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Neutral Reviews of Oltre by Laura Tonatto

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Smells like the ocean? Yeah, it does, but an ocean that's got tonnes of dead fish floating on the surface of the water. I just wish the 'fish' smell wasn't there in this and the oceanic note in isolation, would be so much more compelling. For some reason this also reminds me of 'Bois Blond' that also exhibits a 'fish' note.
For creativity this fragrance deserves a recommendation. For the result, it doesn't. Hence I give it a neutral.
13th January, 2010
Price winning fragrance from Laura Tonatto. ("Les Descouvert 2002" award)

I had high hopes for this one mainly bacause of the interesting reviews I read from here, but it was little bit disapointing to finally get a sniff of this. I was waiting for something very capturing oceanic note as the iodine in Goutal`s Vetiver, for instance, but instead this was just like a more full bodied, smoother version of Mare by CU. (I hate that scent)
Very natural smelling, well made, but also quite boring after all. More femine too.

Overall quite harmless, pretty oceanic floral fragrance with a shy salty bite. Good lasting power.
14th September, 2008