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Negative Reviews of Oltre by Laura Tonatto

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OH…MY…GOD! Tonatto’s Oltre is the first and only frag of which I’m actually scared. Although it’s unmistakably of the aquatic variety and surely smells of the sea, it’s thoroughly REVOLTING! It smells like what I imagine a fishing barge smells like once its deck is flooded with a sloshing pool of POLLUTED OCEAN WATER brimming with SCHOOLS OF DEAD, DECAYING FISH. The scent is actually quite compelling but only in the same way that a horrible car accident on the side of the road is; you can’t help but look at the overwhelming carnage, or in the case of Oltre, smell it! The odor is so strong, in fact, that one whiff and the nauseating stench stays planted in your nostrils and your brain for the rest of the day. This is NOT a wearable fragrance. It should be smelled just once, nevertheless, if only for the sheer horrific experience of it. Know this, however: Oltre is utterly repugnant. This is one frag that if worn, may actually cause seasickness on dry land and a mutiny against you for inflicting it on others.
03rd June, 2011
A harsh astringent oceanic scent that seemed very discordant. Highlighted by notes of pine, lily, seaweed and musk.
17th January, 2006