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Neutral Reviews of Heliotrope by Etro

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Unfortunately doesn't make it on my active rotation list, even if I own a full bottle...made a mistake of testing only once and taking advantage of a small discount for Etro items at the high-end dept store here (I passed on the Messe de Minuit and New Tradition). Untrained nose I am, but can pick out the almonds, vanilla, white musk...To me somewhat syrupy and thick at the start...not appropriate for most days here in Manila (humid most of the time...think sticky white icing on skin in the heat? Not good)...Hope my mind changes bout it by Christmas time, when the weather is cooler, this seems more appropriate by then. Good fall fragrance (for those with 4 seasons)...Good move up for those stuck on generic vanilla brands (aka VS and Bath&Body, which are crazy popular here). Still kinda glad I have it though, as nothing in my current 'drobe is similar to this.
29th October, 2009
I wouldn't call this "chilly" but it is definitely a very white fragrance. It does indeed smell like almond cream with a substantial dusting of icing sugar. It is reminiscent of the parfum version of Farnesiana. The Caron is a golden scent, however, richer than the Etro with less powder and more custard and cherry. Farnesiana is a full-fat dessert, egg yolks emphasized. It is considerably more expensive than Heliotrope, but it has far better sillage and staying power, and I think the usual dark, luxurious Caron base gives it more interest. Etro would work for those more interested in wispy lacework, and there is a very light toasted note to it that somehow makes me believe it might be the more masculine of the two.
18th May, 2006