am not to sure, but anyway you feel like dressed in a quite eccentric shirt - even when you have forgotten this fact, other people will notice...
25th September, 2005